Alchemist, The - Kalashnikov Guns Lyrics

The demonstration of who the best is, stresses
When I inflict your death wish, check this
Before I check you, and tell you
What the rest knew already, we get it heavy
Moneybags'll crack the axle on your Chevy
Get ready, prepare for the truth
I double dare one to double cross me, bleed the booth
You can't flee, pursuit, we run 'em down
Blindfold 'em, line 'em up, gun 'em down
Even when I fuck around I don't fuck around
My life work'll leave your life hurt
Smell the perpetrator, yeah, I smell like purp
Dirt do it do you dirty and give you back to earth
For what it's worth find another turf
Before you work learn to hustle first
Cotton mouth with a hunger thirst
I drain Henny 'til I'm full, the raging bull
Tote mossbergs and yell pull!
Aim it at your chestplate, call him lead face
You get crumbs when the bread breaks
I get big chunks, and rob rich chumps
Don't get found in a ditch slumped
We running at a thoroughbred's pace
Pump your breaks, I'll see you at the wake nigga

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Alchemist, The Kalashnikov Guns Comments
  1. EverythingIsReal Revivo

    this beat is pure magic. would make any rapper sound good. EVEN WHEN I FUCK AROUND I DONT FUCK AROUND

  2. Kenneth Sanders

    son is so nice

  3. Ron J.

    This is a crazy sample. Alchemist don't get enough credit.


    Instrumental remix of this song available here:

  5. ToneTone

    this fukkin sample is scary Alc a fukkin LEGEND

  6. 2ill1313

    THAT FUCKING SAMPLE !!!!  I've never gotten over this track. TALIBAN SHIT !  Fucking SICK !!!                 Respect to the Alchemist. 


    @mmmagus1 To that question, I don't possess such knowledge, but you can try "whosampled."

    503305 Podcast

    @freedomandliberty93 those samples do not exist on "who sampled"


    @getyoasshome Oh. If I were to discover it and or recall it, I will inform you.

    503305 Podcast

    @freedomandliberty93 please do I've been looking


    Raimonds Pauls and Jānis Peters

    Hurstwood's Song