Alchemist, The - Junk Yard Fight Scene Lyrics

[Killer Ben:]
Since birth I've been repping the turf, the dark shadow verse
Shallow Hal, bleeding pen pal, I need to see it first
Intangible, blow wig, manageable, nod, eat the chief
Blow the steam, blow the Ox out, she want my piece of tea
My fiends feed off the lead off pitcher
Pitch a no hitter, bleed off the scene I sent ya
It goes baby mini Mac, spitting similac seizure
The house, the car, the baby sitter, amnesia
Invented by the bullshit I twitted, follow me close
I'll lead you to my office of murder, gatting at those
Flamingos, Pablo Costo with all the gringos
A Starr like Ringo, my shots like free throws
Shivering in they boots, with [?] is destitute
Like the scripture of the garden of eden forbidden fruit
The roots are resolute, high definition
Needing no repetition, fancy bitches in high boots

[Planet Asia:]
Thinking is digital, smokescreen sneak attack, mind like water
Bone crusher, blood spiller, what you think of that?
Coming up with all types of shit
I don't even write no more I just let Dr. Dre write my shit
My squad is impossible odds
With the posture of God, shocked by high tropical charge
We blow skittles, coke dribble, wrote riddles and quotes
Army cold killers of the Coast, popping the most
My stee' is to get the pot cooking, catch you slipping
And hop up out the bushes when you not looking
What you tryna prove, you just a molecule
I drop charcoal and start barbecuing all of you
Artists marching, parched and we taught 'em the article
No comicals, we just body niggas, promise you

Flow tiller, killer gorilla, Godzilla
Peel a onion head nigga for scrilla, no filler
Thriller, moonwalk, mashed potato, Clark Gable
Stable, two step shatter and strangle, gold cable dangle
Durag under the fitted, gold kitted
Spit it special at a diva delicious, blowing kisses
This is pure pathetic, fresh phonetics
Style embedded from arrogant rock, don't sweat it
Let it, simmer and sit, my glimmering gift
Curse niggas with a present now you swimming in shit
Shit, it's the Backwoods, military, cobra khan
Twisted off of monkey brains, dumping out the firearms
Get your riot on, Rodney King
Rock heavy bling and break Cali out of the bing
We the illest, cocaine crack rap concealers
Mac Millers, ready to clap at wack niggas

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Alchemist, The Junk Yard Fight Scene Comments
  1. thuggnpretty

    Why I thought this was a planet Asia feature

  2. mosincredible

    1:45 Maaaaaan...





  5. Pablo Mata

    pure fire

  6. Baleegh Shaheed

    Hard Body

  7. 503305 Podcast

    Igor bril jazz ensemble....cold Russian sample

  8. President Mingz

    Nuffin but bangaz!!!! Durag Dynasty & Alchemist needta put out more gud work

  9. Information Sniper

    thank you

  10. vo0sto0

    good stuff