Alchemist, The - It's A Craze Lyrics

"Everybody love it, it's a craze"
"Everybody love it..."

That real street shit when it's from the heart
Don't be going talking out your ass, you'll get torn apart
Separated like a foster kid, metal will spark
People tell the difference from our styles like fine art
Never share my plans with a hoe, know how bitches talk
Where we digging your grave, body surrounded by white chalk
Get a load of these cowards, you know he frontin'
While his heart is smaller then the 50 bags that we dumping
And vanilla dutch is my click, ain't nothing to fuck with
My pipe remind these bitches of guns that I be busting
Lay 'em out, sippin' the Stout, swallowing V is nothing
I'm a G but with an O in the front, I ain't a youngin'
I'm a grown ass man, the pound is like a pops
Grounding you little fucks, wetting your Tonka truck
You better get armored up; if it's drama, we follow up
Me without the guns? You crazier than a jar of dust, muthafuckas

"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."

Ayo, It's like a fresh air, just take it all in
God damn, it feel good when I hear this shit
Reminds me of my gun, reminds me of death
Just when you think everything's good, that's when everything flips
Bullets take a second hit, it happened so quick
And everything stops right there... that's it
All we know it's the sad parts and foul endings
We ain't planning on living long, just getting long money while we living
Looks like it's getting hot now, fellows
Time to step it up a few more notches with our self, meaning
It's no playing at all, it's no sleep
It's not a song we can't top, it's not a problem for us to do these
It be all stuck tryna squeeze
Their brain but they still can't fuck with Mobb Deep
(Yo, what's the word?) You ain't heard, we done blasted off
Now they got a crush on us, they don't like it, they false

"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."

"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."
"It's a craze... everybody love it..."

"It's a... it's a... "

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Alchemist, The It's A Craze Comments
  1. Spoon Gee

    This shit go HARD at the rink!! HARD I sed!!

  2. Marky Rowe

    Shit is Fiiiiiiiiiireeeee stillllllll!!!! Shit still slappppppppps

  3. StayGold PonyBoy

    Respect to ALC ... Respect to Havoc... & much Love to Prodigy for always doin the real side of hip hop an givin nonstop love to Puerto Ricans... Its love sincerely brother

  4. penumbra creel

    Its a different cloth when u really bout dis type of shiyutt, R.I.P Prodigy good look 4 the inspiration my G!!!!!

  5. Andy Josue

    OK but who's alien messiah da guru god

  6. Drew Witt

    Fuc all y'all

  7. Elton Almeida


  8. simon bttnr

    one of the hardest alchemist beats

  9. HighVisi0n

    Rip Bandana P and ALC always a beast on the production

  10. Marcus Bryant

    R.I.P. Prodigy

  11. mike rod


  12. Ignat Intellect

    R.I.P. Prodigy

  13. NY Shxt

    Who else is still bumping this hard ass track in 2019?

    Joey Richards

    This came on xm and I didnt shazam thought it was lost in the wind came on shade 45 through my mountain pass drive month later. God is almighty.

    penumbra creel

    Me my G!!!!! Itz quintessential 2 da times!!!! #GPMAFIA4LIFE

    Marky Rowe

    Alllll daayyyyy 💪💪

  14. rodney scott


  15. Chick3n Lord



    Infamous Alegiance dvd the intro is when they were in Amsterdam

  17. Brian Bish

    Wow!! Nicely done all around. Love this track!

  18. Ali Hamza

    Reaal hip hop

  19. Martin Arias

    RIP PRODIGY! One of the greatest.

  20. S p e e dS B e a tS

    It is a craze

  21. menace to society

    We miss u Prodigy 😢 legends will never die

    aurelius rule

    menace to society on Life the new Rakim Mc

  22. JrEE2kX

    This was the best song off that album. This shit knocks so hard!

  23. James Thomas

    Always loved this jam, RIP Prodigy

  24. どっぐくんぱっど


  25. LarryDot Legend

    It’s a CRAZE everybody love it...
    Boom boom boom...

    Simon Forrest

    Break ur neck to this yo

  26. jon doe

    Alchemist was a rich jewish kid from Beverly Hills,he and James Caan's son were best friends,they even had a lil rap group back in the day. Alchemist went on to hone his skillz as a top tier producer and blessed the hip hop community with Gems luke this. That goes to show you hip hop is universal and has no boundaries. Thats what made me fall in love with it. But now,im getting a divorce hip hop has let me down. She sold out,she gave her virtue and integrity to young stupid punks and sold her self to corporate execs who never cared for her in the very begining. But now is pimping her out to the highest bidder. Hip Hop I use to love you. But you broke my heart.

    Simon Forrest

    I be looking at pics of how she used to look..Flier than a mu'fucker but now... she a slut.. Sucking off any and every 'lil' and 'Yung' .. whatever.. I'm determined to get her back but it looks forlorn yo

  27. Marquan1988

    Our boy Al is the GOAT

  28. Automatic Normie

    Fuck all ya

  29. Marquan1988

    Rest easy Dunn

  30. Marquan1988

    Alchemist is truly gifted

  31. Matheus


  32. GrooTheWanderer80

    This beat 😱😱😱😢😢😱😱😱😱😱

  33. Diallo Diery

    Thanks youtube ! I can throwback to listen real rap

  34. Kyle C

    Nothing compares to that fire back in the day...

  35. Richard Morgan

    Man neva heard this one.

  36. Simon Forrest

    FUCK ALL Y'ALL.. FUCK ALL Y'ALL... R.I.P PRODIGY!!! No other tune on this album gets fucking CLOSE to this.. nowhere near.. MOBB DEEP!!!

  37. dakusaab

    R.I.P P

  38. Eddie Hernandez


  39. john dog

    r.i.p prodigy


    Malcolm wakin up

  41. Simon Forrest

    R.I.P PRODIGY!!!!

  42. penumbra creel

    Quintessential 2 the times , #4evermobbdeep , R.I.P Bandana P

  43. ryan donaldson

    we all miss hip-hop

  44. kazub

    mobb over them alchemist beats classsssicsss!!!!


    P effortless,Ice Cold Flow...Nobody Like Him..RIP forever

  46. C3MI _ CON

    "All we know is the sad parts, and foul image / We ain't plannin' on livin' long, just gettin' long money while we livin'"
    RIP Prodigy

    mikey raw07

    real shit I miss u p....

    Ryan Donaldson

    Foul endings

    aurelius rule

    C3MI _ CON ha on life

    Marky Rowe

    Still fuegggggggooo ⛽⛽⛽⛽⛽

  47. Rajiv's Broomstick


  48. Matt Morgan

    R.I.P Prodigy...

  49. Midnight

    RIP Prodigy

  50. Junior Hall

    R.I.P Prodigy

  51. Lewis Brown

    RIP Prodigy


    I came back to this song to see if someone was paying respect.

    corneuils smith

    Lewis Brown
    yeah banging alchemist mobb deep joint

    Simon Forrest

    the whole world is.. or SHOULD be

  52. Tay Luc

    Havoc came prepared for this track

  53. Flavor

    Old Beat it`s great

  54. Ewa Feen


  55. Nef Williams

    Havoc is super nasty

  56. Flavor


  57. AnytimeNigguh


  58. Naz

    G as fuck

  59. KAMAL R

    Classic shit

  60. Shahan Miah

    How the fuk have i only just come across this??

    Anthony Lopez

    Shahan you must have never bought this CD

    Ewa Feen

    You dont have a brother i guess ;)

  61. Salty


  62. Jarek Kopicki

    AL you crazy for this one dunn!

    Al Love

    Jarek Kopicki I know

  63. Naz

    Something big about this instrumental. Alchemist knows


    Naz please explain

  64. Cristian Tejada

    pum! pum! pum!

  65. Paul Nevarez

    Damn i miss hip hop

    Super Toad 64

    @Paul Nevarez The Alchemist - Retarded Alligator Beats

    Super Toad 64

    @Paul Nevarez drop today :)

    Kevin Pöling

    Ich auch man

    Adam Artiles

    Paul Nevarezbff m

    Ll 8lm
    Trenton p.o.
    Pl. MM

    b mb
    8 lb kl5

    J 5mj9 ilk
    M l .com jl.lmpoo
    oll9l j]0oo foothills m

    VCard ? N
    Gerardo n

    M pop

    Cynthia Najares

    I'll listen to this more than all the crap on the damn radio

  66. Pedro Ferreira

    crazy beat im going nutz imfamous mobb deep thats the shit

  67. terrorkid1000

    Classic shit

  68. da5deadlyvenomz

    The infamous,yaaaaaa

  69. koko dile

    Looourrdddd bordel comment j'ai fais pour zapper ces sons , faut que jme remettent dans le QB MOBB ALC

  70. tswagg504

    I would like for Mobb a Deep to re-release Infamous with all Alchemist beats


    Track makes me wanna walk up to a police officer and smack the shit out of him!


    @10PIECECOMBO Police from USA and from other countries are different. I must admit that USA police are assholes but it's not the case here in europe ! 

    Annabelle Torres


    Chance St.Thomas

    10PIECECOMBO LOL. Yo, U wiild!


    hey bitchie come to south america where police is worse than criminals, u muricans are all pussies. U got no idea whats going on around...

  72. Justin Douglas

    beat abuse - charles hamilton

  73. loosero32


  74. Blackdragon78031

    Pretty cool joint here. I used to have this cd but I lost it a while back. It was a cool album. It just seems to me like rap is dead nowadays. You have to dig real deep to find something worth listening to. It's not impossible but it does get irritating with all the trash rap they have now.

    Stefan Santjer

    9/10 rappers are now, Got money ye ye got mooney i fuck m bitchess yeaaa fuck m hard and drive ma car BENZ yu know how we do make money money make money money

  75. King2084

    When that beat 1st drop omg


    King2084 it’s timeless

  76. Sabura Bunuru

    fuck all yall!!


    My top 10:
    1. Mobb Deep
    2. The Alchemist
    3.Mobb Deep
    4.The Alchemist
    5.Mobb Deep
    6.The Alchemist
    7.Mobb Deep
    8.The Alchemist
    9.Mobb Deep
    10.The Alchemist

  78. StormNatural

    Fuck All Yall !!!!

  79. michael michaud

    love this song

  80. cRoYDoNs BeAsT

    Hard body....

  81. nicnotnick

    I could name many better than Mobb Deep.

  82. MrKoopa9

    beat abuse-ch

  83. 9D8D33A

    best track on that album

  84. GnomePower1000


  85. AnytimeNigguh


  86. GrimeAndGats

    damn this is a fucking classic

  87. cheyenne manes

    've always understood: 'it's a crime everybody love it' yea this track is a fabulous crime

  88. kleopatra roussou

    snowgoons aint rappers....they are producers...!

  89. A416G

    @Revz .Tech Look up K Rino, he's GOAT by far.

  90. Frank Martin

    My Top 5:
    1. Mobb Deep
    2. Mobb Deep
    3. Mobb Deep
    4. Mobb Deep
    5. Mobb Deep

  91. St.I ll dope as usual

    IT'S A CRAZE !!!




  92. 0311mitza

    the fact that HH is underground prooves it is not dead...but underrated

  93. Lo-Ki Muzik

    I dont even listen to new hiphop anymore whats the point? I got mates a little younger than me around 4 years all over FB like lil wayne is a lyrical genius. My face is like "WhAttttT?" how the fuck can they sit there and say hes nice? girls just wanna sit on his face and guys wanna be him. I admit theres a few good artists and tracks going around but lets be honest Hiphop is dead cause the good shit is either underground or in the past.

  94. cecilia andrea morales pallamres

    the real

  95. Uche617

    All we know is the SAD PARTS and FOUL ENDINGS
    We ain't planning on LIVING LONG, just getting LONG MONEY while we LIVING

    Angelique Boulerice

    Some of my favorite words spoken to date.

  96. TheMAnimal617

    This song bangs 2009-present DUUUUUUUUUN. Like, so hard. One of alc's best album works for sure with the prodigy nas joint on this one as well.