Alchemist, The - In Jail Lyrics

When I first hear the beat, walked on it, so perfect at
Everybody in town wanted to hear verses (In Jail)
I split chins, bring Grey Goose
Listen I'm repping all them niggas in prison
Like, get big, come home, have kids
Watch, how many bitches wanna suck your cock (In Jail)
Rolling I'll Will Record style, smash rocks
How many pebbles on the street get popped?
And y'all don't want it, washed up
That nigga got the mothafucking monster
I'm the best of the new breed
5'7" with a gold teeth, brown skin with a chrome 3
570 you dead homey, y'all niggas don't know me (In Jail)
Hush, or get the whole gang clique touch
These dude's too slow can't keep up
All I hear is "Nashawn I'm living"
Y'all can't live in prison y'all too real
Y'all won't live in (In Jail)

If you want it, you could get it
Cause that nigga Nash a menace (In Jail)
It's been a minute, keep it quiet
Now he about to start a riot

My block hot now I got a rat
And these clowns in the industry don't want to scrap
Yo picture me (In Jail) fighting on the block
And the dude got a knife, he'll yell
He won't last in jail man, I be the same nigga rocking my jewels
Popping shit, knocking out fools, getting mad bitches from bitches
Walking down the hall like what, my k-tone sharp two brush
Get cut, face it, we're the bravest, outrageous
Been a wild since we came off the slave ships
Cake it (In Jail), we been had money, y'all just made it
All you do is get yourself body for racing
Nashawn spit for the hell and dons in the jail
See you if you knew the bail (In Jail)
I compare these streets to a coke sell
Y'all cowards won't last today in jail
Y'all will tell

If you want it, you could get it
Cause that nigga Nash a menace (In Jail)
It's been a minute, keep it quiet
Now he about to start a riot

Props is need, y'all dude's got the wrong kid
He'll stand up (In Jail), Queens and the Bronx
Where I lived for years, Nashawn coming down on 'em
And that be their worst nightmares, spit sickness
They be clown rap, now listen how I switch tracks
I'm the eeny, meeny, he won't come back
Pour a lil' Henny out
In the 6 with no roof and the titties out
Call Nas, call Jung, call Wizard
The way we handle ourselves we could live in (In Jail)
We're the realest clique out
Y'all come through fronting and get knocked the fuck out
Cause we're brave, we're the bravest
We brave, we're the bravest (In Jail)
We brave, we're the bravest
We brave, we're the bravest

If you want it, you could get it
Cause that nigga Nash a menace (In Jail)
It's been a minute, keep it quiet
Now he about to start a riot

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Alchemist, The In Jail Comments
  1. Desert Drifter

    ALC jacket. Kid pockets. 😂

  2. Stephen Dre

    What’s he looking at?

  3. Soldier4Life official

    Should not be asking about that kind of stuff i would not answer. He should not even answer that bro u wrong.

  4. bufu ztir

    How to curve Vlad.vol.#1

  5. Derrick Vineyard

    He’s got room on his side of the couch. Evidence should be like move over man.

  6. FURY

    VladTV really a fucking fed smfh

  7. Christian Barrett

    Evidence was too high.

  8. K G

    Al is cool AF... was on the road in VA with Mobb D and he made me feel. Humblest dude out of the whole crew.

  9. Michael Dragutsky

    I did not just here that

  10. Michael Dragutsky

    Your funny

  11. Forrest Man

    Get your hands out of your f...... pockets???????

  12. lovelydays xox

    Al, real NYC dude. You got the wrong guy lol


    Why evidence looks like he is fucked up hahaha or high or somtiing not lookimg at da camera !!😂😂😂i love dis dude!!

  14. Korie Roberts

    shit I was there to...
    Cohoes, New York after they did a show out here. Cohoes is a small dirty lil Racist Caucasian Town. Word around town out here was that Cohoes cops new y'all were on y'all way to do a show out here, waited for the show to end and purposely​ pulled y'all over.

  15. Karkie Maz

    Lol EV like wtf am I doing here

  16. Mighty Healthy

    Evidence was goneeeee😭😭😭


    Vlad u a bitch... On God and my kids

  18. seldomsceen

    I wish Al would stop putting wack ass Evidence on so many tracks.

  19. Vee 12

    That jacket is dope

  20. Saint Walker

    say less flea.

  21. mkfourgli1

    leave me alone, you got the wrong guy!!!! LmFAo

  22. Zach Lenovich

    Peep at 1:39 and look at how Evidence's eyes change from brown then go to like green or blue then change back. WTF is going on ?

    Black Beard

    Zach Lenovich holy fuco

    Black Beard

    How did you even catch that im impressed

  23. fredo310

    Santa Monica! 👍

  24. Joseph Murabito

    evidence would've snitched with that look he got on lmfaooo

    Eric Perez

    Hahaha he look like he has evidence to tell Vlad about

  25. gregsplat8

    RIP Prodigy, my heart is still broke that hes gone

  26. Somethin' Foe That Ass

    he's a real one

  27. Angel Storm

    that jacket is fire that alchemist got!!

  28. Tsepamiso Kagiso

    Why do rappers walk around with illegal guns?
    Why not get a licence?


    Nobody can get a license in NYC

  29. Threez n Trees

    Alchemist one of da best underrated producers, i practically grew up on his material from listening to mobb deep since da 90's #respectlegends

  30. akil Lawrence

    Rip prodigy watching 2k17

  31. R SLIM

    so overall the driver of the vehicle takes the charge. that's how they work it. in the beginning they'll try to let somebody else try to say it's theirs and cuz sometimes it's not the drivers a lot of time but if nobody fesses up they're going to pin it on the driver and it would have to be the driver to turn on somebody else if it's not the drivers. and remember they always trying to hit a person with priors a person with Pryor's will always lose battles in court always.

  32. R SLIM

    NO the gun goes to the driver. so if everybody says it's not my gun the driver takes to hit, or they'll hit a person in the car who's a felon they'll try to pin it on the person in the car with a lot of felonies as opposed to the person who never been arrested. and New York holds out a one-year maximum sentence for firearm I don't know how he got three years unless the laws changed since the 90s

    Anthony Robertson

    R SLIM Laws did change since the 90s. Around the time when Plaxico Burress shot himself, law was changed to 3.5 minimum for handgun possession in NY.

  33. Eddie Navejas

    I'm 100% sure vlad working for the jakes

  34. Raven Dismaster

    you ain't no brother white boy and you know the police would not have took you for that gun

    Gaming Habits

    aaaaaaw how cute, we have a bad guy here hahahaha fuck outtahere you fruitcake..

  35. Raven Dismaster

    come in the wrong area and you will be with Prodigy's at

  36. Raven Dismaster

    Alchemist is a pussy too

  37. caliboi760

    Vlad be playing sides and shit just to get content for his
    Channel! 😂😂

  38. JayJay -

    whos the guy next to alchemist?

  39. Patrick Lazard

    evidwnce lookin like wtf am i doin here?lets talk bout me..!!!!

  40. sean gonsalves

    prodigy cosigned alchemist nuff said there was real love there you could always tell

  41. Casey Gomes

    police ass Nigga vlad

  42. MrNardthehard


  43. Bryon Louis

    this nigga DJ Vlad is a federal agent, do you hear the questions he be asking niggas ????
    you seen what happened to taxstone after he did the Vlad interview, dude taxstone is doing 20yrs BECUz of vlad

  44. Hxllz Cxrtxz

    my man al "i don't even know what gun you're talking about"

  45. DonJZA

    rad is a snitch and an instigator..
    fucken sapo, delen plomo mal paridos

  46. Kame

    " I'm in studio making rap beats " lmao Al cool as hell

  47. Naimah Thomas

    yo Vlad stop asking ppl to incriminate themselves and others by the fuck police questions you ask man, STOP IT!!!!!

  48. Robert Munro

    alchemist keeping it 100


    actually i did math, it WAS 50% / 50 ...

  49. Bryan

    Evidence was either high af or felt akward lol

    Father Hate

    thought the same thing. haha when your mom runs into her friend at the store and to u sit there exactly like evidence 😂

    24/7 dig

    im sure they were both high af


    Those lights are bright as fuck and they probably just smoked. They're asking Al all the questions, I'd feel awkward as hell just sitting there too.


    Miclo he prolly thinking about all the productive shit he could be doing, not talking to Officer Vlad

  50. fergizzo

    I love ALC's music but i been watchin some interviews with him and he seem corny as hell


    in what way? he seems like a chill dude to me

  51. AR15SHOTS2U

    Use of guns should be the VERY last resort. I learned from the OG's (real ones-thankfully) to learn to get up close and personal. Guns are so...impersonal. You must learn to feel the life go away and respect the journey of that energy transference. One must perform a small prayer when that happens and pray for a quick cessation of breath. Carry tactical knives, it works wonders when in use. I lived that life and guns to me were a poor choice when it came to getting busy with an adversary...JS

    Walakewon Gono

    egypt12341 lmao yo word

  52. dennis roofe

    lmao @ ALC "it wasn't anybody's gun/i don't even know what gun your talkin bout" ........."things that i seen or maybe not have" haha .........Evidence/Alchemist/MobbDeep , .....buying they CD's was money well spent !

    James Vickers

    dennis roofe ....things that you have seen or heard can sometimes get you killed if the people you wit start to feel they can't trust you anymore....but we all know that ...right

  53. RellyOhBoy

    "I'm Alchemist...I make rap beats." Period.

    A T

    RellyOhBoy lol I'm in the studio making rap beats. Leave me got the wrong guy. Haha


    shouldnt be illegal to ride around with your protection anyways

  55. Dewey Limbanoz

    To answer all the comments. Evidence is a Rapper/Producer who is also apart of the group Dilated Peoples. Alchemist is a Producer/DJ//Rapper well known for his production however he is also a dj for Eminem and a rapper. he raps in groups such as Step Brothers (with Evidence) and Gangreen (with Oh No). you're welcome

    Dewey Limbanoz

    sorry Gangrene

  56. jonblazeinc

    although progidy and alc are tight im little surprised alc still works with QB rappers afrer he said he would never again after littles beat him up

  57. JC Fitz

    I've fucked with alc for years, i can't see him dry snitching as long as he's hung out with the mob.

  58. Murda Marv

    This interview old they got jackets on lml

  59. RMK

    Evidence and alc seem like they wud be dope to chill with.

  60. steve long

    He got Santa Monica on his hat

  61. 416tash

    Evidence is so sexy

  62. Sicilian Pride

    when do these interviews take place? Its august its 100 fucking degreez here in New York...they dressed for winter....Either vlad keeps it like an ice box or this ish is old


    Video is from December/January.

  63. KGdakid47

    That's a pretty dope jacket

  64. Horace Pinker

    A bunch of clueless cocksuckers in these comment sections 4real. Smh. 

  65. Adrian Garcia

    White people carrying guns? Stay in the suburbs and stay in school get violated and jacked out here.

  66. The_Paleface_Villain

    Reppin' my hood, SANTA MONICA on his hat.


    My old hood also
    Euclid & Pico

  67. M C


  68. dancgreen2

    Alchemist gets my cosign...has made some of the most banging beats, released 2 joints that were wit real cats in the game and holds his people down..can't say the same for that wack ass culture bandit Riff Raff..

  69. Alarm4321

    Vlad u better b cool askin niggaz about cases and shit

  70. NapTownBound23rdSt

    Hey Vlad when you shoot this cause they both got big ass coats on and it's a 90 degree heat wave going on out east

  71. clifjr954

    AAAAAAAAAAAh Alchemist

  72. Brian Baez


  73. Tim O'Neal

    Step brothers

  74. Honey M

    vlad be askin too many questions about court cases on camera loool every question is about a gun 

  75. Dan Osanu

    Alchemist is such a fucking G ! The way he dropped that.."How do i do this without dry snitching" >>LMAO Haha>>Legendary....favourite Alchemist track = Calmly Smoke ft. Styles P

  76. Jason Hope

    One of the GOAT

  77. riflemania

    was that exile?  he looked SHOOK


    al be makin them crazy beats. hes been around for a min now

  79. agthaog1986

    i hope to c more alchemist interviews...dont hear from him much, unless its behind the turntables

  80. RealDeal

    Alchemist is one cool ass white boy!  He is the epitome of being hip hop.  He is getting money but, he isn't looking corny by showing it off every chance he gets, but you know he has it by how he smokes(he has the good shit), what he drives, and where he lives, and his vibe.  He does what he wants, looks how he wants, and is a chill guy.  That's  what made me look up to rappers when I was a little kid, they grew up to live life the way they wanted, and gave no fucks how you felt.  Now, rappers do everything for you to like them, and they are the ones who have money, and/or fame!  CORNY.

    Props to Alchemists!

    E.T. Emmanuel

    BurningBeard Puerto Rico is country, and Caucasian is a race, he could be Puerto Rican who knows


    hes jewish

    Malih Bouquet

    RealDeal real talk.

    Shamir Al Nino

    Like boomin

  81. YouCanCallMeLizzy

    My fav. producer

  82. Sakura the Infamous

    They are fione!!

  83. 2000Fold

    Soul Assassins OGs!

  84. OGJK420

    these dudes cool af

  85. Muhyee00

    One of my favorite producers he's definitely in my top 5

    Vladimir Klizschko

    Evidence should be.

    Cartell Jenkins

    Definitely top 5!!

    DJ Quik

    Rico Risken

    Alchemist > Timbaland

    Aleksa Stamenkovic

    @Cartell Jenkins Have to include J Dilla and Madlib!!!

  86. go go tell that

    Who cares what they are ...their talented thats enough.

  87. Tone Riggz

    I remember when Prodigy once said in an interview that if you go to jail it's cause you're an idiot.


    Prodigy said in his book he deserves to go jail as all the stupid things he did over the years caught up with him....nothing wrong with admitting you behaved like an idiot it shows growth

  88. mekanicaldave

    Wow VLAD this is MADDDDDDD OLD

  89. Joe Kerr

    Fucking stupid. P caught the case and did the time, ain't no need for the "What gun, it wasn't anyone's gun".

  90. party Marty

    When big pun was alive big pun told Prodigy pun said keep your gun on you nigga.


    Stay in school.

    Angel Storm

    PARTY MARTY that's true haha

    A T

    PARTY MARTY lol facts P did say that(r.i.p. to both of them)


    Is this like a dr. Suess riddle or a haiku or suttin.. I'm lost Asf.

  91. stevieb274

    Don't talk too much vlad is a undercover cop lol

    someone else

    stevieb274 wow you're so original! did you just come up with that?

    leo rubio

    stevieb274 for real, just look at the Pee Wee Longway interview.

    COMBkO 76st LLOEC 1

    stevieb274 what proof do you have calling him a cop. What if someone call you that you're not going to like it.

    Korie Roberts


    VLAD OR NOT...

  92. graham lionel

    Evidence And Alchemist Is The Only White Rappers I Like.

    Patrick Lazard

    gunnyo50 just foumd out Alchemist is Jewish. .whatever. ..thats no shit


    graham lionel
    EVIDENCE is wyte? he look mexican to me



    The Bandolero

    hispanic/latino isn't a race.....

  93. OnPoint

    Alchemist is one of my favorites in the game.

  94. Choppy Beats

    this is nothing new or anything people didn't know already.


    lol right. smh

    G Code

    True but vlad may not have had this interview with alchemist uploaded&posted on vladtv before or if it was uploaded before it's mite be lost in vladtv archives & Ppl luv mobb deep & alchemist so it could've been requests saying put alchemist back on & ask him this/that ectect gotta meet the demands