Alchemist, The - In Heaven's Home Lyrics

The days past swiftly, the months come and go
And we've only one life, one chance to do good
We need to remind ourselves, daily, that the only thing
That really matters; is what we do for Christ...

Black hearted nigga, tales from the dark side, facts when I rap, foul shit of course
I don't mind if I do shoot a few birds down, nigga I'm a vulture & they're just canary clowns
How they got fans, to me? Is mind boggling, I'm extremely good with rap, they know what time it is
Half past 187; 9/11 it's too late, the food I ate? They need reverends, body of Christ
Face of a playboy, throw me to the hoes; I show love with great voice
DSL mouth, she's a bad bitch, I'd take her to the house, sex & hardcore rapper; new vice
She hang around me too much; I'll breathe life, where there's lack there of
All the shoot outs & drama, it excites her

[Roc Marciano:]
Face the mirror, taste the syrup; spray gear up and relocate to Europe
Me? I await the spirit, my wound's favored; can't heal it, my game loose they can't hem it
Ralph Lauren linen Lauren London, Flooring Lambs' down on Linden; let a nigga flourish
Lord forgive me for my sins; drive BM's, condominiums is 3M's Tres bien
The B.M. sucked the D.M. by 8pm, I beat the pussy like I'm fresh outta the P-E-N
The G-E-M on the team I'm like the G.M. you see him, trips to the Caribbean
I'm peeing on your well-being, load the van; 10 bricks from Medellin
That's enough snow to go skiing, I'm O.D.'n... it's no B.S

Praise to the Lord, the King of King's
He has risen, he has risen

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Alchemist, The In Heaven's Home Comments
  1. punn6901

    🔥🔥🔥 Fishscale!!

  2. T B

    Hempstead, stand the fuck up!

  3. matthew christopher

    My game loose they can’t hem it.... 🔥🔥🔥

  4. bronzedon1

    i gotta know what this sample is

  5. John Twombly

    JuSs keep puttN da work N diz shyt is inzane

  6. John Twombly

    StR8t flame on my razor blade plate game
    ChopN laser grade cocain
    Wet 20 like it juSs came came out the pot i ain sayin NO NAMES

  7. Miguel Caceres

    This track shakes the very inner core of my wellbeing. Puts me in a different realm!!!!!! ALC u sick for this track,,,,, combined with P and Roc Marciano,,,,, fuckin epic!!!!!!

  8. Filipe Leite

    !!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥 👌👊👏👏👏

  9. hiphopfiend**

    Im beating up the pussy like I'm fresh outta the P E N♨️♨️❤🙏 #TOP5DOA #ROCMARCI

  10. Gifford Palmer


  11. JedEye MaStar

    We miss you P
    Rest in power


    P T5DOA

  13. Tayler Black

    Roc son.......L.I.P Prodigy

  14. D Summerz


  15. Al SJM

    P Double, Blow a hole through your coup bubble

  16. AX1ON_263

    Good to see that Alchemist never falls off! He is alwAys on point.

  17. Mike SNOWMAN Tyson

    Always believe in the LORD.. KINGOFALLKINGS

  18. mfasis crack beats

    they all bodied this track, and as for Alchemist? that's how you dig for those samples. raw and dark as in peace Prodigy🙏🏾

  19. Infamy Infamy

    Forever.... Bandana P.... 🙌🏾😥😥😪

  20. Moses Allison

    RIP.... we lost a legend!

  21. Michael Jackson

    what is sample?!?!

  22. bongzynskywycz

    People do not yet realize that Roc Marciano is the best rapper of all time but at some point will




    I realized that after hearing Marcberg back in 2010. Still going strong

    full time bomber

    Every bar is a quotable!!

  23. Leftfootbeats

    Roc caught the Holy Ghost on this.
    God flow.

  24. Sean Lal

    Roc sound like Q-Tip lol

  25. Marquan1988

    Roc bodied this P always deliver shit is crazy I keep replaying this Al is a genius mastermind on this production shit I truly believe he makes the best beats ever fuck it

  26. Marquan1988

    pure magic

  27. Keith Bender

    Wow this is fuckin incredible

    Charles Bender

    Keith Bender
    whats up Keith Bender!!

  28. Tone P

    Alc a fukkin GENIUS with this album...This track touched my soul

  29. Play time

    In Heaven's home



  31. ill Drumatik

    This is dope. I feel they should have lowered the vocals for that dude saying "in heavens home" it fucks up the bars roc and prod spitting.

    Courtnay Brown

    + [email protected] if she a bad bitch I'll take her to the house!😂

  32. zlistcelebrity

    Damn them for not having more bars on this joint.

  33. Carlos Alberto

    "I'm peeing on your well-being" haha

    Ayatollah Beats

    Carlos Alberto I'm OD ing

  34. Prodigyqb1

    Prodigy the best that ever did it and still doing it the best!!!!

  35. Harwin Mangual


  36. d b

    Anyone who where to find the instrumental alone?

    Tristan Lawrence

    on alchemists iMac.


    Just loop it on some program not hard

  37. zlistcelebrity

    Crack.  Got my copy

  38. J Ramirez

    Amazing! Only 1000 copies! Just placed my order’’’’’

  39. Lone King



    Alchemist, Prodigy & Marciano Equal Magnificence

    oMFg Wonder

    ORACLEA GOTHIKA don't forget budgie

  41. EctomorFITT

    I love Prodigy's voice...damn it's something about it that pulls you in.

  42. Viktor Heredy

    alchemist needs to just stop.  it's just not fair. this is insanely good, i can't even comprehend this. 

    Harwin Mangual

    i know man, dude makes competition impossible

    Joel Garcia

    man you got reason


    Viktor Heredy if he stops who else will feed our addiction

    David Ramirez

    Viktor Heredy , I certainly feel the same bro..shit is Godly to say the least Fam !Masters of the real hip hop craft from lyrics to the production so unique ... beautiful! Rip "P"

    P F

    ALC is a god damn problem, too many beats I've lost sleep over

  43. Dave Zitro


  44. Christopher Gaytan

    I can't stop crying. while listening to this. Legendary piece of music in the history of mankind..

    Harwin Mangual

    real shit

  45. Francis Memmola


  46. brandon humble

    Why cant hip-hop be like this forever


    Because most of the listeners are some dickhead ass sheep.

    Sem Christis

    because a genre has to evolve, because there's enough hiphop like this left, because there's more than enough hiphop like this for you to find from 5-25 years ago

    Bole Top

    @brandon humble ahaha the best comment on youtube ever , the child in me just gave you a high5 


    +Sem Christis and already twice as much bullshit you can find.

  47. Mehdi Mahassine