Alchemist, The - I Betcha Lyrics

[Prodigy (The Alchemist):]
Hit that shit, man
(QB... Kokizzle)
This is an exclusive
Spit that shit, my nigga

Now there one's thing that you can't deny
Everything you say is a lie, yeah
Braggin' 'bout what you ain't got really makes me mad
But you can't give what you never had, alright
Well, bless this game, you could fool a few
I know the truth but it's up to you

You can't hide, and I betcha
Ooh, betcha
You can't hide, and I betcha
Ooh, and I betcha

Dawg, you fuckin' with some serious gangsta shit
Talkin' like you walkin' how you talkin', you's a bitch
I'm a full-fledged Mobb nigga, so what's next?
Guns go off, muh'fuckas hit decks
The niggas I hit just bleed to death
'Cause I ain't got time to worry 'bout revenge
And I ain't worried 'bout a nigga getback
I'ma sit back and live my life and handle that
Like the young soldier I be, El Capitano P
The Black Gestapo, get at niggas something awful
Buckwheat niggas, fuck these niggas
I peel off in a triple-Black Medina
With they honeys on my passenger side
Gettin' at they ear, get 'em drunk and high
Get shorty to switch sides
Now I got your ID, you smell me? Tell me...

You can't hide, and I betcha
Ooh, betcha
You can't hide, and I betcha
Ooh, and I betcha

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Alchemist, The I Betcha Comments
  1. LT Lyrics

    So heat bro, shit is so fire.

  2. Craig Davis

    Manchild-Especially For You!!!

  3. Izarnii Hala


  4. Cuki Music

    The MPC2K500!!!🔥🔥🔥

  5. Wiesz jak jest

    Manchild - Especially for You

  6. DannyGreenKP

    RIP Prodigy
    This was my shit back in 09

  7. Reymatik Beatz The Instrumental remade by @Reymatik

  8. iLL Gates

    This MTUME sample is hard!

  9. 503305 Podcast

    manchild and Mtume sample....

  10. cooliogoodMuzic2

    instrumental anywhere?



  11. bookieplow

    Juicy Fruit drums

    Steele Beats

    Ya same drum loop as biggie - juicy

  12. Timothy washington

    Keep thoro up there p

  13. MEYEQI213


  14. Francisco Gonzalez

    west to east connected

  15. games met deems

    rust in peace Prodigy

  16. Jesus Saves

    a kizzy yo

  17. thaDon 21

    r.i.p Prodigy

  18. disgustika

    This song has been in my head for like 7 years. Really really sticks...


    disgustika same here bro same here !!

    Steele Beats

    disgustika its that sample... thank alc for that

    Reymatik Beatz

    Steele Beats check out my remake to this beat

    The Self Made Coalition

    That sample just sticks to your ribs.....

  19. Compa Oso

    blaze it up with this shit

  20. 313thugboss

    Blaze da green!

  21. 313thugboss

    Smoove track

  22. beanie0024

    My all time fav alc track. Bought this cd a couple years ago and lost it. Can't find another original copy anywhere. Hard work pays off so I take no days off. Hardest line ever

  23. Jay Simmies

    yes yes..i'v been lookin for this instrumental for a minute

    Reymatik Beatz


  24. ShadowCat3292

    post the instrumental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Steele Beats

    ShadowCat3292 5 years after your comment im still lookin




    Steele Beats

  25. thePhunktOGraphist

    "hard work pays off,so i take no days off"....that funk will never stop for life

  26. TheHashSlingingSlasher

    Boogie monsters used that sample too but this is better!!

  27. gas.ent

    650 p town

  28. Marcin S

    what a smooth beat!

  29. flywonderful1

    Kokane is that NIGGA... FREE P!!!!!!

  30. Phoresight

    love this song i listen to it all day

  31. Baylien

    FINALLY someone posted this classic joint. THANK YOU!!