Alchemist, The - For The Record Lyrics

I set it off dogg like a chow mixed with pitbull
Fifty-one cards, don't get ya shit pulled
Many get hit, they draw and hesitate
But I spit a clip of words so raw you levitate
(This for the record) I'm a Golden State Heavyweight
Hustled every way, in the struggle each and every day
A rollin' stone, wherever there's a mic I'm at home
(Just for the record, let it be known)

Most don't understand me, they pretend
And I don't need family, I need friends
And I don't have a Plan B, my A wins
When we spit and Babu spins it sets trends
(Let it be known) Out here it's six minutes you're on
Out here you get elected don't mean you get the throne
It's the land of deception and the cancer's grown
Out here there's only one rule, handle your own

"Just for the record, let it be known"
"Just for the record, let it be known"
"Just for the record", "Just for the record"
"Just for the record, let it be known" (Let it be known)
"Just for the record, let it be known"
"Just for the record, let it be known"

Let it be shown what we did with a thousand and change
From the plants ourselves to Fat Beats changed the game
The last independent group still on a major
That's why rockin' with 1st Infantry is like second nature
(Let it be known) There's so many joints that people gonna sleep on
"Heavy Surveillance", "Insomnia", don't let me keep on
One of best friends is the best producer I know
(Just for the record, let it be known)

Rakaa's a rapper, a reader, writer and fighter
For belts, rings and titles (Just for the record)
Beats, raps and scratches, mixmaster package it
For you to take a couple home (Let it be known)
You in line at the store, on time or online
Even piecin' up their ones (Just for the record)
But uh, others have shown, they'd rather hate their own
They blind like Clayton Bigsby (Let it be known)

ABB, Expansion Team put the cake up
Didn't go Gold but we made these cats wake up
Didn't go broke, we still made that paper
We still wake up before you, and go to sleep later
I'm more hungry, more determined than ever
And I'm from Cali, so I don't get sidetracked by nice weather
By the way dogg, that deal you got was a loan
(Just for the record, let it be known)

Comin' from the middle of the City of Angels
Angles, strangers and girls so dangerous
We kick raps, cop puerto on tracks
And grapple like a G rappin', LL scrap
(A-L-C) The team is 1st Infantry
(See L.A.) The fame and the infamy
(They'll both grow) These agencies are tappin' my phone
(Just for the record, let it be known)

"Just for the record", "Just for the record"
"Just for the record, let it be known" (Let it be known)
"Just for the record, let it be known"
"Just for the record, let it be known" (Let it be known)
"Let it be known", "Let it be known"
"Just for the record, let it be known" (Let it be known)
(Let it be known)

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Alchemist, The For The Record Comments
  1. Loyal Philly fan

    50 Cent- gotta get mine


    Yea 50 borrowed from alchemist but its ok because of mobb deep alchemist Gunit they all cool

  2. LarryDot Legend

    Real Hip Hop! Pure inspiration!

  3. Douglas Ribeiro

    50 Cent - Gotta Get Mine

  4. christing mcvie

    who else is here for christine mcvie in the beginning

  5. Giannhs Basileiou

    dont want family i need friends
    dont have Plan B, my A wins...

    Respect EV

  6. luket905

    Who's the best producer of all time....Dre, ALC, Kanye, DJ Premier, RZA....or write one in....straight up I think it's Kanye, so hate on me now


    I was honestly being nice with that Dre mention

    Brendan M

    luket905 stoupe from Jedi mind tricks is dope! Dj muggs. Ant from Atmosphere. Buckwild. Premier. Pete rock. 9th wonder. Snowgoons. Rob the Viking. (Some of my faves)

    Mark Masters

    luket905 funny thing is, this song made me think of; Mobb Deep - throw your hands in the air. Produced by Kanye.

  7. RespectRasa98

    ALC killing them samples !

    Viktor Heredy

    YES! the best

    Viktor Heredy

    Check out Alchemist Samples in your search bar. have a laugh at my comments. only 5k views tops. unreal work (part 1-4)

  8. bigbull223

    Alchemist has the only beats

  9. Jo R.

    Step Brothers

  10. michael godines


  11. King Reese

    50 version was better


    Nah you had to come here to listen to the original. This shit is official

    Loyal Philly fan

    dynomiteJAH 50 version was a lot better on gotta get mine. I just came here to hear the original.

  12. Oliver Mahn

    You search cool flowy is one of èm...YEAHHHH

  13. Kjeld

    japanese adds... thank you privacy policy....

  14. chris rock




  15. thebeandoggy

    if you listen real carefully i think the sample from the intro is from curtis mayfield-move on up

  16. mike palla


  17. RugersRugin

    i set it off dog, like a chow mixed wit pit bull

    Jason Frye

    That line tough

  18. ScruffyBueno

    AAAHAHHHHHH SHIT! Havent heard this in like 6 years! beat is so sick!

  19. Richard Foisel

    For some reason?
    I doubt you realy roled Big Red One.

  20. Kek Boy

    @Fiasco 9128
    The little skip is on the album , too nigguh ! :D

  21. placki9821

    does anyone know the name of the sample at the end of the song?

  22. ThisisDF

    dilatedddddddddddddddddddddddddd. just for the record cats and dogs september 27th, let it be known

  23. Carrera Cash

    50 crafted on this beat... And evidence is always dope

  24. Adam Ahmed

    @frijol3ro1 Don't type that because someone will always come by and dislike it just cause!

  25. Jim Bob

    you motha fuckaaaa who ever this one person is that disliked this!!!!! should get some serious hearing aid!

  26. AlabasterFilth

    Our boy Al;
    Everybody's Pal.

  27. wubrother

    @MrTaysk8ta EV aint the truth, EV is a GOD!

  28. Jermaine Willis

    @MrTaysk8ta shut the fuck up and make some shit

  29. 00999marko

    dilated forever

  30. BeatsBySten

    All Alchemist beats are sick as hell.. Great role model for any aspiring beat maker!

  31. Jack Griffin

    Christine McVie - No Road Is The Righ Road

  32. insanebeatjunkie

    underrated producer

  33. Andre

    U heard the Layover and Weatherman?

  34. Belal El Batrawy

    Sick beat, raps are pretty weak considering how easy the beat is to rhyme and flow with.

  35. Tigerklinge1

    number 1 =)