Alchemist, The - Flight Confirmation Lyrics

[Danny Brown:]
I popped a E pill and it taste like some oil sheen
Flow boiled goya beans, gasoline in saline
Red lining, red beans, phantom, raw OG's who ain't snitched, nigga
Everybody know, you just snitch, nigga
Heart rate Adderall got me on some stargate
Pacing, smoking loosies back to back
Car chase, monopolize, 'bout to take your park place
Shark face bite the style, but these niggas second rate
I cannon balled in the pool of fucking rap
And I splashed on these niggas, head first, no depth, nigga
That's why I'm black, nigga, cause y'all wack, nigga
Met Alchemist '07 in Miami
50K jewels on nigga, ask 'em about Danny
Now I'm on some Bruiser, hair looking Yakuza
Jeans extra tight and ya bitch got a ruler

[Schoolboy Q:]
Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yeah, shimmy Q
I guess it's time to kill this shit
Real as this, game fears, put in work
Determined I been the fierce, me getting it up is limitless
Before I started eating pussy, I was hitting licks
211's on bitch niggas, whipping with antennas
Didn't your momma tell your ass not to hang with them gang members?
Didn't listen, head missing, flatlining, Grooveline
Bad twins they too fine, dummy stay on my mind
More shots of Patron, six is my gat drive
Click-click, reload mine, green light, no stop signs
Hey Danny, let's shoot these fucking Xannies
And call that bitch from Kendrick's song, I bet it dub, we fuck on Tammy
Asthma pumper, hand prints all over her bumper
She love me long time, I'm forever that mothafucka

Smoking keeping my cool
Black Hippy the New School Q

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Alchemist, The Flight Confirmation Comments
  1. Sreshtha Banerjee-sopp

    So good.

  2. Jaime Chavez

    This shit here tho..

  3. Enrique Noyola

    So uncut and raw i love it....

  4. Nikolaj Karpov

    I looked at a lot of comments and its seems no one mentioned it. The Head to toe MRI bit close to the end... pretty sure that's not an actual MRI.

  5. Dirtyshinobi

    Danny is trash fire.

  6. ee P

    Best video ever!!

  7. Carsten Kuehn

    The world needs more Danny X ScHoolboy

  8. Dylan Barnett

    Watch on acid.
    Kidding you'll die three times inside your cerebral

  9. Eneedarizzla

    ....идвам аз към там незнайната, приказната и омайната, и със жар крила разперила, търсена и ненамерена... LOLZ

  10. Bastard Mike

    GG Allin

  11. brodudeman

    its pretty hard to mix so badly you drown out DB, but they did it lol. shame these collabs always feel so rushed

  12. iLG Poetry

    Good shit

  13. Swarv 84

    kid at 0:51 lol

  14. Joseph Workman

    Florence and the Machine samples is the dopest

  15. pikeypoke

    love this song and video.
    also love that a yolandi vi$$er gif is in there too! hahha

  16. JaDon Evan

    this video always makes me want to watch porn

  17. Malik Still

    Does anyone know if he has a soundcloud?

  18. Alexanda DE VILLECHAISE



  19. Emma Sanders

    0:54 top right who is that omfg

    Richard Taylor

    tyra moore

    Emma Sanders

    @Richard Taylor bless

  20. Pele Won

    all of the video queues for q's ort! ort! are pitch perfect.

  21. gigantomaquia

    I prefer the instrumental version.

  22. Daniel Corro

    this beat is sick afff

  23. skinnysky

    a vine video brung me here

    Sean Gunter

    *brought, stupid


    nawlll i like the way i say it better

    Sean Gunter

    @skinnysky lol do you, bruv

  24. Joshua Ramey

    need more Danny x Q

  25. Eric Wright

    I can't stop coming back to this!


    Russian Roulette


  27. max lindstrom

    what the fuck is this. its just a collaboration of random fucking gifs

    Kevin Delaney

    +JOHN CENA thats what every video is

    max lindstrom

    @Kevin Delaney every video is a collaboration of gifs... i would say you are fucking retarded but i feel like theres a reason behind it

    Kevin Delaney

    a gif is literally a small group of frames and a video is a large group of frames....or a bunch of small groups of frames

  28. sh'ॐ sawyer

    i watch this religiously. 


    @Shohm Sawyer as everyone should.


    @Shohm Sawyer literally the best music video

  29. Fenjamin Branklin

    this is some tumblr shit yo.


    yo you took ma name 😠😬😤😈😲😵😱

    Fenjamin Branklin

    read my name again.


    +Fenjamin Branklin lol just fucking around pop-pete-o

  30. Thoth

    Hot as fuckkk

  31. lohengren

    Whats the song at the end?

    Flowerson Flowers

    sofia rotaru - amurg

    Martin Steele

    Flowerson Flowers thank you so much

    atanas maznokov

  32. Ryan Madden

    if you dont like danny brown you listen to country music.


    If you like Danny Brown you like sodomy.


    I bet The Alchemist listens to country music. You don't get ludicrously obscure eclectic samples by not listen to everything.

  33. Vincent Rap

    hahaha wow

  34. devils1trusaxon

    This videos psychedelicness really kicks in when high!!

  35. Daniel Krawtchuk


  36. MC Davis Beats

    Listen to beats from BeatFace

  37. under uk

    luv dis shit these nigaz smashd it.A.L.C allday g

  38. Phillip Newman

    I love this shit with all of my heart

  39. shynforce

    this song/beat is so dope i wish they verses were longer, they both went in though especially danny brown.

  40. A. D A R K



    what the fuck did I just watch and why did I watch it all the way through without even blinking. I must subconsciously enjoy it. REPLAYYYY

  42. shoopdawhoop

    Damn who's booty is that at 1:28 in the top right corner? Y'all better be worshipping dat ass!


    @shoopdawhoop217 old comment but fu*k that, maybe its ashe maree ? :D


    someone end the mystery...blazing, bet she's a butter face tho

  43. dash sts

    haha dope

  44. Adam Powers

    Who's the chick at 12 second mark???

    Richard Burns

    GG Allin

    Tiago Nunes

    i see you wanna do some research  lmao

  45. ice hell

    swans- filth cover

    ily alchemist

  46. GeoffNaSRat

    Danny Brown's verse always gives me the feel to punch a whole through my neighbors wall

  47. Matthew Hough

    MAD props showing GG with tits @ 0 :14 

    Adam Powers

    Who's the chick tho?

  48. christopher scudi

    smh at myself for seeing and hearing this just now -___-

    dooooooppeee shit

  49. pie138

    Best. Video. Ever.

  50. Fallschrimjager

    nice sample from DEEP SPACE LORD JAMAL and the RZA AKA BOBBY DIGITAL

  51. monk

    Best music video I've seen in ages.

  52. TOMMY.TV

    I fucks with this.

  53. Tanya Kearn

    me love u long time

  54. based_money510

    they went in on this track.

  55. V Μ

    this is more trippy than phsychedelic

  56. Luis Aguilar

    cool song & video

  57. iHeartPandaBearz

    My favorite bitstip in the video is the one of the Alchemist the starts at 1:00 ..
    He's like "Dank shit"

  58. Carlos Garcia

    fucking nice draw thugs  get high

  59. Joris

    fking dope video

  60. Mike B

    Best video ever

  61. danialves1312

    the white girl on the top right corner on 1:28 is life bruh


    +Franklin Benjamin™ Murdered Mainstream i think its Ashe Maree


    Commented on this thread two years ago and somebody finally came through @Counterweight92 thanks fam

    Luis Martinez

    nah nah, its kate upton dancing


    I don't think it's Ashe Maree

    Tak Suga

    it's an old gif from Camille (Cam) Damage, she even has it listed in her modelling profile.

  62. David D

    fuckin dope!

  63. 1Phades

    Didn't yo momma tell yo ass not to hang with them gang members?

  64. random user

    YO whats the outro song???

    atanas maznokov

  65. Didatsee D'aty

    *this shit right here is heavy has Hyell!!!*

  66. Didatsee D'aty


  67. SupaDupaJetSwag

    I don't know witch video is better this or Travi$ Scott's "That Bitch Crazy"

  68. itreallydoesntmatter

    whaaat the fuck?!?! what is this song at the end, is it bulgarian? it sounds so strange hahaha

    Flowerson Flowers


  69. Hodgy

    Shimmy Q Ouuh Ouuh!

  70. gabrielsk8sallday

    I feel bad for letting this influence me to watch porn


    mi 2 homie

  71. NX dei Massakrasta official


  72. toke ke

    I need to watch this on acid

  73. Stone B

    0:54 what's that black girls name??? Pleaseee


    Pretty sure it's Tyra Moore

  74. Johannes M.

    Dat Ol´Dirty Schoolboy!

  75. Michael Anderson

    This shit slap! Damn Im late but this shit go

  76. illuzeweb

    shimmy Q

  77. Martin Boev

    Trainspotting was there too.

  78. Joe Shqutaj

    Probably the best music video in a long time.

  79. Richard Stolz

    What is the songs name at the end it starts at 1:43

    Flowerson Flowers

    sofia rotaru - remember me

  80. Blvck Chrxs

    my brain exploded

  81. Matt Kelley

    such a crazy song

  82. nlouca85

    Fucking great video! Everything I see or hear that's dope at the moment involves Danny Brown

  83. herb CSM

    No one noticed ewan mcgregor takin a shit in "trainspotting"?

  84. Jimmy Garcia

    :15 GG Alan....

  85. Ervin M

    tits. tits everywhere...

  86. James Bowbrick

    we need a jarren benton, danny brown collab!!

  87. Grimwulf

    Cam Damage.

    And the ultimate scamming and internet theft award goes toooooooooo

  88. Rawny Tabor

    0:01 - 2:27 Various Tits and Asses

  89. The-Big-AA

    0:50 Kip Dynamite from Napoleon Dynamite
    1:16 Ultimate Warrior
    1:23 Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy
    1:31 Dancing Frog Kids
    1:32 Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    1:58 Christopher Walken in Pulp Fiction
    2:23 Alchemist banging has drum machine with something idk.

  90. SameDayHurt

    Tumblr has a music video now?

  91. Buttman Soumka

    I bet you tought hip hop was dead :D


    Veronika Zemanova at 0:13

  93. oldmanpizza

    It's my party and ill cry if I want to

  94. KJ Durham

  95. LA King

    1:40 wtf