Alchemist, The - E. Coli Lyrics

[Earl Sweatshirt:]
My thoughts, dreams, plots, and my schemes
That's what's on my mind when I toss in my sleep
My heart like my pen when I jot and it bleed
My cart full of sin, when I shop it's a spree
I got some new leaves
I'm like "What's the word with you, sir?"
You just moss on a tree, I'm not concerned with you
I leave the curb when I'm crossing the street
I'm watching out for the mark of the beast
The badge on the policeman, black carpenter pants
A half ounce in 'em, another half ounce in my fleece
And on account of this, go 'head and count me out of this
I'm out with the breeze
I'm dodging county, it's a thousand degrees
It's back alley shit, my nigga, look
My eyes wide open, I'm sleepy, I'm on a highway
Paul Giamatti, a nigga was sitting sideways
I'm bubbling a Skully when travelling through the Tri-state
And trouble play the gun, hear it clap and it make my mind race
Back and forth, I place forth, keep your torch
Got your morsels on my plate, motherfucker
I wasn't born, mama snatched me off the motherfucking stork on a Friday
Say that shit to my face

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Alchemist, The E. Coli Comments
  1. Haeski

    Fucking music. Squirting that drip drip all over and collect the gems. Aait

  2. Andrey Doe


  3. f i s h i

    such a beautiful sample

  4. 전둥환


  5. Barlos Velasquez

    Anybody find the secret Album with Earl & Alchemist on YouTube?

  6. Scuffed Andy

    This episode of Ancient Aliens was GREAT!

  7. Myeongbo Seo

    시발 해운대 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


    This fire🔥was approved by this guy 😈

  9. Emandleni

    This is a good song with a fitting video.

  10. Brandon Mendez

    I’m looking out for the mark of the beast

  11. Takehiro Taniguchi

    Holy shit I thought this video got removed! I wanted to comment about it on the official video but its still here! Good shit

  12. Sean Loo

    Very confusing boner

  13. Fidel Cashflow

    And the oyster also is supposed to resemble a vag

  14. Massimo Amato

    Is a Jimi Hendrix interview sampled on this? I swear I hear his voice

  15. WakeupWorld ToTheLight

    This my sht

  16. Leonardo Tejada

    Yessssssss 🙌

  17. BlackCejaz

    Drowning in the pussy juice

  18. Anthony

    This deserves more views

  19. Gifford Palmer

    Good golly

  20. alxv213

    Dope song. Shitty video.

  21. mauro mireles



    Right...I found it this week

  22. Ben


  23. Pervy Sage

    This shit is so beautiful

  24. 릴체리

    해운대가 왜나오노;

  25. Michail Kinde

    This song makes me want to cry 😭😢

  26. Dimitri Heiden

    The video and song go beautifully together

  27. Dimitri Heiden

    If earl's new album was like this it would've been a classic

  28. Lux

    i seriously cannot stop listening to this wtf...

  29. Eden Almakias

    Alchemist bringing out those precious pearls <3

  30. jj tupac

    What song did he sample for this?

  31. offbran

    Wow. The oyster part was interesting lol. But hell yeah cool shit

  32. HP Dro

    I love the sample. Whole instrumental is fiyah 🔥

  33. Electro Static

    can we get this on spotify pls b0$$

  34. Rashod Moore

    japanese giant heroine?

  35. glum

    "paul giamatti a nigga was sittin sideways" Earl has incredible wordplay

  36. Justin Matasci

    What the fuck 😂😂

  37. DOOM

    underrated. i often feel al brings the best out of artists, no different for earl

  38. Dennis Reynolds

    tfw this is better than like 80% of Earl's new album. I really am not a fan of the intentional muddiness in SRS


    I liked SRS but I totally agree, I listen to this way more than any of the individual tracks from SRS. SRS is better as a complete experience and the musicality of some of the tracks is sacrificed for structural and thematic consistency.

  39. Bella Mackintosh

    What's the original sample?

  40. Dex

    alright, 2018 can end now. we got the gem

  41. Carmen Del Rey

    the music sounds soo familiar does anyone know the original???😭

  42. Potz Lawrence


  43. James Dean

    My favorite song

  44. captain doom


    I started to look worried when the bot started squirting.

    Now I just need to go to bed after reading somebody’s comment bout the city drowning.

    Knew I should’ve listened

  45. Ned Batts

    I seriously can not stop listening to this song.

  46. Stay Quiet Films

    I made a video to this song, would appreciate it if you guys could check it out ❤

  47. Rell Dolo

    I had higher expectations... i love Tyler but i hate Earl's music

  48. Trilmonté

    That one part of the video made me sad and gross.

  49. payday2238

    This track right here comes off as so genuine and honest it tugs at heart strings man..truly beautiful music right here..

  50. Ray Symon3

    She squirted and flooded downtown wtf🤣🤣🤣

  51. I Am Doge

    xd basicly porn in the music video, funny af

  52. Rib

    This video kicks literal ass

  53. KiP-Hopa

    Reminds me of Intergalactic - the video only

  54. Allan Sheppard

    Did I just see some titty on youtube?

  55. alex werner

    this beat makes me feel like i burnt my brain out with a bucket of water

  56. iain wright

    Literally the only thing about this song I don’t like is the fact that it’s only 2 minutes

  57. BasedWinduXII

    All these comments and not one nigga know the source of the Ultraman video. The internet taking a fat L lol

  58. QVEZO

    You ever listen to a song and realize the bass line the 327th listen after the first.

  59. Xident

    Is everyone gonna ignore that he literally said “I’m watching out for the mark of the beast”

  60. James Nelson

    Aye man why that robot lowkey thick like that doe

  61. Jared Weaver

    Drowning in giant super villain robot pussy juice is one hell of way to go out.

  62. Anxiety AZ Official


  63. Enutrof Salta

    The best song on the project... I love Earl

  64. Rib

    *That's what's on my mind when I toss in my sleep...*

  65. tech killa24

    Feels os good to hear earl maan

  66. Will EsCargo

    lmao at 1:25

  67. HeWhoLaughs



  68. Marcus Henderson

    Yo this might just b the best track ever made

  69. Def Operator

    Jason goldwatch is involved in so much real shit

  70. __Ethen_


  71. eBeats

    should be on the album. will def get slept on through al. fuck.

  72. bowling for adventure time

    It's just to damn good.

  73. C M

    I dont know what's more insane?
    The video, the beat or Earl?

  74. putodiparis

    Earl é um Deus, na moral, aff.

  75. The Meme Plug On 5tH

    damn they really sat on this jawn for 3 whole years

  76. PolishSlinky

    this song is just perfect

  77. humanature

    I'm all for being creative but Alchemist you're better then this mediocre lazy spoken rap BS. Production tough but the MCing is boring. I read sonnets and poems, and I listen to pockets of bars and lyrics.

  78. bowling for adventure time

    Yoooooo what be this dream of a sample 😭

  79. J B

    This video is insane! But is it legit? Or fan made?

  80. luto kaymia

    Good shit

  81. Jon Murdock

    He's not even on beat and it sounds lazy and hell.

  82. Gio

    best fucking music video I've ever witnessed

  83. the FBI has their eye on me

    What’s the sample from

  84. Mikhail Memedovich

    Not my proudest fap.

  85. Darrell Mackinnon

    I took a piss in a public bathroom this morning with better flow then this. Just retire already earl, you're lyrical flow more inconsistent then that of your content.


    THIS SO COLD!!!!!!!
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    Thank you all God Bless.

  87. Alfredo Plascencia

    Ayyye, was this Godzilla stock footage? Woah k don’t remember this ultraman

  88. Anthony

    The most Heavenly sounding rap song Ive heard in a while

  89. Top Ten

    This is the best track I've heard in a long time. The instrumental and Earl's vocals are out of this world.

  90. Cry0


  91. dramaskrybe

    Beautiful work by all. Al, Earl, and I'm loving Goldwatch stuff.

  92. Bradford Tiongko

    Glad the track finally dropped though. Thought Earl's vocals wouldn't sound as good as the live version from that snippet I saw some years ago, but this still fire.

  93. Bradford Tiongko

    this whole thing's a fuckin experience

  94. Christopher Lewis

    I feel like this is light years better than Earl's SRS album. My biggest issues are the production, low vocals, and energy. Rap like you want be here, like you got something to prove

    servasce P

    Christopher Lewis mans has nothing to prove to us. If mfs really invested in an artists they would know the trials and tribulations he’s gone through for the last three years he hasn’t released any official music. He did an interview a week before SRS dropped saying he was at a point were he wanted to do say more with less but knew the fans were going to react this way because we’ve been used to earls old work. As time passes so does earls approach with his music as should any artist. So if anything SRS was made for himself to show us what he’s been through especially with the passing of his father and uncle. That’s why the transition from the last two tracks Peanut and Riot! mean so much given that he put them on the album most recently as opposed to the other tracks. Peanut sounding the way it does with the heavy instrumental distortion and earls choppy cadence shows his lowest point. Which makes the transition to Riot! not only a beautiful remembrance to his uncle that he sampled who passed two weeks after his dad, it also displays him getting out of that depressive state.

  95. Bradford Tiongko