Alchemist, The - Don Seymour's Theme Lyrics

Pick your poison, a pen and paper are pointing at ya
You can bring your boys in and I'll implore 'em avoid the capture
Voice the rapture rapper create the crying that's after laughter
After dying at the hands and the feet of velociraptors
(Slacker) Open the book at the second chapter
Replace the first with the verse that I wrote with the tips of daggers
(Cracker) We can converse but the mix that matters
Between us is asinine, it's the fast design of a master crafter
Encode cryptures that can't be broken easy
It's part of the make up of Midaz so if you hope to be me
Negativo, never recorded on your TV's tivo
No homo, french kiss the beat and thought I'm speaking Creole

What I say is keying knives to keyholes
So we connect connects to intercept between the G code
Throw up your set again, I administer medicine
As a miniature sedatives take a minute to settle in

Repetitive peddling of your armories
Honestly probably the fucking reason faggots never win
Stop me if you've heard this one previous
There's no such thing as smart magic that be Genie Us
I usually plan my weekends to cleavage touch
Weekdays if I feel? Jack son genie bust
Clap son, feed him love, black sun, eclipse
You not growing up's why I'm ashamed of you, Cleveland's son
Jesus, he Damian, demon son
Flaming and I tel him go lick, Greenie son
Aiming at niggas sayings with cadence, kicked out of parties
Of niggas who's famous for not condoning their fakeness
Villainous calisthenics Alan the Chemist
Fitting lyrics Alan Wrench fitting right in the plan to fit in
(Get it?) Kicking these niggas off their pedestal
Making so when they say that they kick shit they peddle stool
Shit, I'm a killer without a life now
Smelly beer belly drinking Miller Lite for the lifestyle
More exciting than the writings of vikings
I'm your nightkin and with the Alchemist we back for license

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Alchemist, The Don Seymour's Theme Comments
  1. Chin Beats

    Oddly enuff this is one of my fav beats from Alchemist

  2. GamerGee

    Anyone can name any samples from this song let alone the song before this album..  How did he get away without listing the samples in this concept album?

    Marquelle Johnson

    he has been doing that a lot lately I guess so nobody else uses the samples he has.. he probably gets the samples cleared and puts out the music


    @Marquelle Johnson but you still have to cite were you got them from..

    Grandmaster Dusty

    GamerGee They're samples from old Russian music


    +Frank Castle but what specific songs?


    Finally found the sample Sergei Manukyan & Avicenna-Looking For You

  3. TommyGunDeAngelo

    is this a poison pen diss?

    Chin Beats

    Where did you get that im curious

  4. Benjamin Blancher

    White bitch vicious, yo

  5. Artur Arslanov

    Hey Russia!

  6. romero lopez


  7. freedomandliberty93

    I wonder who is the sexy woman in the video dancing?

  8. M J

    whats the sample?

  9. TheMostHigh



    MidaZ The BEAST!!!

  11. tetraskillz

    abstract style !!!

  12. ali b

    Haha that chicks dance

  13. DobroBad


  14. Daniel Palacios

    its a recording of me

  15. DoxsideMusicGroup

    Big shouts to!

  16. wh0am5ye?

    One the illest tracks off russian roulette

  17. Ajaxxx

    NICE work! Diggin' it!

  18. TzariZM aka Logan

    MidaZ is BEAST...get in the know. #Doxside

  19. Chris Jones

    dope! MidaZ one of the best on the come up right now

  20. D'Angelo Samuels

    Certified melt yah face music....salute homie!!

  21. cmhawke2


  22. Peace Zdes'

    респект из России!))