Alchemist, The - Dean Martin Sticks Lyrics

Dope gang, gold chain
Camouflage suits
Black Range, Jag pink
Carolina blue
Masked up, flash bucks
Marijuana coof
Play the booth
Display a Dr. Malachi book
The pie cook, your eyes get the wide look
Provide kush
Galvanize troops, advertise crooks
The beef got tied up by the hoof
Swing on a hook
You're horsing on a hook, you're being cooked
Proceed and push
Off in that plush European truck
I'm peeing in your cup
My G is seasoned in the dub
I popped up, your feathers got plucked
Your peacock jumped
And give the cheap diamond G-shock up
Then marvel at what's under the Starter cap, part of rap
Bitch stay in pocket like a quarterback
Thoughts of a stack before the snap
I got the bomb like I caught the pass
And I enjoy a hot oil bath

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Alchemist, The Dean Martin Sticks Comments
  1. Matthew Sierra

    This beat is addicting... and it has Marci on it??

    Let’s go.

  2. Baz O

    Roc marci= goat-------- uk brothers

  3. Melchior Akihary

    Dopest track on the album! A bit short, but I'm not complaining!

  4. Yolo Swag

    ALC the greatest producer in the game right now and for all time

  5. Brecht Van Dingenen

    I remember giving him this record he sampled in this track. A few years ago in Belgium, at Music Mania in Ghent.

  6. Marlon Norris


  7. Mus’bat’u Wu-S’abat’

    “Display a Dr. Malachi book...” The world shall behold his name and know who my Father is.


    not forgettin Sammy davis n frankie STEAKS!

  9. icemouf7480


  10. Jessie boogie

    that beat is crazy.. Dope shit.

  11. d lux

    real hip hop lives

  12. beantownn54

    Beat is nasty as fuck. RAW!!!

  13. John Carlisle


  14. Stanley Castro

    No views?? I'm here!!