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Great one for the whole family

[CJ Fly:]
Yo, yo
Guess it's time to make 'em see that I'm an M.C
Know cats that got bodied for holdin' heat like Vitamin D
Thinking intricately, but ain't trickin while he
Doing things that he still can't believe
Like being able to round up all of our friends
Take a trip out to France
Our record is getting spins on the air for the fans
They screaming out all our chants while we give them the chance
We're sleeping with all the [?] tryna get with the camp
Nobody had our back, no support like I was spineless
Everyone knows we cold, why wouldn't they want to sign us?
P.E. popping like Sudafed
Know your worth, get a law suit, then sue the feds
Buddha blessed
Pass the Buddha to my boo in Budapest
Some might say I do the beast
But I just say I do the best
That I can
All pray like a [?] when I attack
Know that things is heating up if you see us in [?]

[Dessy Hinds:]
Advanced shining like spectacles
Compared to the path of light they just spectacles
Highly unquestionable
For the credit that's past incredible
Can never settle for less when the ruler stays magnanimous
And plus we got a can of that Cannabis
Blazin to the ways when every third world
Couldn't see active thinkin'
But this is a mental state that's cross-linking
Thoughts swimming 'til these wavelengths mix in
Uplifing and leave a local listing
Power vocal missing when the illminded start spittin'
With shots of a cannon
Even with the shots of a Canon
Ain't no cropping out the illustrated passion
And whether they brainstorm, I'm overcastin'
Still over asking if this is a total ransom
Just to total mansions
I'm a eat like a New York nigga spose' to
Flow like a New York nigga spose' to
Drop heat so they could smoke to
Then reexamine pretentious connotations that's askin'
And Ask em if a real nigga rappin

[Nyck Caution:]
Flying over cities, I'm in plane sight
Steering from the pilot's chair
I see a thousand islands
Dressed like an Italian
Rare medallion 'round my neck
Put the pieces of that puzzle in the order
And Make sure you see the portrait
I'll assault if you try & judge my thoughts without exploring 'em
The operation taking place before your corneas
Consolidate any shattered fragments and figments
We some misfits, so
We cannot cooperate with corporates who ain't popular
I can see the plane through my binoculars
Chop us down
Now there's heavy [?] where helicopters was
You can never stop the gun
Once the bullet pops, become a target then
He'll figure out the picture from a Tommy Gun
Steelo was a rebelist
Sorting out the rest of it for change
Obama is the 47th president
Stay a young alchemist
Gold is on my pallet
Got my palace when these shackles slip
It's Nyck

[CJ Fly:]
Oh no we can't be stopped
We gon' keep on doing it
Like it's the only chance we got
The only chance we got

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