Alchemist, The - Calmly Smoke Lyrics

[The Alchemist:]
I wanna smoke 'til my brain is numb
'Til I can't feel nothing and the pain is done
Take the good with the bad, that's how the game is won
'Cause the sun only comes out when the rain is done
And when I exhale the smoke I let the problems float
When I blow out a cloud I let the drama go
All the bullshit, the issues, all the gossip goes
All the rumors, all the whispers, all the talk just goes
All this money in my pocket and I still feel broke
I let go of all the nonsense and I calmly smoke
There's nothing that can make me angry
So take it up with God, that's the way that he made me
Or take it up with pops, that's the way that he raised me
Or blame it on the game for the way that it paid me
Then blame it on the money for the way that it changed me
And blame it on my lifestyle and say that I'm crazy
And blame it on the [*hitting herb sound*] trying to say that I'm lazy
There's nothing that you can say that's makin' or breakin' me
And when I blow the smoke out it takes all the problems away from me
Let go of all the nonsense and I calmly smoke

I want to smoke so my eyes can bleed
So they don't see my pain, they just think its weed
Use the trees so they don't see my game, they just think I'm green
Inhale deep, my problems shrink away
God forgive my sins, tomorrow's a new day
It's like the smoke is novacaine easin' my brain
From the world going on outside, I stay sane
(Way out) I don't smoke to forget
Before I hit this, hold my head, God bless the dead
And I don't hold regrets
After I hit this, I don't listen, fuck what you said!
You know greed was never part of my weed plan
It's fire, blame the lah for murder he wrote
I let go of all the nonsense and calmly smoke

[Styles P:]
I take long tokes, c'mon folks
Ain't nothin' in the world like strong smoke
We only blowing green shit, at least we ain't on coke
You would know what I mean if you was born broke
Raised in the ghetto where there's nothing but torn folks
What, torn house, torn heart, torn clothes
I just blew four, got another four rolled
Will I die today? Shit, only Lord knows
So I exhale, inhale again, did it for my little man
'Cause he's in jail again, need bail again
Gotta get rid of this shitty feeling
Alchemist, get your nigga higher than a New York City building
(Roll another one, and another one)
Sour diesel haze, kush mixed with the bubble gum, call it troublesome
'Cause the only thing that calm the Ghost
Is a deep beat, zone out and calmly smoke

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Alchemist, The Calmly Smoke Comments
  1. GOD420CRUSH 805

    Calmly smoke!

  2. Tay Yasharal

    We only blowing green shit at least we ain't on coke.


    Man this song takes me back😧.. fr, the sun comes out when the rain is done!.. if u relate to this song.. keep ur head up mayne.. n keep ur faith in god✌😌

  4. Aye Valerio

    Let go of all the nonsense.

  5. OuttaSpaceKid

    'all this money in my pocket and i still feel broke'..

  6. Cesar Soto

    I can't believe this song came out 10 years ago! I feel like just last month I was bumping this cut rolling up and down LA. Too bad I don't smoke no more. Hahaha.

  7. Brian Anthony Fernandez

    [email protected]

  8. Brian Anthony Fernandez

    Trying to produce some music..

  9. Brian Anthony Fernandez

    Yo anyone know Connects and shit like that? Got my mom's company and shit like that....

  10. Nichi 95

    Still bumping this!.2018 smoker calms me down...

  11. Maroš Póč

    Almost a decade ago since I found this

  12. BigShaolin

    2017 B|

  13. Mor Ris

    Good memories always been smokin to that joint time flies mane....

  14. Daniel Ruvolo

    Life is an early 2000s alchemist beat

  15. Jaw Ji

    I admire how they used the Full Circle sample, usually I don't like sampling when it is basically copying, but here they really did something with it and built around it.

    Aitch Dee

    sampling isn't copying ...... it's recycling !!! using familiar sounds and textures to create something new.

  16. Mike Caceres

    This music is something I wish I could smoke to, however I work for the New York City Transit so I'm fucked. I have to wait till my retirement. Perfect description of that awesome feeling of getting high off weed.

  17. Dunstin Checksin

    "Torn house, torn heart, torn clothes; I just blew 4, got another 4 rolled; Will I die today? Shit, only Lord knows"

  18. Rashad Taylor

    No words in the dictionary can explain...

  19. AnytimeNigguh

    "I GOTTA GET RID OF THIS SHITTY FEELING, ALCHEMIST GET YA NIGGA HIGHER THAN A NEW YORK CITY BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  20. AnytimeNigguh



    Use the tree so they don't see my game, they just think I'm green

  21. Sundeep Nijjar

    Theres one line about my life in this song "It's fire blame Allah for murder he wrote". I use twitter to express what I mean, and if I posted this song on it instead of another one on the Layover EP then I would have ended up burning in hell for the rest of eternity. Thankfully, I'm still here typing this so I did not go down that route. I will copy and paste meanings from another song to show you how complicated my life is from Charles Hamiltons "Losing Control Revisited :
    "This song is about how Charles Hamilton sold his soul and he knows hes going to hell (hence "I'm in the place where convicts go after life"). 'I'm back in the lab to make an elixir that can keep me safe". He's making a shit ton of music so he can help a scripture save his life "Play on words even play the scriptures" . He fucked up though because he should have known that selling your soul locks your fate in the after life. He even goes on to say how he will go to heaven "Go to hell end up in heaven playing harps in my music". How do I know this? I'm a scripture whose life was saved by Enter the Hedgehog "Suicide isnt an option I live with my mind". Islam is the right religion and I advise anyone who want to go to Heaven follow this religion. If anyone wants to know more about my life hit me up."


    Let go of all the nonsense and calmly smoke!

  22. Cashmaster J

    always a classic track.

  23. Jean Roger


  24. Mitraljez M84

    my favorite smoke song of all time.    the beat is like the beautiful green leafs and sticks and smell.  I always tell nonsmokers green is like the air its mandatory.  I love to calmly smoke.

    Mitraljez M84

    +Tzyn Landers I will, thanks.

    Mitraljez M84

    +Tzyn Landers yeah its great,  thanks for letting me know, now I can enjoy the leafs with more songs.

    Brat3 J3rkovic

    +Mitraljez M84 I ja brate!

    Tzyn Landers

    +Mitraljez M84 sorry im french... :p je ne comprend pas tout

    Mitraljez M84

    +BrateJerkovicBJK tako I treba prijatelju.

  25. Integrity In Christ Lazlo

    loyalty is better than love

    Ville eira

    +Laaslo Lerinc but together?

    tobin Cirullo

    love conquers every thing at the end of the day without loyalty there is no love

  26. dnthypeonutube14

    Alchemist is HARD! Best producer and a hard rapper!!

  27. mark k muzik

    found peace of mind when i found this song back in 08

    S. G.

    I was going through a very difficult personal time in 08, this song was like my medicine. Thank you Alc.

  28. G - RIDE

    Damn this track i can allways listen

  29. Valerian Salad

    sounds like an awesome lullaby

  30. Soselo Soso

    This is a masterpiece

  31. AnytimeNigguh



    Gotta get rid of the shitty feeling
    Alchemist, get ya nigga higher than a New York City building
    Roll another one, and another one, sour diesel, haze, kush mixed with bubblegum
    Call it troublesome



  32. AnytimeNigguh


  33. Cam life

    sometimes I need a break so i just calmly smoke

  34. erik garcia


  35. theo bogner

    So high !

  36. Athan

    And anotta 1

  37. FollowTheSunDown


    alchemist get ya nigga higher then this new york city building


    Roll another one, and another one, Sour Diesel, Haze, Kush mixed with the Bubblegum, call it troublesome

  38. shyfly

    Classic ish

  39. Jack Stoneshaft

    Those nugs could use some work lol


    I'll work on 'em... they won't get them back though.

  40. Jack Stoneshaft

    this song is so rad i love it yay for this song

  41. AfricanzUnited


  42. FollowTheSunDown



  43. Mataglio

    the beat is sampled from an old horror movie called "The Haunting of Julia" beautiful music throughout the whole movie u can watch it for free on YouTube

  44. foreal1992

    This beat is so great.

  45. The F.L.O. Xpress

    Classick. SP murdered the track once again

  46. Nonsense

    Evidence get's down!!!!!

  47. Real Eyes Realize


  48. AnytimeNigguh

    @rmsg120nsb STYLES P!

  49. nomoreflys

    I Wanna smoke till my eyes bleed....

  50. TheThirdWing94

    That weed dont look extremely great. I mean shit looks good, not like top shelf medicinal. Which I bet these cats smoke on the daily. But I cant see why they would use these buds for the album.

  51. Larry Bird

    Get your nigga higher than a New York City buildin' !

  52. paul binks

    calmly smoking

  53. Fifi fofum

    305 people calmly smoke

  54. JESEE818

    @smilezthelimit i couldnt agree with you any more.

  55. MrThefuture2

    the beat is crazy, damn! the al n p verses r the illest. thumps up if u agree!

  56. SLP 0: 00: 02

    im high

  57. nw10nw10

    3 people dat disliked dis musta caught feedback off da roach haha

  58. Andre

    @puff417 Inbox me and I'll send it to you.

  59. Andre

    @puff417 There's a version the the Evidence and DJ Skee Layover Mixtape with just Al and Ev with a second extended verse from Ev at the end.

  60. Royce Wright Jr

    this sounds like the theme song to a Bejeweled game i got with my Sega Genesis - on the 6 Pak cartridge that comes with it. :)

  61. Adrian Smokey G

    3 people smoke crack!

  62. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

    styles p top 5 doa

  63. sundayrider76

    dead up ive been high for the pat 6 days i smoke 8 blunts today alone

  64. puff417

    man styles p ruins this song. fuck does anyone know where i can find the with just ALC and EV.

  65. f kr

    always hard.

  66. music2012

    @toker894 Not yet... now I am @[email protected]

  67. S P

    ALC kills the beat and every rapper on this track.

  68. YouLuber

    "sour diesel, haze, kush mixed wit the bubblegum call it troublesome" S.P. always goes hard

  69. Dubb1000

    Wow I'd love to hear him make a beat out of the intro.

  70. roberto vasquez

    soue diesel

  71. Ricardo Gonçalves


  72. eyecon11

    Pure genius

  73. Laurence Salvidge

    Shit is fuckin ill, the beat is fuckin ridiculous!!!! ALC kills it everytime, and everyone know Styles is a beast!

  74. kristp05

    Love it! It`s like a massage for my ears.

  75. mlballer88

    i'm fiending for this instrumental, if someone has it please put it up

  76. Michelle211

    in love with this shit!

  77. Christopher Ruth

    @DeeDank hehe

  78. david94

    L.A Confidential is the best shit ive smoked

  79. Jasmin Merchan

    I swear people dont give Ev the credit he really deserves. Fuck Mainstream!

  80. Andre

    One of the best hip-hop weed joints ever!

  81. Andre

    @shiggadee What beat? Key to the City?

  82. ryan algarin

    whats that lil wayne song...the begining sounds jus like one of his songs?

  83. EIusiv3

    damn that chron at bout a minute....shittt them crystals makin my eyes water throuh the screen

  84. shiggadee

    yeah, dude has a serious talent for flippin samples... alot of the time they are from different records.. he has a video of him makin a beat where he hit 6 or 7 pads and only 2 were from the same record. I think one was from a Lamont Dozier record, but pitched down and stretched...and that was just for part of the melody... nobody is seeing ALC.!!!!! NOBODY!!!

  85. thePeat1

    where the instrumental at?
    hit me up please!!

  86. Johnny

    premium shit alc... pass tha bag

  87. David Bennett

    eyes closed backwords still made both free throws sing these off key notes no laughter on stage in back before and afterwords i calmly smoke put to rest the chatter by then im probrably throwed off the cess and shots after the show

  88. RaisiM1222

    My Favorite Rapper and Producer collaborating.. what else could I ask for? Beautiful!

  89. Kaneoooi

    Amazing music...S.P. Needs 2 work on an album with Alchemist & Alchemist only his beats bring the best out in the Ghost

  90. Bruno Moreno

    This guy is a machine! what a beat, i like the beginning

  91. Steev Massecre


  92. ballinbrett2424

    styles murders it on this shit

  93. 1812jamz

    yeah sum one put up the instrumental

  94. Praneet Nanda

    someone put up the instrumental!!!!

  95. Praneet Nanda

    ALC is the TRUTH, this beat is perfect for the smoker...Perfect Track!..Styles rips the drums up....