Alchemist, The - 94' Ghost Shit Lyrics

Look, look, look
I can't relate to you niggas, your shit is not relatable
Grimiest of all time, that shit is not debatable
Chopper wave at you
Your vest can't stop, when I'm poppin' the K in you
No matter what God you're prayin' to, I'm not gon' play with you
This shit is not for radio, I'm not complainin' though
Still headin' to the top, a spot they said was not obtainable
Because the way my face look from when them niggas shot my cranial
Area, how I'm still livin'? That shit is not explainable
Free them niggas locked in cages who was gettin' blocks of yayo through
Them the niggas I dropped my pagers to
Them young niggas with 30 shot Glocks to flame at you
Niggas who got multiple bodies before they was 20, I can name a few
Ayo, Machine, them niggas not the same as you
Them niggas playin' crazy but them niggas not the same as you
Bitch, I got HKs with lasers on the top to aim at you
Bitch, I got AKs, I'm sprayin' boy, you not gon' make it through
Heard this old washed up rap nigga was talkin' reckless
On the internet and shit, that kinda shit I don't respect it
Tell you once, leave my name off of your records
Like Nino, I will walk you through 'jects, punch in your chin while you neckin'
I'm respected by the OGs, the gangstas, and paroles
That smoke the K2, they don't blow trees
But sniff 'til their nose bleed
Cut off your fuckin' wrist tryna get your Rollie
Them bitch niggas know me, ha

[Westside Gunn:]
Ayo, your bottle green, my shit clear (shit clear)
Whip the Tesla X, I don't even steer (even steer, skrt)
Woo on me, kick rocker (kick rocker)
Load the MAC up and gift shop it (shop it, grr)

I get the shottie from the drawer (talk to 'em)
Uh, another body finna fall
I move the product to the zombies in the hall
Aim good, I could write my name in cursive with the Tommy in the wall
I put buck fifties on the side of niggas' jaws
They don't want problems at all, I know a lot of niggas saw, uh
I gotta be a boss, rockin' Prada in the mall
Knot in my pocket I got from flippin' raw, uh
Whip the white 'til the shit fluff, uh
Shit on my wrist costs a brick plus
Fif' tucked, run up on me get your shit bust
Hit six plus times, got you zipped up
Black bag that, your body like my last track
I turn my hat back, my youngin poppin' at your dad hat
That's facts, I had to bag crack just to have racks
Jumped off the porch, I live my life on the fast tracks
Had straps hid under the porch and where the trash at
Jack boys kick your door down, where the cash at?
Woah, I'm the scientist, not the lab rat
Machine, bitch, brah, brah, hashtag that

[Westside Gunn:]
Ayo, your bottle green, my shit clear (shit clear)
Whip the Tesla X, I don't even steer (even steer, skrt)
Woo on me, kick rocker (kick rocker)
Load the MAC up and gift shop it (shop it, grr)

When these come out, Ronnie?
My PS smellin' like a pissy lobby
These niggas on some ho shit
Stocking on my face on some '94 Ghost shit
Stocking on my face, nigga (face, nigga)
On some '94 Ghost shit (Ghost shit)

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Alchemist, The 94' Ghost Shit Comments
  1. 4refergs

    Conway killed it!

  2. Ghostf4ce 7

    this is like a mix of that beat he gave those dudes from Fresno and ghost's Soul Controller

    Ghostf4ce 7

    Evidence & Fashawn - Fear & Loathing

  3. Ghostf4ce 7

    Oh my god

  4. Randumb Nobody

    Done said "smokin that k2 can't even smoke weed" or whatever but DAYUMN THATS REAL.

  5. Steve Brown


  6. Paco Nice

    “Like Nino, I will walk you thru your ‘jects, pump to your chin while u naked”. Never forget that new jack 😂

  7. sourdeez

    179 dislikes? I'm genuinely confused here

  8. amaritheskater

    Only right you put them Griselda niggas on a beat so ill

  9. lilnicker 1004

    My ears just came to this shit

  10. Classic

    'This shit is not for radio'

  11. BoomBappa

    Grimiest Of All Time that shit is not debatable.. indeed

  12. JonnyUK85

    Realist Good’ness 🔥.. Timeless ... ✔️

  13. evans yeboah

    Raw and uncut makes me want to kill chuckie



  15. Russell Cutler

    Ugh. Classic Al... Hard barz all the time from these dudes frfr.. Bringing that LoX 90s mixtape shit back. Love u for that always.

  16. MRVITIN101

    That Kool G. Rap Feel.

  17. sourdeez

    1st verse = bodied 2nd verse = zipped up

  18. Ashcon Beats

    This beat is so filthy! Alchemist 🔥🔥🔥

  19. champagne Nice

    I swear to God on my life the machine went in on this song


    Them niggaz stay with the grimey shit...Crack muzik

  21. Edgar Valencia


  22. TicalionStalion

    keeping hip hop alive no cappp

  23. Gonja Sensai

    *This shit is not for Radio*

  24. Jay Son!

    The Griselda movement will become the Griselda era! They taking over. Hiphop still about!

  25. Jay Son!

    I can't stop listening to this

  26. phillyrick

    This nigga Conway.... This nigga a machine.

  27. T Tha Vizion of 78

    This song is addictive!...I gotta hear it...

  28. Jay Son!

    I just turned my own pockets out

  29. Jason Burner

    That real shit is coming back finally! It’s been underground for way too long. All praises due to Griselda baby! Salute! Love West and Conway and Benny ! Check out this movie that is about to blow up real soon! It is the next masterpiece! This is the teaser for it.

  30. Lamar Koonce

    All this needs is a verse from Ghostface!

  31. Ollie E

    I don't feel Westsidegun


    That’s because you have no hands

    Ollie E

    @Snek no, his voice and flow just annoying

  32. Old Neab

    That nigga said im the sciencetest in ot the lab rat!

  33. K Platt Jr.


  34. Yeruchem Yohannes

    Whatever God your parying to I'm not gon play with you bruh from the first words to where I just paused was crazy he went blind stupid dumb on this one

  35. Boobie Smoove

    That first bar was a hollow tip

  36. Boobie Smoove

    Did your thing on this

  37. Chino Trapvibes

    Nas dave East fabolous jadakiss would kill this



  39. Cw Wc

    naw Kanye.. Conway is king.

  40. Dustin Thompson

    Grimiest of all time it's not debatable

  41. Banned From Society Podcast

    This beat makes me want to rob myself

  42. Vintage Science - Beatmaker

    Greatness 👌

  43. MRVITIN101

    Dope Work Fellass.... Salute..

  44. Jay Son!

    "Respected by the OG's, the gangstas & parolees"

  45. pobe stb

    How is there 168 dislikes🤦🏾‍♂️ can’t relate I guess!!

  46. Mc Karma

    viciado nessa musica!

  47. Ferrara Muhammad

    Dope shit

  48. mike thegodson

    This beat is so fuckin alchemist its fucking ridiculous.

  49. mongrel ghost chi

    im likening this

  50. Stephen Maxam

    Im back again need that fuel for the day.....

  51. Sunsere F

    I can't for Conway and of course The Alchemist! The Alchemist spazzed on this! And Conway is iller than any Buffalo rapper

  52. edk and nodrecords

    this is great 👍

  53. 6feetrooted

    Alchemist is a fucking beast.

  54. Jason Burner

    My favorite track with Conway and the dopest Alchemist beat ever made!

  55. Faisal Abu Sabr

    This beat is sensational!

  56. Chef Tony

    Rare Art

  57. Butch Da Gawd

    I'm a shoot Conway again if him n Alchemist don't do a album... Kllassik

  58. Londa Cele

    A year later ! 🍻

  59. Chicken Wang

    Mannn I hope these dudes start a revival. This that shit we NEED out here

  60. Reet 90


  61. Matthew GioVanni DiMeo stcloudtransit

    Yea . 94 ghost shit

  62. Remember Violence

    Yo bury him motherfucker i dont own you

  63. dom vel

    pure grime

  64. Viktor Heredy

    My new fav rappers. Collab w my all time fav producer. This is just heartwarming and glorious

  65. Fix it Fast

    💥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥

  66. MuzikJunkyAES

    He REALLY found his muse with the Griselda crew! Peace.

  67. Juice Jones

    This should've been called machine gun funk pt2 biggie tribute......

  68. Jeff Diaz

    West side reminds me of ghost face voice annoying as fuck with no lyrical talent!!!! None of homies raps make any sense!!! At all no wonder all his songs are features🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Reet 90

    Jeff Diaz it’s cause you Dayroom, that’s why

    Jeff Diaz

    Reet 90 that don’t make no sense homie

    homer wisdom

    You're just dumb lmao

  69. Josh Flores

    Sounds like Benny the butcher shit

  70. barry barry

    the stocking was in 92 not 94

  71. Sick Twisted Minds Hiphop

    Whoever disliked this rocks skinny jeans

  72. Blizzmons

    fucking maniac

  73. Strictly Underground Funk

    Westside Gunn's voice is fucking painful to endure.

  74. dpb

    KGR would BODY this beat

  75. Earnest Hardin

    ALC best producer hands down

  76. Mone G

    Alchemist has an arsenal of fire ass Beats.

  77. ryublueblanka


  78. Dr. Props

    Loving it

  79. Prototype 81

    This instrumental is too sick.

  80. K Platt Jr.

    I love dis jam omg🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💯

  81. A.Frank Blunt

    Westside got that fake ass killa army wannabe wu tang delivery.

    homer wisdom

    No he's got his actual voice and own style that all of the wu-tang respect. Raewon passed them the torch.


    You a lame for this comment. West is the real deal

  82. Luis Baro

    still 🔥

  83. peregrino estelar

    my grandma hear this and now is my dealer

  84. Dceased Tus

    Conways timing is amazing

  85. K Platt Jr.

    🏆these buffalo guys killn these alchemist beats! Flawless!💪🏆💯

  86. Steve Smith

    I can't stop listening to this shit!

  87. SmackBlack

    On what tape is this??

  88. Jay Son!

    Beat is filthy. Naughty as fuck.

  89. The Spook Langley

    Lab Flow🥄🥄🥄

  90. The Incarnation

    Still haven't figured out why these "dope producers" make the choice to leave the bass to the kick drum without adding a bassline to a track. Lacking!

  91. Larry J Blige



    Keefe Dee : Dayumm!!

  93. Manny Jordan23


  94. Luke Cage

    But sniff 'till there nose bleed......yeah! that's dat shit!

  95. Fuckenpauline Gaycunthanson

    Is the name shout outs to ghostface?

    Fuckenpauline Gaycunthanson

    @James R already feel silly 4 asking

    homer wisdom

    Westsidegunn even named his last album Supreme blientele, Wu-tang fucks with them heavy.

  96. Xplicit The Don

    Greselda is the new GOATs

    X Ibrahim

    check heemy76 too