Alchemist, The - 1010 Wins Lyrics

[Domo Genesis:]
I'm smoking big killa on the Clearwater beach
And every time I speak I hear "Go ahead your honor, preach."
I'm too hot for you niggas not to acknowledge me
The prodigy could talk a married bitch out of monogamy
I'm out of reach but your posture ain't looking promising
I'm pressing pussies, gynecology, you niggas robbing me
I deserve respect, cut a check, fuck and investment meet
For all the mess it has to for tracks I handle recklessly
I'm Glen Rice from the corner, three, in there
Swimwear twisted like Dub-C chin hair

[Action Bronson:]
I payed Holyfield to take the dive
Fix the drug test, we getting richer
Blood or a spritzer
Cherry oak wood shifter
In a Jaguar, shoes are made from Babar
Roll the lethal
Seats in the Regal same color as Mario Van Peebles
I'm like a young Stephen Seagal
My favorite move's a clothesline
Dragon jacket, hair slicked back when it's go time
Motherfucker I'm a great artist
I fixed the game between Georgia Tech and Wake Forest

[Meyhem Lauren:]
Fly shit we make that, Marvel we bake that
Pull a shotty, leave your body where the lake's at
Staying foul places, strip clubs with meth faces
All my fam's thumbs smell like gloves that catch cases
Not trying to glorify, but my story's obnoxious
Y'all faggot rappers wash your faces in a box of sausage
Surpreme server, bare burger when we order ostrich
Opposite of niggas poppin' shit cause we pop lips for gossip
Fluent Jewish lock it, gun black like Lewis Gossett
Predict the profit so I prophesize the fucking profit

[Roc Marciano:]
Plush thoughts flood to Christopher Cross
Throw out the Rollie with the salt, park the Renault
Your number was called
I grip the nine iron like golf
Wipe 'em off
At night ride the white horse with the torch
You bleed out by the court while I've leaving court
Defeat of course, my cohorts snort
Pop a wart and read the robber port
Drive a quattroporte
Step on the product with the Rockports
Spark a Newport
Whip up a stew, this is food for thought
Pursue the course and floss in the newest Porsche

Tell your stories running, walking isn't fast enough
These cats will lap you up like milk out of a plastic cup
You bastards stuck somewhere between fragile and half a chump
I'd bet you fucks a thousand bucks your dad wishes he's wrapped it up
We rapscallions, like a bundle of onions
How you find the gumption to be out here trying to function
I fixed the game dog, I'm neutering the poodle
Got the ruger to your noodle and the goons are yelling "Who you?"
The rental car's window's rose-tinted, dope in it
The credit card got a tank in it, no limit

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Alchemist, The 1010 Wins Comments
  1. Chuck Gnawblocc

    Plus the illest hidden despot verse, wasnt expecting that 👌

  2. Flight Empire

    Why is no one talking about this legendary ass picture? Is that Mr. Belding from saved by the bell in a picture with Batista, Action Bronson, Mayhem Lauren, and Alchemist?
    The nigga Action Bronson holding a gun and a pizza box bruh.

  3. Am City

    They actually left MAYHEM LAUREN out the title 😔 feelsbadman but Act with the pizza 🍕 & 🔫 lmaoo

    Davidson Moslak

    "As the sun hit my features, my dun hide the gun in the pizza."

  4. W W

    And mayhem

    Am City

    W W I knew me & you had the same taste once you had the Curren$y Pic #JetLife but yeah Lauren went mayhem 🔥😭❤ lmao

  5. Someone Else

    B mob v. B...


  6. D.SPICable

    Yooo! Is that Mr. Belding? 🤣😂😂😂

    Lord G

    Yup. I was just about to type the same shit. 😂

  7. Walrus Life

    Despot slaughtered everyone on this song Geeez

  8. Antonious TheRuler


  9. Shiggy Shi

    plush thoughts flood the Christopher cross


    Maintainin An usual flames

  10. Hxllz Cxrtxz

    is this nerd Bronson really holding a heater

    Luis Fernandez

    ya and an empty pizza box...guess which ones the prop?

    Joe Whitaker

    Lol hey do you guys know where Bronson grew up queens and you would be a retarded fool if you didn't pack heat.,🔫🔫

    Am City


    W W

    Haa yea the nerd will give you a math lesson with that 9

    Rawny Tabor

    Joe Whitaker lol! He's from flushing which is an upscale predominantly Asian community.

  11. M.S the Goghst

    DOpe! PeacE!

  12. EL AUSAR


  13. EL AUSAR


  14. Filthy Rich

    kids sleepin on Roc


    Filthy Rich... no lie big dogg! Rocs untouchable #respect

  15. Plug Industries

    I don't know whether to nod my head to the beat or have a seizure to it

  16. Darth Toxicus

    Beat is meh....not one of ALC's best at all. Marci has the best verse, as usual.

  17. King Jonesda1st

    Mr Belding in the pic crazy !

  18. King Jonesda1st

    U still sound like my nigga Ghost tho ...real shyt !

  19. King Jonesda1st

    ok be original and get those beats White boy ..then only then will u succeed