Alcatrazz - Wire And Wood Lyrics

Down the street a snake of leather sliding off to war
Out to fight the battle with the boys upon the boards
Up against the disciples with their backs up to the walls
They don't care, 'cause they can take the blast
They're just out to bust their balls

In the arena the battle begins
They're eye to eye face to face...

They come back to feel the smack from the wire and the wood
Pack that slap, don't take no crap from the wire and the wood

Crushed against the barricades
And worked up to a rage
How hot it gets, and how the leather sweats
As they reach to claw the stage

In an hour or two
The battle will be done
No one leaving in defeat
Both sides having won
Blinded by the silence calling them back home

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Alcatrazz Wire And Wood Comments
  1. Kevin Mcnamara

    Alcatrazz..... the wire and the wood.

  2. Brian Blotnicky

    Fav song of all Bonnet.

  3. Brian Blotnicky

    Can't hear this time enough......

    Brian Blotnicky

    "tune" actually

  4. vangor83

    Forgot how much of a bad ass song this was, haven't played in a long time. Thanks for posting