Alcatrazz - Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live Lyrics

Chemical kids lost in the street
Looking for some kind of saviour
Perverted minds lead them like sheep
Into the slaughter they have to face

Too young to die, too drunk to live
As they follow in the path of believers before them
Too young to die, but there won't be too long to live

Daddie's princess fixes her hair
Powders her nose from the inside
Smokes in the car, drinks her last beer
Soon she'll be ready for one more day

Head for the classroom and to hell
But the clock up on the wall
Hold the blind face of freedom
There's time to die but she just needs more time to live

Years from now
Look how they change
They're so mature and respected
Makes them laugh
They were such fools
Unaware of the real live world

Honey I'm home, fix me a drink
It's been a long hard day and the boss drove me crazy
Watching the clock on the wall for the happy hour

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Alcatrazz Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live Comments
  1. ウチダシゲオ

    Yngwie are greatest fingering guitarist

  2. Ged

    Two strong personalities....couldn't last...but thanks for this!!

  3. wowponymetal

    Cuenta la historia de un hada..... o cómo era...

  4. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Never Say Die !

  5. KillerQueen

    Too young to die, Too weeb to live

  6. Thorneyed

    Nostalgic kick in the balls. Ouch!
    (love this lineup to bits, btw)

  7. Martin Mystery

    2:35 I absolutely love the whammy at the end, so powerful

  8. HQ HD calidad


  9. Mariano Jimenez

    Ladrone , si no tienen un poco de inspiracion para escribir haganse un grupo tributo y listo loco

  10. Mariano Jimenez

    Barilari tambien estaba ahi y le robo a bonhan todo lo cantos tambien o no?

  11. Mariano Jimenez

    Cuando giardino hiso la leyenda del hada y el mago nunca penso que podiamo escuchar alcatraz y darno cuenta que es un ladron no tenes verguenza y te haces el maestro de la guotarra ladrooonnnn¡¡¡!

    Sir Chombo

    Todo es un plagio pero ese solo de rata blanca es sensacional

    Tu Vieja

    malsteen es la copia de blackmore que fue el que invento el estilo man no importa que usen las mismas escalas o afinacion o lo que sea si hacen musica distinta y distintos temas hay mil guitarristas japoneses que tocan igual que blackmore-malsteen y suenan genial como takayoshi o hideaki nakama

  12. Mikhail Alexandrovich

    I'm too old to die young. I'll get another drink though. haha

  13. Mariano Jimenez

    Porque rata blanca le robo tanto a alcatraz? No tiene verguemsa ese giardino


    A Malmsteen

  14. Hard Heavy

    This gain level (more hard rock) is just perfect!

  15. Axel Arroyo

    This is my life's theme song. They'll have to suffer this as my coffin is lowered lol

  16. miguelipp


  17. Otto Greenleaf

    Too drunk to live.......priceless. Cheers!

  18. Paul C Lalchungnunga

    Nice song

  19. MrMoto2131

    これぞhard  rock!!

  20. Vinny from Brooklyn!

    One of the top 10 solos of all time

  21. bluehavencd

    Not to take anything for the other musicians, but I'd keep Bonnet and Malmsteen. for drums I'd have the great Cozy Powell, Bass Jimmy Bain and Keyboard, Jon Lord........that's just me


    I would have gone for Bach on the keyboards, but thats just me


    bluehaven FUCK YEAH!A

    Fire and Ice

    Jon Lord is terrible.

  22. 大好き女子グラハムボネット

    I ❤ Graham bonnet

  23. Joseph Hickman

    Powdered her nose inside. .pop fixing a martini. This song was about the hypocrisy before crack exploded best to stick with Mary Jane

  24. Paul Priest

    Yngwie has worked with better singers and besides the vocals it is some great shit.

    David Topchiev

    +Joel Trochez Absolutely not Joel! I don't hate Yngwieeeee !! As U can see I listen to Alcatrazz till this day!! But that Rising Force Shit bored me to death!! Those were Anthems Joel! Not songs!! I forgot about Turner. He's one of my favorite singers! And my introduction to Rainbow was through him! But those other guys made me sick to my stomach! I walked out of a show once! Soto was the singer then.

    Warp Studio

    @David Topchiev well, id admit, yngwies music is not for everyone, i love his 80s to early 90s works, but, if you dislike it, is ok David,i personally dislike all his new works, he became boring as fuck, not all his early songs are good, but for me, mostly are, but hey, is your life man, and i repect that at least you like Joe, he is a nice singer, also got into rainbow thanks, but i must say, hear Goran Edman work with yngwie, Eclipse and Fire and Ice if you havent, his voice is really good.

    Larry Mccarty

    @Joel Trochez Joel, look up Rochshire records, the bands original label sometime for more information (PS: I have No Parole and Live Sentence both on that label before the president went to prison)

    Z Klaric

    Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner are some of the best rock vocalists ever.

    thiago lopes

    graham bonnet's vocals are fcking amazing nevertheless

  25. tandem313

    sushi will be ready for one more day......

    Greg Craddock

    +tandem313 LOL


    Soon she’ll be ready for one more day

  26. TOUTAN


  27. Azuma

    Riff de gros porc.

  28. Ariel Eshcar

    Great song! Yngwie is a king!

    Kevin Meadowcroft

    Yngwie is fucking over rated as far as guitar players go. However I do like some of his music. But fuck Yngwie and his HUGE 20 mile ego.

    Gustavo Ratacaca

    Kevin tried learning an Yngwie song

    1972 Coigat

    @Kevin Meadowcroft if you hate him that much why bother even saying anything?

  29. Cody Wilson

    Graham Bonnet is what it's about for me. It is Yngwie's best work though.

  30. Cody Wilson

    I got into this mostly for Graham, and I agree. Yngwie is like a less tasteful version of Blackmore meets Uli Roth

    George Lynch

    Just more skilled and technical than both of them together.


    @George Lynch lightyears above their level, at the age of 19



    Too bad he can't write a riff, solo or song even close to as memorable as either of those two legendary guitarists.

  31. dagoberto mauricio

    super (Y)

  32. metallooney

    Happy 49th birthday to Yngwie!!!(06/30/2012)!!!!

  33. ZackAttackLoVe

    @Diofan888 sure the band is cool, but really its all about Yngwie.. lol if you hear more of him you'll see hes god

  34. OpheliaRising

    @Diofan888 That's OK. It is always good to know what there is to aspire to. The important thing is to allow it to motivate you, not discourage you. Yngwie is just another person. He LEARNED to play that well because he was determined. If you truly desire it, you can learn to play even better than him.


    but you can't go back in time and learn the way he did and revolutionize the art of guitar playing they way he did...

  35. hutch430

    @Diofan888 it's old school brother. They don't make 'em like this anymore. Malmsteen is one of the greatest.

  36. John Connor

    @NEEDFUEL yeah, I love Guns N' Roses but Yngwie kicks ass!!


    too many people dont know this song, what a pity...

  38. MyrmidonasTV

    god malmsteen come in greece