Alcatrazz - Suffer Me Lyrics

The cold December day I came
You knew me well but I was a stranger
You suffer me, oh oh you suffer me
Ooh suffer me
Why you suffer me

I touched you
You felt my heart
Then I was born the second sun
Oh how you suffer me oh you suffer me
Oh suffer me
Why did you suffer me

Oh suffer me why did you
How could you suffer me
Suffer me woah...

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Alcatrazz Suffer Me Comments
  1. mistreated nothing-else-to-lose

    Stratospheric Bonnet



  3. Lilian Wild

    Ufff 😎❤

  4. ぼねっとぐらはむ


  5. illinoisanthunder

    The entire album just kicks so much ass and then................this turd, aside from the guitar playing.

  6. Hermano de Jesús

    Dam..... my CD was stolen in 2001, thx YouTube.

  7. CimmerianVII

    Really strange to see that this master piece has so little views. This totally out numbs the Comfortably Numb solo which is way longer....give Yngwie another 2-3 mins on that fade out and in that form it would have been incredible!



  8. eert tree

    Graham you arer the best!!

  9. Mariano Jimenez

    El sr Malsten puede sacarle sonidos emocionantes a una guitarra no es solo velocidad hasta hoy dia es el mejor

  10. Sandra P

    Damn that combination between Yngwie and Graham. Fucking epic.

  11. milan belada

    Yngwie Malmsteen
    the king

  12. alcatrazz alcatrazz

    I fuck 2 dislake😡😡😡😠😠😠

  13. CimmerianVII

    Best guitar solo of all time....his phrasing and vibrato back then....simply immense!!

    David Topchiev

    Fades too soon

  14. perpetual61

    There's only one word....YNGWIE !

  15. Yngsatchvai

    damn that out solo was enough to make your hair stand on end! I love his passion!!

  16. althazarr


  17. dokkenroll

    esta mal escrito akatrazz es otra banda