Alcatrazz - Since You've Been Gone Lyrics

I get the same old dreams, same time every night
Fall to the ground and I wake up
So I get out of bed, put on my shoes, and in my head
Thoughts fly back to the break-up

These four walls are closing in
Look at the fix you've put me in

Since you been gone, since you been gone
I'm outta my head, can't take it
Could I be wrong, but since you been gone
You cast a spell, so break it
Since you been gone

So in the night I stand beneath the back street light
I read the words that you sent to me
I can take the afternoon, the night-time comes around too soon
You can't know what you mean to me

Your poison letter, your telegram
Just goes to show you don't give a damn

Since you been gone, since you been gone
I'm outta my head, can't take it
Could I be wrong, but since you been gone
You cast a spell, so break it
Since you been gone

If you will come back
Baby you know
You'll never do wrong

Since you been gone, since you been gone
I'm outta my head, can't take it
Could I be wrong, but since you been gone
You cast a spell, so break it
Ever since, you been gone

Since you been gone, since you been gone
I'm outta my head, can't take it
Since you been gone, since you been gone

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Alcatrazz Since You've Been Gone Comments
  1. Denny Kern

    I appreciate you selling your soul for this. Pretty sure this was Yngwie at his absolute best, playing as a part of a band with actual songs, not vehicles for soulless unnecessary note cramming. To be fair though his time with Joe Lynn Turner was damn good too. Funniest thing I ever saw Yngwie do was play Eruption note-for-note and then yawn. Arrogant and obnoxious to be sure, but the entire audience (he was opening for AC/DC) laughed and applauded.

  2. Yon Law

    Quite easy song to play for him but even he tries to play it hardest possible

  3. don camillo

    Yngwie was played by the V

  4. don camillo

    But the vocals...

  5. juan carlos

    I have to say, that's about as creative I've EVER seen Malmsteen play. Nice solo without the annoying nonstop shredding. Maybe he should go back to that flying V guitar. 😂

  6. Joshua Pitz

    YJM is a ego fuck... lol clearly this video is before he discovered donuts..

  7. Steve Brady

    Yngwie - looks bored. Like this is child’s play - let me through some tricks in to keep it interesting.

  8. Richy Soto

    A very good song for queen !

  9. Mr. pig

    Rainbow did that song with that singer.


    Yes they did.
    Also Brian May sings it with his band. Mary's guitar playing is way better than Malmsteen's.

  10. no google plus

    Classic! Yngwie is playing an Aria Pro II V in a major key craziness

  11. Brian J Malmsteen

    I feel like he could have been bigger if he wasn’t so stuck in his way.

  12. Sanguine korvus

    This is not singing, it's shouting and sounds bad.
    Yngwie rocks and is a legend.

  13. Kevin Gurll

    I haven't heard this song in soooo long I had forgotten about it. Damn this must be old what is he playing an Aria Pro ? Smells like the 80's LoL

    James McAlister

    Looks to be a Aria Pro.

  14. Sy palman-titchener

    Good to see yngwie actually playing as part of a band, rather than it just being the yngwie show.

    Backhand Oksanen

    Too bad it's not that easy to be in a band with Yngwie.

  15. Sudarshan Nambiar

    That’s the First Time I’ve seen Yngwie with a V 👌

    Richard Binder

    Aria Pro II. My friend had a candy apple red one. Not too expensive.

    Sudarshan Nambiar

    Richard Binder So its not a Gibson or Jackson

  16. Steven Oakes

    Has to shout to be hard over yngwie's guitar

  17. aic83 !

    What a shitty song!

  18. Andre Hughes

    Oh man how did I miss this? Awesome Pro Shot video of the band back in their prime!! Thank you for this one

  19. Arturo Almazan

    Graham bonnet an underrated, singer , sure I love Ronnie James Dio, more with Rainbow but bonnet and Joe Lynn turner dont get much credit

    Dafyd Maddz

    A lot of people whinging about Graham in the comments so nice to see a positive mention for him here, and indeed JLT (love Rainbow and love that Odyssey album he did with Yngwie too). Graham was having a slightly off night here admittedly, but he's never had the right recognition for his songwriting or singing at all and it's sad. He's very overlooked vocally, blows the house down in power alone. Still going strong nowadays too. And Yngwie is killing it here, great performance. There's too much negative criticism for that man out there, unfairly. Envy, envy and more envy usually.

    Backhand Oksanen

    When Dio left it wasn't the same band anymore, went from proto metal band to radio friendly AOR nonsense.

  20. John Wright

    *...with the Terminator 2 on vocals...*

  21. silverpairaducks

    People like love songs

  22. jumpfart666

    Graham is fucking on point 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Tarn1981 Tarn

    Cam Cooper on vocals

    David McGravey

    Lol!!!! I thought the same thing as I was watching it

  24. Guitarig Musik

    Flanger a go go 🤷🏾‍♂️

  25. Dante V

    As always Graham giving the 1000% singing on top and as always Malmsteen making shit every sing with his nasty and ridiculous excessive guitar pantomime

    David Ramos

    Lol u jelly

  26. Nivan Blitz


  27. brucedickinson12

    Wow graham has black hair now . Jet black . Hmm strange

  28. Dirk Pitt

    I did'nt know Don Dokken could play bass!

    Dafyd Maddz

    Wild Mick Brown on keys!

  29. on the dry

    graham you a little sharp in your singing..pity you are one of the best

    Mry Hdy

    Seems to me much of his singing is out of tune, notby much, but noticeable. He has great range, but voice control is lacking IMHO

  30. Mauricio alexis Martinez Martinez

    Graham bonnet

  31. Vend Master


  32. Rick Passos

    Jim Carrey on Vocals

    iwang setiawan

    Graham Bonet

    Guitarig Musik

    James Dean 🤷🏾‍♂️
    Nah, the incredibly great Graham Bonnet, a living legend !!!!

    Muhammad Indra

    Rick Passos 😆😀😁

    Sanguine korvus

    @Guitarig Musik he sucks, don't like his voice at all.
    He's screaming instead of singing.

  33. Samuel Martin

    So it's an Aria Pro II XX Deluxe modified for Mister Malmsteen.

    Chris Benson

    When's the last time you saw an Aria electric on stage anywhere?

    Samuel Martin

    @Chris Benson Never :-)

    Stephan Camacho

    Thank you son much

    M Via

    Before he had money

  34. maru333

    メタリックライブで"Since You Been Gone"を弾く時に使っていたVは

  35. Steve Dunch

    He’s shouting and yelling. Not singing

    Sharkus Velarde

    Cause he's trying to be heard over the wall of Yngwie

  36. Oldguyjammin

    A Flying V!?!? What the ??? \m/

  37. Lord Mamba

    I’ve never given Yngwie a look-in although I knew he was a fantastic guitar. However I’ve been bingeing on his video these past couple of days and wow! The precision, artistry and ease of which he plays is mind boggling.

  38. Def NRG

    Graham has the pipes!

  39. Huxley Miller

    lead singer prancing around like a pink pony. nothing gay about that.

  40. Dafyd Maddz

    When did Cain Dingle learn bass and join Alcatraz? 🤔

    John C

    FFS Cain Dingle 😂😂😂😂

  41. TheLochs

    Yngwie playing in Major. Weird.

  42. 양희정

    scott used yngwie for racism in japan...

    choose freak pervert :(


  43. Dahstin


  44. Jimmy Winn

    He sings high, I would loose my voice lol

  45. Sean Myers

    Broken string and all

  46. karlmoles65

    Yngwie is such a fucking showboat.

  47. Kevin Raabe

    If, back in mid 80s , I would've been playin that song like that in the band I was in , with the older cats, they would've probably beat the shit outta me...

  48. Jacky Chang

    Yngwie looks so freedom before

  49. scott sillen

    The best version of this song ever.

  50. 2kosher

    Great song, but singer (Glen what's his face) fuckin straining his voice!

  51. Arwah Sapi

    He looks like Jim Carrey without glasses. With glasses he still looks like Jim Carrey wearing glasses.

  52. abshar abdurrazak

    I am Yngwie's fans, but Alcatraz was about Graham Bonet, not Yngwie.

  53. Otto von Steinberg

    Not only is Yngwie playing a flying V with single coil pickups but Graham Bonnet isn't even wearing shades

  54. Evan Davidson

    that guitar is ghetto!!! rad!!!

  55. Fætter Guf

  56. りふぇPごちうさ難民


  57. Martin Dalton

    Wow, a real solo 😂

  58. ott jerome

    great band

  59. raxxtango

    What is with the Flanger?

  60. 真野信哉


  61. hot fuse

    the guitar play is better than the original version


    Easy there tiger. Don't get ahead of yourself.

  62. Nick Kozanas

    He was definitely something Back then

  63. tigerbalm

    Odd to see Jim Carey and Yangwie on stage....


    Jim Carrey impersonating Clint Eastwood


    Is that jim carey on

    Just A Wanderer

    Bryan Adams

  65. Jamie Colasacco

    I love Yngwie and he does Justice to his song. But I've never heard anybody do a Blackmore song equal or better than Blackmore


    I guess Gates of Babylon

    Darren Lay

    Amen to that brother. Nobody can match Ritchie Blackmore

  66. David Marín

    Hey Yngwie! Pirupiropiruririrororpprrjppdjdyfjrlfifokffurppiiituiuuuuuoiiiiiiipiiriririririririririifirirtotoyorururirototoititotitkffjtotiitititoyoyoyptpptoooooouuuyiiiiiiiiiii

    Simone D'Angelo

    Always better than a "Ehy Jimi (or B.B. et similia): piiiiiiiiiiiiiiru, pi-pi-pi-piiiiiiiiiiiiru, piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiru...", on the same chord progression since blues' birth. 😅 Greetings from Italy!!! 😉

  67. Carl Bode

    My balls sound & play with more ambition than this pop shhhheeeeiiiiitttteee !!

  68. Sérgio Meireles

    Esse vocalista da Alcatraz! Parece tão atual, no visual. Parece ser de hoje esse show. O corte de cabelo dele, pra quem segue moda. Esta atual. Kkk

  69. James Edwards

    Worst I've ever seen!

  70. Colin Mortimore

    Ritchie plays for the song. Yngvie always steps over the line.

  71. Mister Hand

    Yngay is a dido, but the singer should be shot for his hair..

  72. contact1araya

    man...voice is such a weird thing, this guy shouts his lyrics...on the verge of doing it out of tune but still sounds cool...Vince Neil is further from singing out of tune but he just sounds bad(even while singing in tune)

  73. Gary Snowdon

    At 1.13 turned off

  74. Valektricity Gaming

    I've never seen Yngwie play like that😂 So strange


    He's always been a Blackmore wanna be! He's just more obnoxious.

    Jim Bennion

    TIM PHANEUF ....and that is going some!!


    I LOVE the singing. He's PUMPING that out - and he sounds great yelling and singing. Totally awesome.

    Flip Wright

    Graham's at 11 vocally.

  77. paf1001

    It is obvious that Malmsteen is not capable of playing musically interesting guitar. He is always just showing off to people who do not know the instrument, or are not really interested in music (most people say that they are interested. but very few are. They just kind of like it) I just don't understand his motivation. He always jerks off these octave speed-balls that just doesn't give any meaning. Why does he even pretend to play music? I am a great fan of guitarists like Blackmore, but that's a whole different league. This is just sad.

    John C

    I'll translate your statement for everyone else.  You suck, can't play technical & are jealous.  LMAO.

  78. 007dvan

    Probably the best I've ever heard him play. No scales at 100mph that dont fit the rhythm.

  79. Rock Hard

    The best singer Blackmore ever had but he was to up himself to realise it. he still sound great today cant wait till the new album is out Bonnet is the best singer in rock nobody can touch him

    Scott Sherman

    Ummmmm......not better than ronnie james dio!!!!!

  80. kayfabe 58

    Never heard these guys before...weird mix of Rock styles of the time...not all that good but odd

  81. ルナ蔵


    mas pok

    Of course.

  82. stan stanly

    Only Yngwie would put single coils in humbucker slots!

  83. bob l

    So great to see graham on tour with Michael schenker last year

  84. John Wiley

    Graham Bonnett

  85. gianni t

    This shows that Malmsteen was never meant to play for any band!! He was meant to be a solo artist!! As we all know he wants the spotlight on him at all times!!

  86. Eric Floyd

    Great quality recording and proformance. Zero overdubs!!!

  87. St. O'Ned

    Since you been gone I scream when I sing then I shout like I'm shitting!!!
    Singer looks like
    Huey Lewis....

  88. marcus szewczyk

    flying V doesn't suit you sir

  89. 2kosher

    That James dean singing?

    Mr ClassicMetal

    It's David Bowie.


    Graham Bonnet


    Some ppl mistake Bonnet for Jim Carrey, also.

  90. CZ OS

    Who is this imposter playing a V? 😂😂😂

    Mr ClassicMetal

    It's Michael Schenker wearing a wig that was made in Sweden.

    Dafyd Maddz

    @Mr ClassicMetal Lmfao


    What a great performance!! Very wow


    What a great performance!! Very wow

  93. Airton vieira

    Muito bom o som

  94. Howdy

    That singer is terrible

  95. Jeff Sharp

    He's killin it on that $ 200 Aria guitar...Graham is a dork though...

    Bozo Bozo

    Ha ha 200 dollar Aria is true but made in the best guitar factory in the world since Fender (in Fullerton, CA where I live) - Matsumoku in Japan. Aria made some of the best affordable lawsuits around! Graham had a great voice AND he could sell you a car as well...

  96. Musical Neighborhood

    Yngwie's so damn loud the singers screaming... when Vai joined he came down in volume and the band sounded better live. But no denying the Yngwie chapter was the best

    Dirk Diggler

    Bonnet was a good singer

    umpy Goodness

    I think Alcatrazz was GENERIC with YM, but the album with VAI is one of the most unique metal albums EVER, with killer hooks and songs etc.


    The screaming comes down to Bonnett's vocal style, though; he is considered to be a very loud singer.

  97. Keith Lauder Jr

    Nice! Excellent vocals!❤🎵

    John C

    Saw Graham with Michael Schenker in 2018.  Dude still kills it.  He sounded great!

  98. Sergio Fontanella

    Terrible song played well