Alcatrazz - Kree Nakoorie Lyrics

Masters of the world hidden from our eyes
In the sun we grew sharing the same light
Elegant warrior my gun and your spear
Killers that keep our lives apart

Pictures from the air stole away your souls
Aerobatic thieves photographic freeze
Lead by the legend of Kree Nakoorie
The man that hides away from man so
Hard to understand

Flying bladed ships carried us to you
As you walked away trees obscured our view
Scared by the legend of Kree Nakoorie
The man that hides from all the world
The masters of the world

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Alcatrazz Kree Nakoorie Comments
  1. Amadeus Wolfe

    yngwie in his prime

  2. Dafyd Maddz

    3:10 That picking though... Damn. He really was an articulate, note perfect beast here. Love or hate his playing he's a great showman onstage! Far from boring!

  3. キタカ


  4. Vanguard

    this is the Yngwie that took over the world

  5. Kooler M

    When Yngwie Took The TORCH!

  6. amin rahman

    Bonnet and Malmteen were phenomenal. I wish they would reunite in future (altho we know they had bad spat each other)

  7. Matrixeffect2

    What a great melodic solo, best vibrato on earth at the time. The perfect note comes at 3:45 - 3:46. Unfortunately that version of Yngwie is long long gone. How can someone be that good and end up playing the garbage that he has been serving us for the past 20 years? What a waste.


    Yngwie is still a killer, he plays at an extremely high level.

    Logan Prosperie

    The note at that time stamp sounds like a wolf howling. Cool shit

  8. Jun Quiaoit

    Yngwie"s left hand like a spider,guitar icon,superior

  9. Jun Quiaoit

    My guitaris icon viva yngwie

  10. Xtianisms

    Yngwie was untouchable!

  11. Ed Berger


  12. Anas Tahir

    Who was yngwie? Yngwie wore the crown of 80's, He was the king of 80's. No one could come near to him, He was ahead of his time. Towards 90's some incidents took place which changed him. He still play and believe in his self. END of story.

  13. hellcat523

    Awesome. 35 years later still unmatched. Lots of great players. But only one Yngwie.

  14. Gustavo Valenzuela

    Bad ass,he made me want 2 play guitar...

  15. zep erimi


  16. Fred Virtuoso

    Forgot how awesome this was


    Fred Virtuoso It must have been such a must see when he ”exploided in to the scene”

  17. Eitan Litner

    three stupid idiots

  18. ShadowⓋ

    Sounds like a lot of improv going on by Yngwie.. lots of apparent fuck ups and recoveries towards the end. Out of tune, out of time, total weirdness..

    Bruce Frazier

    I don't believe he fucked up. And even if he did...I think he can be forgiven.

    Edgar Gomez

    If you call that fucking up, then I wish I could fuck up like that.

  19. andrey davydov

    The most underrated rock band of all times

  20. Cesar Rodriguez Gutierrez

    that tone and playing .... Yngwie at his best !!!

  21. Brian Volante Band

    Killer, killer band! This is hard rock. Yngwie plays with an unmatched intensity and command and NOBODY sings like Graham Bonnet. He sings like a v12 at redline...he gives 200%

    darryl funaro

    Brian Volante Band, Nobody sings like Graham bonnet simply because graham bonnet sucks that bad!!!!

    Edwin Ontiveros

    indeed, Bonnet was somewhat good at this point, however, this was his absoulte peak. After this he started an exopential decay to the point that by 1989 he was pretty much done in the music industry altogether, only making to small, inmiscible gigs forwards on. That would later failed, he was overshadowed by Yngwie's technical and musical habilities and he is know to frown uppon this era of his career.

  22. diego zenti

    Bonnet & Malmsteen at their peak.
    This shows that Yngwie should be in a band.
    In his solo career he did a couple of killer albums and many mistakes.


    He's had a lot of great albums tho, not many mistakes.
    Yngwie has made over 20 albums, toured with G3, played with an orchestra, he has signature gear with Fender and Marshall, and has made millions of dollars in the music business.
    Yngwie left his home country to pursue his dreams of being a musician and he did it, there is something to be said of that.
    He's had a great career.

  23. raxxtango

    Yngwie's guitar tone was the best it ever was here and the 1st & 2nd rising force...and he didn't overplay every damn song. On the run again. just listen to that song volume up...its like a damn freight train

    DR Guitar

    Dimarzio HS3 pickups,,DOD250 pedal and Marshalls


    i really like his tone on Seventh Sign

  24. Richard Smith

    Live in Japan !
    That's was really amazing!

  25. Jim

    Yngwie has a awesome vibrato!

  26. Dangermello

    ta parecendo o Richie Blackmore kkkkk

  27. tubesoupio

    3:45 - 4:30 is simply magic...this is why Yngwie is god.


    I am a Yngwie fan as well but check this out at about five twenty two in the video. He is one of Yngwie's heroes.

  28. rybones1311

    The opening synth part reminds me of Phantasm


    Doesn't it what....All I can hear is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYY

  29. Guilherme Reschke

    Clássico, Malmstenn é foda, esse som é muito bom!

  30. Bobjrod Bobjrod

    Yngwie is my neighbor! He is one bad ass cool as fuck mother fucker!!! He sweats pure rock star!!!! He owns his own neighborhood block, 3 1/2 acres and it looks like a columbian drug lords get away. Tennis court, swimming pool, Ferraris, Rolls Royce, Jaguars, and jewellery that literally blinds you. Every time i run into him he looks like he just got off stage with a pocket full of Benjamin Franklins! And he talks to everyone very humbling. We love him here in Miami and all of Florida! Play Loud Yngwie!


    Graham Bonnet just left MSG and he formed Alcatraz with a 19 yrs old unknown guitarist by the name of Malmsteen. They recorded two albums together and people said how good the kid was. He adored Blackmore a lot as we can see from the Stratocaster he had to the all black out fit up to the shoes ... almost everrything plus Bonnet who used to sing for Blackmore ... plus the harmonic minor.
    Then one day he bid everyone in the band SAYONARA and formed his own band called the Rising Force ...
    I saw him live in New Haven, Ct back in '97 ....


    ABD HALIM BAHAMAN Obviously Alcatrazz was for Yngwie just to showcase himself. He considered himself and was The star in the band


    2 albums? what was the 2nd one?

    Dylan Bodenheimer

    TheLochs No Parole from Rock And Roll, And Live Sentence

  32. Nicholas Totoro

    Nice little edit on the older versions where Yngwie fat fingers that little bit right before the extended lead. Wonder why it’s not in this version.

  33. Hocus Pocus Focus

    Graham Bonnett is phenomenal.

  34. Kagatobi

    New Blu-ray & DVD!!! I got one!

  35. Robert Proctor

    Ignorant is not knowing. Malmsteen KNOWS!!!

  36. joe johnson

    Back when yngwie cared about playing

    Scott Salyer

    I don’t think he ever stopped caring........I think we as fans changed! IMO

    Tony Powell

    Dumbass comment...he still cares.

    Jonas Hjerpe

    @john cash Yes scary is an appropriate word. Let us never forget how he sounded and played in his prime. A true pioneer that changed guitar playing and music foreover.

    Edgar Gomez

    He had something to prove back then. In the eyes of many guitarists in the 80’s, he was the very best.

  37. TheVintage1935

    Awesome thanks!!!!