Alcatrazz - Jet To Jet Lyrics

On a short trip we made a landing
Then we were strangers in town
How they stared as we made our exit
We're white they're all brown
Dr. Livingstone where are you when
We need you the most
We're white as ivory on the ivory coast

Jet into jet

Eat their poison like true ambassadors
We will drink up their beer
So predictable washed out white
Men foreigners are here
Call me master I'll call you boy
If that's all that you need
How that wounds me just leave me here
To bleed

Black man's burden is on his shoulder
And keeps him well in his place
Two hundred pounds worth of
That smack him in the face
There's no reason to take the weight
Life's not strapped to your head
Don't wear the token till the token black
Is dead

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Alcatrazz Jet To Jet Comments
  1. Eddie Van Berrios

    OMG it sounds way better with malmsteen!!

  2. 太郎鬼


  3. Jack Plumb

    2:17 your welcome

  4. Eduardo SCI

    True single coils pickups!

  5. Jorge Castillo

    1:25 OMG

  6. mistreated nothing-else-to-lose

    Bonnet was inflicted by the flu during this concert...

  7. LuLu


  8. Def NRG

    Bonnet kills it again!

  9. Michael Cottle

    Black clothing - Check
    Off-white Strat with scalloped neck - Check
    Marshall stacks - Check
    Meaningful sideways glances at surrogate Jon Lord - Check
    Random Strat abuse without damaging your #1 - Check
    Neoclassical solos - Check

    Who am I reminded of? Only needs an Akai tape recorder as a preamp and you've got the full set of the Rainbow tribute band...

  10. Abel Ricardo Fernandez

    Es una guazada lo bien que toca la guitarra este tipo

  11. Kevin Kelly

    Wing Way doing his best Blackmore impression.

  12. whynottalklikeapirat

    3:10 for some seriously metal clapping

  13. Bill David

    still more vibrato and soul then steve vais version

  14. Bryan

    they were all young and fit and handsome///////

  15. christian larsson

    Bonnet sounds like ass on every live clip i have seen.

  16. Crimson Idol

    God this guy was a fu*kin animal!

  17. Rk H

    I saw Yngwie play at age 21. He was fucking amazing.

  18. Stefan Petrovic

    Bonet doesnt know how to sing properly,RIP throat.

  19. Mike Dixon

    0:35 consummate professional

  20. Beasts TV


  21. vuduhwy

    No Blackmore influence at all.......whatsoever...

  22. Ken Vorland

    Yngwie malmsteen blackmore on speed awesome

  23. Amanda Laschola

    They don't sound that good

  24. 愛染


  25. Cristo V.

    Lots of Uli Roth here and there

  26. Jose Batt

    When Graham and Yngwie were getting along ...

  27. 7 7


  28. パス


  29. Native pride

    Its so funny how ppl judge on someone who played in a band 20/30 years ago and think he would still look and sound the same as fades over time dudes but stupidity remains!

  30. ライト小梅


  31. David Draper

    Just devastating stages! What a great band should be.

  32. Deathbrewer

    2:41 Wasn't intentionally trying to look or anything, but I swear that's some prime view of classic Yngwie cock-bulge right there, lmao.

  33. Jimmy Winn

    He plays the guitar like a mad violinist, incredible!

    Ben Craig

    he would love to hear that as he claims Paganini as his greatest influence

  34. ろくチャンネル


  35. Neospheric Soundscapes

    The young Yngwie Malmsteen .. Its my Opinion.. it was the best Time .. Today: Yngwie never comes back


    Yngwie is still wicked!

  36. lucky7

    thank you…GOOD👍✨✨

  37. Thomas Kipp

    I like Bonnet but he sounds terrible live,..Yngwie kills it!!!


    He needs water.

    Andrew Aditya Chandra

    Bonnet in 80s often over-performed himself and found himself in not-so-good performance like this. Still, i think he's a charismatic and unique performer. He gets better in later days, too


    @Andrew Aditya Chandra Agreed. In other live videos he is gassed out also. His charisma takes care of it.

  38. Carol Mcgahan

    Wow,Yngwie not over playing.

  39. Moalong Patnaik

    Vocal sucks



  41. Miles9000

    Sounds a bit like Spotlight Kid by Rainbow... Anyway, they'r great as usual :)

    Andrew Aditya Chandra

    Even the riffs are very closely similar lol. Yngwie is a big fan of Ritchie afterall

  42. Chris Davies

    Didn't realise how bad Bonnet is live

  43. 라테우스

    2:19 단언컨대 현재의 잉베이는 절대로 이렇게 못친다.


    Fire and Ice

  44. takeyan55555


  45. flatpat

    Yngwie wore those women’s yoga pants decades before chicks did.

  46. counterfan90

    Alcatrazz, what a band¡¡ Bonnet, Malmsteen, Vai, Danny Johnson (current guitar leader of Steppenwolf)

    Is truly an underrated band. They deserved more sucess.

  47. vonzo7878


  48. 佐藤友洋


  49. zep erimi


  50. Silas Sell

    Can't believe I've never seen this!?!

  51. Michel JAY

    Wow, between 1984 and say his car accident (1986/1987), Yngwie was simply incredible, the best hard rock guitarist, period. I don't think he ever topped that (even if there's some cool stuff afterwards, especially the albums "The seventh sign" (1994) and "Influence"). If you compare this performance to what Steve Vai did one year later with the same band at the same venue, it's quite obvious they weren't in the same league back then. Pity Yngwie didn't really evolve whilst Vai really upped his game throughout the latter part of the 1980's and the 1990's.

  52. Monte Millar

    Worst vocalist ever. Dude is barf.

  53. Tilman

    ... but you're in love with the spotlight, you're the spotlight kid

  54. Completely Gone Recordings

    The greatest bass performance ever. That tone.

  55. Mr. Axe

    Malmsteen love from SWEDEN !!!

  56. Boby Noize

    he's Legend the God of guitar

  57. Andy Cano

    "Spotlight Kid" ripoff. Yngwie sucks dicks too.

  58. Andy Cano

    Graham Bonnet sucks dicks.

  59. Randy

    I forgot how good Alcatrazz was and *HOW* A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Yngwie was in his youth....FUCKING GREAT!!!

  60. Phil Nicolas

    I wonder why he has never looked back.

  61. Phil Nicolas

    Yngwie could never match this.

  62. Mister Hand

    Yngwie Buttsteam. Has there been a bigger tool? No...

  63. Fidget Spinner

    Singer sucks

  64. Michael Stone

    I like yngvies sound and style a lot more than later years. Hes playing more in the song. Still shreds but theres more to it than that. This track is kinda a mix between a priest and maiden song. The singer is kinda the letdown for me.

  65. Hillary Chapman


  66. Karo French

    OMG so overrated.Sounds awful. Way better players than his hack.

  67. Scott Martin

    All Yngwie's singers were hacks.

  68. Thomas White

    Fire In The Sky from Magnum Opus is a rewrite of this. Too many yingweee songs are rewrites. 1 of the most overrated guitarists ever.

  69. Cozy Cooke

    This faggot thinks he’s Ritchie Blackmore

  70. Mr Danny Francati

    This is a singer???? Oh my God.......Amazing Malmsteen!

  71. Byronwannabe

    Graham Bonnet —> a singer with no voice lol

  72. Gianfranco Quartaruolo

    The singer is so bad

  73. magnus zetterqvist

    Rudy on bass👍

    Def NRG

    Gary Shea on bass.

  74. Rocky Sullivan

    YJM simply the best!

  75. Ricardo Amarinho

    Que vocalista desafinado! Nuuuuuuu

  76. Graham Mckenzie

    Malmsteen and Steve Vai as the lead guitarists is impressive

  77. Даниил Матвеев

    Very looks like "spotlight kid" from blackmore)

  78. Drop Box

    This is the malmsteem that is very excited...todays malmsteem is more of fat classical perfectionist old guitar virtuoso...still great though

  79. Fred Virtuoso

    Nothing says rock and roll more than “yoooo hoooooo”

  80. Leandro P G Nardini

    Blackmore sent a hug, Yng!

  81. ookubo akio

    Japan Live😎

  82. 木田吉孝


  83. Stephen Stone

    Ashamed now to say i was digging this then. Sorry.

  84. Shina G


  85. D G

    Big hetfield...

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  88. 真野信哉


  89. cabo wabo


  90. みあMIAランド


    cabo wabo


  91. junmac38


    K Edward



  92. Frank Cassinelli

    "Ritchie? I owe nothing to Ritchie".

    Yeah right, fuck off Yngwie.
    Same guitar, same clothing, identical moves, even almost identical riff, same song structure...that's ridiculous.

    Not saying Yngwie is not good (I don't like him at all but can't deny he is amazing), but he's a major asshole.

  93. Cesar Rodriguez Gutierrez

    Yngwie playing like never before and after !!!

    Crimson Idol

    He actually played even better in 1986! Ive seen him countless times and twice in 1986..... i was just floored. He played like he was possessed or something. Absolutely crazy! Then he sadly fell in that coma after the car crash.

  94. 雪風B503


    Walney Rav

    Que p**** é essa q tu escreveu

  95. ミッキーモンチッチ


  96. msus 1

    I love yngwie, but in his early years he stole all blackmore's stuff

    azja 666

    msus 1 i hate yngwie, and in his early years he stole all blackmore's stuff

    Oskar Brisevac

    @azja 666 why hate yngwie? Rising force is a great album, eclipse, even.

    azja 666

    Oskar Brisevac not my style, not my type of shit. Blackmore has quality, Malmsteen has nothing. He always try to show off but this isn't working, for me, shitty fast playing without soul and feel.

    Oskar Brisevac

    @azja 666 I'll agree with some of that, but not all, blackmore certainly has more influence and soul, but malmsteen does have his own style (now), at least to my ears.

    azja 666

    Oskar Brisevac ok man, that's your opinion. Cheers 😊

  97. 天地詞


  98. lovePATRIOT search


  99. fcb 1


  100. ZN6うっちー