Alcatrazz - Hiroshima Mon Amour Lyrics

It was newborn and ten feet tall
But they called it little boy
And C7, H5, O6, N3 they called him

The fireball would dim the sun
Promising death in its cruelest form

Hiroshima Mon Amour
As we beg to be forgiven do you spit
In our face and curse us all

The fireball that shamed the sun
Burning the shadows on the ground
As the rain falls to dry the land
Leaving desert for the thirsty man

They all said it would end the war
And we thanked Christ for the bomb
And the priests and witches all agreed
They should die to keep them free

The fireball that shamed the sun
Burning the shadows on the ground
As the rain falls to dry the land
Leaving the desert for the thirsty man


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Alcatrazz Hiroshima Mon Amour Comments
  1. philcore

    How many hernias did Graham Bonnet blow out in his career? No falsetto, he belted the fuck out of every note.

  2. George Lynch

    That guitar playing is unreal. The vibrato should be illegal! Holy crap!

  3. Tommy Sargeant

    Obviously before Kramer invented the locking tailpiece. The very first divebomb knocked the typical strings out of tune, so full chords are fucked. The solo can always be pulled off... I'm surprised (as good as he is) that he didn't just yank the thing back into tune or reach up and tune while he was playing... the other thing... no 22nd fret.... takes a lotta strength after a while to bend all the way to an E... ( acurately) .... can't even imagine what it would have been like to have Youtube back when I was learning his shit. I remember the first "Steeler" album.... and then he went to Alcatrazz... and then basically it was "Anything and Everything Yngwie" and pretty much everyone hated him (as a person) arrogant prick.... and his solos were ALWAYS the same scales, arpeggios, etc., ... it was cool that he showed guitar players around the world how to use the diminished scale and the harmonic minor scale and that not EVERYTHING had to be Pentatonic.... or Eddie Van Halene'd to death (adding the Right Handed tapping).... after a while... all the wanna-be 'virtuosos' were tapping, whether they actually knew how to do it correctly or not... and then came Steve Vai.... which is mind boggling because he is a genius composer in his own right, but he learned all of EVH's solo's note-for-note when DLR hired him.... he was NOT being a creative virtuoso. At that time he was a copycat player until Blue Powder came out in a tiny plastic/vinyl square inside of Guitar Player magazine (which I still have).. and at this time.. he had truly become an original virtuoso, but he had taken tapping to another level, much like Jeff Watson of Night Ranger had. The only guys who are going to know this history like I do ... well.. we ain't young anymore. I saw Steve Vai perform Blue Powder live, after hearing the Guitar Player "mini" ... he was playing with David Coverdale in Whitesnake... and he was covering for another great guitarist who kind of 'came and went'.... Adrian Vandenberg.... who had broken his fingers or some shit. Steve's deal was "Yeah, I'll cover for Adrian, as long as you let me do MY shit in the middle of the show... which he did. His "Other" guitar (The Ibanez JEM) came floating down from the skylights into his hands and the lighting and band completely changed out).... lotta history there... and now.... the young guitarists have NOBODY to aspire to.. unless they possibly dig up an old Megadeth album with Marty Friedman. Unfortunately, in order to listen to Marty, you had to listen to Mustaine... which was painful to the ears. He was just as bad as Kirk Hammet. Oh .. the glory days.........will the guitar virtuoso ever return? My guess is "no... never"

  4. Greg Diprinzio

    YOU don't forget! Don't mess with U.S.!

  5. T B

    One of the greatest make no mistake.

  6. Lord Mamba

    Some of the comments here are out of tune.

  7. Dream Diction

    4:05 hahaha pandering . . . .

  8. Kooler M

    Nothing That Can't Be Cured!

  9. TheLochs

    smokin. I saw Yngwie right before Marching Out came out, Jeff Scott Soto on vocals, they fucking rocked. It was raining and nobody left, it was outdoors.

  10. Ahmet Metin

    Orgazm oluyorum bunu dinlerken

  11. tama


  12. JohnnyJ

    Yngwie was on top of his game in this era. Unfortunately the rest of the band was not. Especially that Gordon Ramsay fella on vocals or whatever the hell his name is. Songwriting was also weak.

    Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    I totally disagree. Graham Bonnet was burning totally in that days. When Jeff Scott Soto begun to sing with Malmsteen, this music had lost all power and agressive drive!

  13. Rifki Aleppo

    Yngwie copied Blackmore completely

    Xavier Fux

    His playing was Uli on steroids, not Blackmore

    T B

    Di Meola

  14. Jun Quiaoit

    Yngwie nice to hear your guitar play style again

  15. Louie Gutierrez

    Malmsteen is the king i dont give a fuck what you say....!!!

  16. StrimbuLand (Sri N. Strimbu)


  17. 傍島英男


  18. ochucki 5

    fuck ymgwie here

  19. Christian Lopes

    Quando Yngwie era novo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk magroooo que só ele

  20. NICKSTRONG 1981


  21. 安藤幸治


  22. Ed Berger


  23. le bourreau

    Do you see what money do to your body?

  24. Fedele Anto

    è sempre super Figo come suona e x com è... fantastico


    Out of tune means nothing for Yngwie😎😂

  26. Johansen Nainggolan

    very very Ritchie Blackmore

  27. 1959 SLPmodネオクラシカル

    めっちゃチューニング狂ってもかっこいいと思う! ライブは開き直りも大事だからね 良いギターサウンドだよね

  28. RodBolt

    Is this real?

  29. Yin over Yang

    Has much better tone here than he has later in his career. But he overdoes everything. Every fill, is at least 20 more-or-less meaningless and excessive notes too long. The solo, you can tell he’s not listening to the rest of the band, instead he’s trying to stand on top of them. Even when he’s this young, it’s basically just not really as musical as it could be.

  30. Даниил Матвеев

    Сила твоя в том что ты есть))) ария)))

  31. Diggerdog2nd

    This & his first two solo albums is when I was a huge fan of his. We had never heard anyone play like that before. By 86 although he is still awesome I got tired of it. He showed his entire arsenal very early on. I don't think he ever played better then in the mid 80's

    Jonas Hjerpe

    You are right, but he transformed the art of guitarplaying and took the instrument to an entire different level. When he was 14-15 and lived in Stockholm you could clearly hear what levels he was targeting. The rumour then was amazing, but the guy just practiced endlessly. Such a master. I am proud that he is Swedish like myself.

  32. John Goat

    Young wild attitude
    But best ... The way he does

  33. 2kosher

    Oh my God! So out of tune! Yngvie!

  34. Tony Powell

    Out of tune but still good fun.


    Magic years 🎶👌👏👏👏🤘🍻

  36. katsumi tanaka


  37. Dizzy Nacho

    ...not out of tune. Full of flavor.

    Ross Moriarty

    Absolutely. Raw, imperfect the way its meant to be. But 110% brutal and rocking.

  38. Freddy Lopez

    Young yngwie has no match!!

    YJM Strat

    Freddy Lopez
    Joe Dump is still trying, I'm sure when he's 65 he'll be almost as good.

  39. NINJA Japan


  40. この時21か22ぐらいだろ?

  41. Marky Marco

    I could see before the start it was badly out of tune. But what a tone.

  42. Tony Walker

    Strat whammy’s are notorious for goin outa tune, who cares the soloing is his vibrato.

  43. Jennifer Prentice

    They should have stayed together. Always some of my fav stuff was with Yngwie. Yngwie has had many singers over the years but the tunes with Alcatrazz where just diff and always stand out to me.

  44. Brian Hardiman

    I wonder what kind of pickups Yngwie was using on this


    If i remember correctly HS-2. Double check thought.

  45. Hugo Javier Vargas Mellado

    La música espectacular pero el vocalista es un putito.por eso nadie lo pescó en esa época.hablo por los adolescentes de esa época.q nos cautivaba.motley crue.iron maiden

    Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    But he is better singer than 80% of this list. Even out of tune!

  46. Hugo Javier Vargas Mellado

    El punto es que al vocalista nadie le dijo q los pendejos de esa época buscábamos imagen de roqueros y no de mariposa.

  47. Juha Karasti

    Bonnet is so therribly out of he mostly are for the concert! Only nice to hear his voice in records...

  48. くずはらこうじ




  49. cheeba_team

    Malmsteen is so cheesy.....Spinal Tap much


    The difference is Yngwie can really play, and at a high level.

    Dafyd Maddz

    Spinal Tap was unoriginal bullshit to begin with. They got the idea from the UK comedy skit 'Bad News' written by the late great Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson. Also, what's so bad about Yngwie's stage antics? Dude is entertaining as F*** onstage. A rock show needs to rock, after all. Guy gets too much negative criticism.

  50. William Larkin

    Yes, even outta tune it sounds good.

  51. metalmaster7777777


  52. felix o gaitero

    lol he pretends like he's going to tune it but then he doesn't

    felix o gaitero

    and proceeds to use the synchronized tuning fucker

  53. oscar leal

    It was clear that Yngwie was too heavy , wild and good to be in that band.... The rest is history


    First couple of albums were great. With Bonnet in his prime vocal wise they pair good

  54. Jeremy Stillwell

    Lol out of tune a bit

  55. Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Definitely would have been a better recording if Yngie knew how to tune his freaking guitar.

    Jonas Hjerpe

    In this case I don't think he bothered. He has great pitch and usually re-tunes with tremendous exactness in the middle of songs. You can also tell that it sounds a lot better than it should given how out of tune his guitar is. He adjust as he plays along, which suggest to me that he somehow did this just to challenge himself. Normally his tuning is perfect.

    Sashin Gopaul

    Barney Fike Strats don’t have the best tuning stability (especially given Yngwie’s aggressive playing style).

    RoCk_ It

    also this was the spare guitar. you dont know how fresh the strings are. maybe he tried to tune, but it always went out of tune after 2 bars and then he decited just to go with it

  56. Siggi Maaz

    But his guitar is so shity out of tune

    William Larkin

    yeah but it's only Rock an' roll. lol

  57. rodzuan zakaria

    Sick & tired with that man with his Strat..I stick around here just for Graham Bonnet..No doubt!

    leo souza

    LOL, you're being sarcastic, right???

    Thomas Malone

    Some of his best work

    Thomas Malone

    It kept him humble

    johan johan

    Butoh ko

    rodzuan zakaria

    @johan johan Butoh mu jua!

  58. ぼねっとぐらはむ


  59. xsited1

    Even out of tune it sounds great.

    David Jones

    Bonnet looks like David Bowie but he seems like Rob halford

    Ben Craig

    @Evan Davidson Since his fretboard is scalloped he has a bit extra room to work with. He can simply press harder into the fret to gain a lot of frequency if he desires. Since his tuning is flat, this is very helpful to him. Remember hes a 6'3 viking with large strong hands as well. With his well developed ear and control over the wammy bar and bends, he can really minimize the tuning impediment.

    Evan Davidson

    @Ben Craig that's a crazy thought that he's tuning on the fly by pressing harder on the flat strings.. that sounds like way too much especially during shred parts.......but I guess it's possible during chording......graham wasn't too in tune though either on this a great band though!!

    Nicholas Totoro

    I think Yngwie is using the bar a lot in the tune, too, to hope the strings go back in tune LOL!

    If you listen to this recording in-context, Yngwie was out-of-tune before the song started and was tuning up between songs. That was actually left in the recording. Guess it was never right LOL!

    Dafyd Maddz

    Damn Strat bridges. But he made it work throughout the song though, sounds good regardless I agree. That's how you recognise a true pro, I'd say. Take the bad and make it good. He styled it out well for sure.

  60. Paul Blackburn

    WTF! He never did get the guitar in tune. I've never heard his vibrato sound this bad either. Funny b/c these live Alcatrazz recordings are usually amazing.


    He's trying to make things sound in-tune with the vibrato/bending, so you can't really make it feel/sound natural in that circumstance... he should have just spent an extra 20 seconds tuning his guitar instead.

    Jonas Hjerpe

    @AJD OLD CHANNEL ARCHIVE I suppose he did this on purpose, to show off or check how good he can make it sound, pace being out of tune.


    @Jonas Hjerpe Nah, probably just a bad on-stage sound so he can't hear his own guitar mix properly, or he's drunk, or he doesn't want to stop/slow down the show to re-tune properly, or a combination of all 3.

    Jonas Hjerpe

    @AJD OLD CHANNEL ARCHIVE Listen to the beginning. He starts to tune the guitar, but drops it although it is clearly out of tune. And he adjust throughout the tune using bends and the whammy bar to play roughly in tune, so he is clearly hearing his guitar. I presume though that he was drunk, but at this point in time that really did not affect his playing. Yngwie is, moreover, bloody fast ad exact when it comes to tuning his start in the middle of songs, even solos. The Yngwie I know would have tuned up the guitar in no time during the verse, but somehow he didn't even try and adjusted with bends etc. He clearly hears the guitar, which is why I presumed he did this intentionally. In fact it is amazing because it should sound way worse considering how out of tune the guitar is. Yngwie had tons of attitude. Wouldn't be surprised if he showed off something in his own weird egoic mind. Amazing anyway.

    Sorry, I don't really mind being wrong and the issue is not important really, but this was nevertheless my humble impression. Cheers,

  61. bukek siansu

    You don't remember, I never forget

  62. vagelis Diamandis

    Maybe he is iconic on an Olympic white or yellow strat..but that black one looks and sounds perfect!!!

    God Guitars Guns and Goats

    he beats on those strats hard,,,I watched all of these vids and he is fighting tuning all night! I ran monitors for him back in 91' at a club in RI and he had a wall of Marshalls, MOST of them were on, just raw tone, ballsy so punchy.

    Jeremy Stillwell

    Lol he's out of tune

  63. Nicholas Totoro

    Different footage than I think I’ve ever seen before. Can’t remember the other clips or even the DVD focusing on Yngwie for the entire solo. Anything to get Graham Bonnet off camera LOL!


    @Nicholas Totoro You've heard a crow with a sore throat?

    Nicholas Totoro


    Thought I did. Turned out to be Graham Bonnet


    @Nicholas Totoro Oh O thought you said you used your ears, not your imagination. My bad.

    Jeremy Stillwell

    Graham made this band

    Sashin Gopaul

    Jeremy Stillwell but then the guitarists became the star

  64. Carlos Romero

    Amazing audio and video quality!

  65. Kagatobi

    Holy smoke. Where did you get this footage? Raw material for the Metallic Live 1984, I suppose?
    Thanks for sharing!

    Davide Pannone

    This is an actual dvd release. And yeah, it's the release you mentioned.


    @Davide Pannone Thanks. I've recently got the DVD! It's even included LPs I don't have the player for anymore, haha.


    kagatobi how s the quality on your hd tv? I don't think it looks great


    @silver I don't know... looks OK to me on my TV. I'm not too concerned about quality anyway

  66. ADR86 Mods

    My Fav song!!! Thanks. . . . . . thanks a lot for sharing.


    Heavy strat sound forever!!!

  68. TheVintage1935

    Awesome thanks from USA!