Alcatrazz - God Blesses Video Lyrics

Let's take a plane and go somewhere exotic
To play with a non-descript song
We'll shoot all the crotch shots for 12 year old hopefuls
To make you a real man my son
Ah real man my son

Some cheap kid from Birmingham
Blessed with an accent
That pours like the darkest brown ale
Just one more puppet, piss elegant marionette
He's just a fast buck for sale
Ah fast buck for sale

Don't you know that God blessed video
We know that God blessed video

Break out the cameras that re-shape my face
And get someone to carve up my hair
If you can't beat them, you might as well join 'em
And be glad to say you were there
Ah say you were there

Don't you know that God blessed video
We know that God blessed video
We know that God blessed video

Don't you know that God blessed video
We know that God blessed video
We know that God blessed video

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Alcatrazz God Blesses Video Comments
  1. Tommy Yaya


  2. roo deejoo

    Great! Thanx! @~

  3. Shanard Smith

    Wow...Steve still had a Jackson....

  4. Caveman

    Awesome band! Not big outside of Japan or the US either! No Parole For Rock N Roll is awesome with Bonnet and Malmsteen, Live Sentence is a forgotten gem of a live album and Disturbing the Peace just ramped up proceedings with Vai. Dangerous Games was not so strong an output with Johnson.

  5. Caveman

    71 tone deaf!

  6. Gary Unsworth

    Totally class, I've loved this song since 85 when it came out, I was 13 years old, why do I not feel like I want to play 'Contra on the Nes' all I want to do is dig it out my vinyl collection and play it! I have it on vinyl this album

    Simon James Young

    Same here


    This was truly the last great era of rock music. Grunge exploded on the scene in 1991 and the songs were all about how much life sucks. The videos had to be equally dark and depressing as well. And rock still hasn't fully recovered.

  7. hplpsworld

    Minecraft brought me here


    link to video.

  8. Soheyl Kootah

    Such a FREAKING fun video :))))

  9. Oto Simpson

    Rock bien ochentero me encanta la mezcla de riffs y sintetizadores.

  10. Diabolik771

    MSG sent me here. He sings great.

  11. dahanks1

    Today, this video would not seem out of place, but back in the 80's, a lead singer with short hair and glasses was a nail in the coffin. The sound was tremendous, but the visual from the lead vocalist killed it. Now to prove my point, put yourself back to the mid 80's and give David Lee Roth short hair and glasses. See my point?

  12. Grandmastergav86

    Just an absolute blast.

  13. Βασιλης Καραμπαλιος

    Worst song ever


    go home then

  14. LutionStackridge

    Who is the guy at the beginning of the video? I forgot his name.

  15. Paul Simmons

    Arie Ribbens on drums...

  16. Alfonsoftware

    Contra stage clear music. LUL

  17. Ge Deck

    2:25 Zach Galifianakis from "the hangover" lol

  18. Bartosz Żulewski

    <3 V ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;DDDDDD

  19. robonez

    Kickass song! \m/

  20. Carlos Valverde

    Tapping at his maximum point ❤

  21. Slayer Jim

    When I first heard this song it was the radio while I was in a high speed boat chase....In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  22. Quick Attack

    When I finally beat a level in Contra

  23. Filipe Franco Afonso

    Wow! I thought Steve Vai played only in the David Lee Roth's song. When I used to play GTA Vice City I didn't know Vai, Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, etc.

  24. Sébastien Dufresne

    2:26 Zach Galifianakis with the chainsaw!

  25. Gabriel Madrid

    thanks gta

  26. DethOfDrgnz

    I bought a vhs of Kerrang Metal Monsters. It's the first time I ever heard of this band and I thought it sucked and was the worst song and video on the VHS. I think it still sucks now hopefully this was just a bad song/video and all their material was not this awful.

  27. Edison Mustaine Thrash 666

    V rock
    Grand Theft Auto Vice City
    Anymore play this game
    Or 2019

  28. Motor Man

    This would make me go to church more

  29. Edoardo7Eddie Big . Check my tribute :- )

  30. Weltmeister

    Vice city hotring event

  31. Jane Lane

    Steve Vai knows how awesome he is...

  32. Erik Tempelman

    Great song. Say, hell of s song, really!

  33. Gustavo Ayrton Bitocchi

    You ain't seen nothing yet hahaha!

  34. The Red Comet

    Grahm Bonnet = POWER HOUSE METAL VOCALS. For a guy who looks like he should be singing in a pop band, he did Metal/Hard Rock justice. Awesome range, awesome power also (interestingly) cool style

  35. Dtt159

    Best song

  36. Taranza the Spider Archive

    For years, I thought he was saying "cover my head" at 2:25.

  37. Brittney Wilder

    God blessed Vai

  38. woreyour woreyoure

    well it has been said but that contra music is so prevalent you cant miss it

  39. HIDE S.


  40. Nemanja Pavlovic

    This is only for little children to listen

  41. Starblaster77

    love this song!

  42. Iván Carrizales

    Man, it was a delight watching and listening to this video, so fun...

  43. Sam Quentin

    Great song, terrible video

  44. Cymbaline713

    "My X-100Bs Scream"

  45. Cardiacs

    Yngwie is so hitting on this, the rest is okay but he did add flavor to this song.

  46. Gabriel Coan

    Contra anyone?

  47. Will Bretsen

    i got a first air ad during the storm at the start

  48. Mark Cain

    This is not Metal. Put on track 1 of Screaming for Vengeance for 1982 real Metal, not this pop Bull Shit.

  49. Gustavo Ayrton Bitocchi

    2:00 bruce dickinson? Xd

  50. RustColoredTampon 69

    God bless cocaine

  51. Ramon S


  52. GoodOleUltraviolence


  53. Barb Wire

    The whole thing with the devil and angel guy is really fucking lame, otherwise cool video. Vai's huge wall of Carvin amps is awesome.

  54. Daniel Lehman

    Thank you razorfist

  55. Loren Sanders

    Every time I see this I remember....

    Yngwie walked out on the band, then laughed when Bonnet said they'd go on without him, and bragged "Ha! How could they possibly replace me?"

    Then this video came out, and guitar players all over the world laughed and laughed just imagining the look on Malmsteen's face listening to Steve Vai play. It's STILL funny!


    Loren Sanders Malsteem is lord!!


    MALMSTEEN > vai

    Fire and Ice

    Alcatrazz songs with Yngwie are way better.


    Yngwie was the one that suggested Vai to join the band. Cool story though

  56. Sony Co

    God bless Vice City!!!

  57. Super Zombie

    wonder if vai might ever do a Alcatraz reunion....

  58. Chris Ayres

    Steve Vai very very young

  59. umpy Goodness


  60. Bernardo Casarin


  61. Lotus Feet

    Que solo de guitarra mais fodástico...belíssimo...

  62. Benoit Vanhees

    One more reason to become atheist :))

  63. Ari Ketola

    How some people thinks this is Metal.

  64. Thomas

    Bonnett's got the best pipes in the business since Rob Halford.

  65. Thomas Simonsen

    which god?

  66. vumkim lim

    No Parole from Rock 'n' Roll = Yngwie's Album
    Disturbing the Peace = Steve Vai's Album

    David Ferrara

    Very true

  67. Eric Nijssen

    Is that Arie Ribbens on drums? ;)

  68. kronoskalifa

    Mierda, estaba buscando temas random de gta y me encuentro con uno de los mejores

  69. bornbrit777

    How about some love for Fraiser Smith

    judge Dredd 650

    bornbrit777 yeah, he was way underrated.

  70. Scott Kuester

    This isn't bad, but the concert video from this tour is fucking EPIC.

  71. Deana Bobina

    I have a song book of Steve. He said he stole the masters and hopes to re-release this. This is 1 of my all time fave albums

    Dumpy Goodness

    YES! I'm a huge musicologist and know zillions of bands none of my friends ever heard of... and this is one of the ONLY Vai records I like (Flexible is also great).... and it's a totally UNIQUE Pop Metal album. Sounds like no other album ever, which is pretty remarkable.

    And such STRONG tunes!!!

    It angers me that this album is still unknown.

  72. Karev Ayrthon

    gta vice city :D


    classic..... i listen this song in vice city mainland back in the 2004 :)


    Gta vice vity es lo mejor

  73. Zluyto

    I'll be at Ricardo Diaz's mansion on Starfish Island if anyone needs me.


    So you are the men with the big cojones?

    Alejandro Guevara

    Vercetti estate*

  74. Steve Mandl

    discovered this video and group on classic mtv,not too shabby

    Cristian Solares

    Steve Mandl New mtv isn't even doing what it stands for!

    Steve Mandl

    that's true,too.theyre not

    Cristian Solares

    Steve Mandl You were born in a lucky generation, this gen crappy music make cents but no sense.

  75. richard windrose

    Fun. God bless ya

  76. Ryan Dude

    he may not have long hair but his voice is amazing


    He was called the James Dean of Rock

  77. Magic Mike

    graham bonnet is a very underrated singer.

    Cleverduck Studio

    I'd like to see you play guitar better than Vai. Oh wait you're just an angry troll who probably doesn't even know how to play a simple scale or a chord.


    Slime Shady EXACTLY! !!!!!

  78. Nate

    up, up, down, down,left, right, left, right, B, A, Start.............YES! it worked..

  79. Don Kiddick

    shite video for a great song..................................................

    New Ingvaeona

    Don Kiddick its classic 80s cheese

  80. BanditOfBandwidth

    I can't get enough of this song

  81. Trigger Shot

    The best song of Vice City Vrock xD

  82. Mike Thaxton

    Still incredible ! Bonnets vocals , Vai's guitar ! They don't make great music like this anymore !

  83. Music Power

    Why do I have the sudden urge to play Contra on the NES?

    allen harper

    Same lol. Can definitely see where konami got the inspiration for their end of level ditty.

    Prisoner Zero

    +Various Topics I've been studying Yingwie and Gen Axe and I've been hearing the basement music from Zelda and also the soundtrack from Castlevania. Great stuff!!

    Michael Williams

    The beginning part definitely sounds like stage clear from Contra!

    Daimon Watkins

    I play Yngwie's Alchemy album while playing the Original DOOM I save this for stuff like Contra

  84. Nostradamus Daley

    Got this vinyl album for $1 somewhere-what a deal!

    Mike Thaxton

    +Nostradamus Daley Got the cassette when this came out ! In fact I still have the same one but I have the cd now ! Had'nt heard anything about them but I saw the cassette in new releases and I said what the heck ill buy and 30+ years later its still my greatest buy on a whim I ever did ! when I bought it I turned 50 of my friends into huge fans of theirs !

    Adam Niccum

    Mike Thaxton the band is sadly not around anymore


    Adam Niccum Graham Bonnet Band

    Darryl Scotty Spivey

    Nostradamus Daley same here. But in Japan it was a great find

  85. Richie Montalvo

    God Blessed the Video Star

  86. Encarta98

    This song isn't long enough.

  87. 付悄然

    steve vai youth years ~~

    Mike Thaxton

    +傅悄然 His best years

    Prisoner Zero

    +傅悄然 Youth Years???

    Mike Thaxton

    @Wardell Brown​ He was at his best in Alcatrazz and i have no idea why my computer is doing that !!

    Prisoner Zero

    +Mike Thaxton
    His first solo album, Flex-able was not as Poppy as Alcatrazz and Frankly speaking, quite awesome. From jamming with Zappa until I saw Generation Axe just over a week ago, I've yet to hear him play anything badly, including the David Lee Roth Band and White Snake which were also Poppy or should I say Strictly Commercial! I think his best stuff are his Solo Albums where he has sole control and not under the pressure of an arrogant producer or the current trend of Pop Music.
    The Live concert video "Where the Wild Thing go" is simply an awesome group of players that are not tied to an MTV format or how many records do I need to sell. Wide open Reckless Abandon, Real Music.

    Mike Thaxton

    @Wardell Brown Naw for me its Alcatrazz period ! 

  88. SuperDuper Nick

    Vice City's Hyman Stadium race track!


    +SuperDuper Nick Do the godfather trophy first!

    Matt Willis

    +DerKleineKastenYT on ps2 I got 100% and maxed out my cash using the tank/police mission.....twice. I used to could get all the hidden packages without a map. That used to be my life lol


    "Hymen Memorial Stadium". That's such a dirty joke XD

    Jane Lane

    flying the plane and dropping the flyers misson..

    Carol Santos

    Jane Lane
    Porn Studio Mission 😈

  89. Music Power

    These guys kick ass!

  90. Natendowii

    God Blessed Video.
    Steve Vai blessed the Guitar.
    Graham Bonnet blessed the Mic.
    By God, this song is AWESOME.

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Natendowii Gary Shea and Jimmy Waldo blessed bass and keys.

    Dumpy Goodness

    @Obi-Wan Kenobi the ENTIRE ALBUM is great.

    unique pop metal!

    The Batman

    I've had it stuck in my head since 1985, dude.


    Incredible singer & guitarist ....i love this album

  92. Aarcturus Majoris

    Dafuq?? acabo de ver a Steve Vai ahí y el otro parecia MAB, genial, casi me da un infarto..!!

  93. Jyotis Espy Feline

    I just have to have Alcatrazz (especially God Blessed Video) every time I'm about to face a gym leader or elite 4 - for me, nothing better than Metal & Pokemon.
    Love the Solo's!! especially when I'm about to encounter dragons.

  94. Haris Fotopoulos

    The drummer looks like Jeff Lynne!

  95. Bazowat

    The intro sounds like the theme in Contra


    @Bazowat the one which plays after clearing a stage.


    Ha ha I always thought that too, clear stage.