Alcatrazz - Big Foot Lyrics

Lonely giant you walk alone
You the ice man coming from the cold
Himalayan Mountains are your home

Long lost brother look at my face
Through the ions, you hide and I wait
Himalayan Mountains are your home
Himalayan Mountains are your home

Mountain, trapped in the snow
Warm your blood runs
Come in from the cold
Himalayan Mountains are your home...

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Alcatrazz Big Foot Comments
  1. Slyjuan Reviews

    Esto está durísimo.

  2. Sean The Dude

    Why does he call out Yngwie at 3:29

    Hayrullah Kılıç

    because he didn't play rythm and making some show :D

    Dafyd Maddz

    They're like an old married couple him and Bonnet 😂 I love it, their stage antics are entertaining as hell.

  3. 7 7


  4. Miodrag Simunovic

    This was the best of Yngwie. He couldnt be stopped. Ruled the stage eager to show all of his pyrotechnic.

  5. Sunep Lkr

    The riff 🔥

  6. ADR86 Mods

    OMG, w/headphones is F'in Incredible. YJM Rules!!! His tone is Killer with R/W board (sick) He is so TASTY. Thank you for posting

    YngwieStrat Shredder

    Is that the pedal board he's using with the intro riff? Do you know exactly what it's called? By which company?


    @YngwieStrat Shredder Taurus is the name of the company

    YngwieStrat Shredder

    @Jarek thank you!!! Moog Taurus Base Synthesizer board!!! Discontinued in 1980