Albert Hammond - Rebecca Lyrics

Get you, brushing your hair with the wind
Riding your bike up on Mulholland Drive
Oh, I got a five-minute rush from you in your faded blue jeans
How many years is it you've been alive?
Oh, I'll take a guess, Rebecca, could it be eighteen, nineteen or so?
Ooh, Rebecca, will I ever know?

No way, where would I fit in your life?
What would you do with a man without change
Too strange and too poor to be trusted, rusted a couple of times
Shaken a bit by the years on the road
And the women I've known? Rebecca, you'd have liked the name I gave to you
Ooh, Rebecca, if you only knew

Go home
To your father's friends
Straight sons
To your mother's friends
Sweet ones
To those families
Well-to-do and so well-established
And one day you might wake up to a shock, girl

What has it come to this sensible life
The wife of a fool? Rebecca, reading magazines in a chic salon
Ooh, Rebecca, where's Rebecca gone?

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Albert Hammond Rebecca Comments
  1. Robert Rohwer

    I prefer Flo & Eddie's version on "Illegal, Immoral and Fattening." But kudos to Hammond for writing one of my favorite songs.

  2. Rebecca Cucumber

    my name is jeff

  3. Rebecca Jutzi

    I love this song😂

  4. Saul31

    So many beautiful Rebeccas here in the comment section. Greetings to all of you! 😎

  5. Rebeca Salinas

    Is my song...🎶💞👜👠👙

  6. Rebecca Tutorials

    Hi Rebeccas 😂

  7. Rebecca Tutorials

    Hi Rebeccas 😂

  8. Rebecca Tutorials

    My name is Rebecca 😘

  9. jazirina

    *When your name is Rebekka and not Rebecca and realize that there's no one else than you here that doesn't have k's in their name*

    Rebekka Rapp


  10. Rebecca Costa

    Relaxing 😂

  11. edward french

    Maybe its Biblical

  12. Rebecca Decanter

    Hahhahaa i m Rebecca ! 😂😂😂Hello Rebeccas ! 😂😂😂😘

  13. Eric Alvaro

    My interpretation about the lyrics: The song describes an encounter, between a young woman, from a rich family, with an older poor man (probably in his early 30s or something like). And a certain romance that has emerged between them.

    The girl (whom he calls Rebeca, although this doesn't seem to be her real name - which may indicate that they had just met) apparently tries to convince the guy to be a part of her life.

    The man, however, feels that he will never be accepted by her family and friends, who will never trust him, that he will never fit into her life and into the world from which she came. He tells her to go home, go to the friends of her father and mother, to her well-off family.

    That, in case she goes with him, she might regret it one day and wonder what happened into that sensible life of her, where she would be reading magazines in a chic salon.

    The song ends with "Rebecca" abruptly walking away, and with the man wondering "Where's Rebecca gone?"

  14. classicist

    I'm in love with someone named Rebecca :)

  15. Hex Har

    In Japan summer of 1976, this is the only song I listened every day, day in, day out

    Eric Alvaro

    What a life!

  16. Rebecca Bailey

    And I was only searching songs with my name in it for the fun of it 😂

    Rebecca's randomness

    Same ahah

  17. Bekah Boo

    I'm 19..cries

  18. Applejack Becca

    I'm pretty sure everyone here is named Rebecca

    Becky The chipmunk

    Applejack Becca yup

  19. Rebeca Salinas

    Im Rebeca...from Chile....🐶


    it looks like a lovely country

  20. Julia Silva

    i'can Sorry Apple friends nos pois hi Rebecca

  21. carlos diaz

    albert you are the best,,,,,,best wishes from salinas asturias,,,forty years is nothing,,love you my man

  22. Jamie

    I used to hate my name but this is pretty good tbh :)

  23. Walter Mwambazi

    I love this song! Brings such great memories of my childhood in the 70s. Beautiful.

  24. Francis Sali

    My name is...Rebeca Salinas...

  25. HyoSik Jeong

    Where's Rebecca gone?
    So long!

  26. Rebeca Romero


  27. Becca Critchley

    💝💙💝💙 love this song

  28. Rebecca


  29. antonio Avellani


  30. steveasat2

    I was prepared to say that, although inferior to Flo & Eddie's version, this one was respectable...until "chick salon".  Jeez, did everyone in the studio that day just decide to have a laugh and let him pronounce it that way?  It it a regional thing, like how New Yorkers say "nitch" for niche?

    Richard Taylor

    I will try to offer a bare benefit of the doubt and assume he sang chick's salon and the video creators were as dumbfounded by it as everyone else was. Unless they actually pronounce it that way where he comes from.

    Richard Mark Williams

    Is it a regional thing to say 'It it' instead of 'ls it' which is what l presume you meant ??

    Dagmar Nolden

    I guess it means  " chique salon"

  31. Bekah Bryant

    Any other Rebecca's/Rebekah's look like "songs with Rebecca"?


    Bekah Bryant I'm here because it's my name.

    sunny xox

    Rebecca me too😂

  32. Becca James

    That's my name

  33. Rebecca Darling

    Whoa, I'm touched.

  34. Helen Brooks

    Prefer it spelled "Rebekah" and I do love this song :) Thank you for the upload :)

    Beka Smith

    Helen Brooks that's how I spell mine:) to say the least I get my name spelt wrong all the time lol

  35. Lindseyy_Renee

    this was made for xxponygirlxx

  36. beccaluvsmccartney

    Now i know how good it feels to hear yor name in a song!

  37. davidkesslerauthor

    What is a "five minute rush"?

    Pete D

    possibly a feeling of exhilaration that lasted 5 minutes, i like the 'Americanisms' in this song , from 2 English born songwriters!

  38. Jose Luis Montecristo

    Wonderful Albert Hammond's song!!!!

    Albert Hammond - "Legend" (new album with Greatest Hits).

  39. JudgeGTi

    Nice song, interesting lyrics.

  40. bugsinrug

    I have been looking for this song for sooooooooo long! Thanks so much !!
    hugs, Chris

  41. Jeff Foong

    nice name ,nice song.thanks for posting.