Albarn, Damon - The Marvelous Dream Lyrics

Hurricanes spit and tornado
Growl over London today
Brought some God-fire to the state
Beam onto Earth Jerusalem
The spirit it comes upon a mighty wave
Felt some God-fire in its wake

I call to the dance, now the party begun
Alcohol, holiday, drunken bass drum
Levitating youth jump around the May Queen
A time for revival or maybe just a marvelous dream

And the moon rises high, it come call me
The end of the cycle has come again
I am helpless, innate
Awake in the matin next morning
Empty a belly and courting my time on earth
I am helpless advocate

I call to the dance, now the party begun
Alcohol, holiday, drunken bass drum
Oh gander moon [?] spirit side go swap your beds
The looters of your heart will prove that you are not quite dead

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Albarn, Damon The Marvelous Dream Comments
  1. Moon Watch

    lol just hang about outside his house filming. I looked up to see how much to rent a place there, way too out of my price range though.

  2. Michael Park

    Is this where Mortlake once stood?

  3. Gachaboy s a d

    Al contrario has una canción de Gorillaz no de tu canal original

  4. Emma Van Rose

    the people don´t walk for the street

  5. Tony Zomboy

    OMG!!!!! 2D!!!!!!

    Jack Pandalord

    Please don't ruin it


    Please don't ruin it *2

  6. Ijlal Hannan

    I can't help but to shiver in awe and admiration whenever I listen to this song and Damon's voice.

  7. Alan aaa

    This song is so good, damon albarn you are the best :)

  8. April Quinn


  9. Juliss Villordo

    Ojala y el receso termine en este año lo espero con ancias :33 Gorillaz XD \(^_^)/

  10. Jada Gumpert

    I miss the Gorillaz, I still listen to all of them songs everyday too and it makes me really sad when I hit that last song and I think 'there is going to be no more'

    criboy roots

    @Jada Gumpert it is true!! it's coming out in 2015. I am waiting them too !

    Uncle Bubbles

    2017 Double LOL

    Mega Hit

    heyyyyyyy guys

    malt the malt

    There back

    The 2nd Law Of Thermodynamics

    I felt happy reading this. How did you feel when the two newer albums came out? 😁

  11. Nilson's Bleep

    Albarn is a Genius. We haven't even seen the best of him yet.



    Markesh ouYeah

    @assfullofdick ¬¬


    you were right...cause his solo album was the greatest and now The good the bad and the queen album is fantastic too....

  12. Micheal Saiyan

    2D. I have been listening since I was very young. A real showcase with all types of music.

  13. Karol Kolasa

    Nice :)
    Very Very ^^

  14. Kerry Equestrian

    Damon is an insanely talented musician and everything he touches is golden but I don't know whether this rivals Gorillaz, that was the ultimate example of genius


    erm... ever heard of blur? or the good the bad & the queen?

    Kerry Equestrian

    Of course i've heard of Blur, but personally, I think Gorillaz was a million times better. And Blur is not rivalled by this work either.


    the thing with blur is you mustn't underestimate the massive impact they had on british music. fuck that. on music itself. i can still hear blur's unfathomable inspiration echo through most of the newer bands we love from hard-fi to the killers (something they obviously share with the likes of the stone roses, the verve, oasis, suede, pulp, elastica and many many more.) gorillaz will never be as revolutionary as blur ever was. i don't think damon's projects, solo or not, overlap in any way, nor does one eclipse the other. that'd be just stupid - not releasing matching pieces of genius under the same name. having said all this, i maintain my stance on blur outshining the rest.

    karim mekawey

    i just would like to mention that he did not do gorillaz all on his own he had hordes of people helping him from collaborators to producers, other musicians, the same with blur he would come in the studio with a basic song idea and all of the band build it up from there, i love gorillaz and blur and damon very much but i dont think they would be the same if they were the sole effort of damon albarn although i do admit damon albarn is a freaking genius and insanely talented

  15. Ради томсон

    Где я могу найти этот альбом?

  16. ThereMayBeLions

    I approve of this

  17. Vorebjörn

    Agreed XD

  18. TonyStark641

    and gorillaz?

  19. Alex Ramirez

    Bring gorillaz back! Please!

  20. Laura Roque

    Damon <3

  21. Mogens L

    Pure genius.....excellent song and what a voice. I love the voice of Damon Albarn.

  22. Mark Chen

    I would like to listen to a ballad album from Damon Albarn if there were one.

  23. st paul

    in modern rock my eyes can name three (maybe four) so far, him included.. musically spotless


    Nice pfp

  24. VaNSaNT85

    this is the most beautiful song i've heard in years

  25. anna cascioli

    Damon <3

  26. ljiljana djurovic

    magnificent music and a great composer

  27. dimipol006

    Damon Albarn Thank you so much, for so much!

  28. Boe Beck

    one of the world's biggest musicians. we hear you damon.

  29. Blur Fans


  30. Jitka Rychlikova

    incredible...he just feels the same as me and knows how to say it

  31. MsDancer5000

    love it

  32. ho3flg

    Great man.His Music carry weight.

  33. MrHidki

    Damon is a really awesome music creator..We love you and I admire you deeply.

  34. GbrElfunk

    Do you think blur is influenced by joy division?

    Jules Gilmour

    Syd Barrett

    Serial Killa

    GbrElfunk - yeah, I wouldn't say Joy Division.

  35. Roadtrip Warrior

    It is beautiful. But I still wish he would go back to working on the Gorillaz...

  36. Lyn Smith

    It's sublimely beautiful, isn't it? I love it. So perfect.

  37. Jose Raul Montero


  38. Don Llyr

    For anyone who is doubting this album, remember its for the theatre. It has to be musically and conceptually different. This album is actually genius.

  39. Pablo Teruel

    a forest trance................

  40. bloodshake

    So Relaxing.
    Thank You Damon.

  41. Joseph T

    I disagree, its all a matter of taste. Personally I kind of like the sort of drone of the repeated guitar notes which sounds quite mystical with the lyrics and the repeating melody.

  42. maxleresistant

    The Dancing King sounds way better though

  43. maxleresistant

    flat and boooooring. sounds like amateur work.

  44. bloodshake


  45. Francisco Jiménez

    Me gusta y mucho!!!!! ahora sonando en @ElFindelmundo Saludos Rulito !!!!!

  46. Rachel Doll

    I find it ironic that today while I was buying a gorillaz album, the store was playing this song. Lol. I was like whoa, is this Gorillaz? But then I was like wait I think this is just Damon. Haha.

  47. blueheaven

    next step: the opera on DVD! :)

  48. lens2optic

    ill be buying this album on day of release

  49. Javier Pilar

    how people can't understand it? it's not about the visual in the video, the important thing here is the brilliant sound coming out.

  50. panoramican

    too sad, that he wants to end up with Gorrilaz :(

  51. katymaltha

    This was posted on my birthday. I turned thirteen. I dunno it feels significant to me.

  52. indianajonesrocks19

    Same here!

  53. Sarahi Prz

    niCe!! :) wooow!! Damon <3 ur voiCe.

  54. R0adKill

    Can't help it, when ever Damon sing I'll always think of 2-D.

  55. Johnathan Sullivan

    Damon has opened an another door of music.

  56. maja stojakovic


  57. Noam Katzowicz

    Love it! Cant wait for the album....

    Phototaxis band.

  58. Whore Crown

    Such a beautiful masterpiece.

  59. tyknos93

    dont make me cry. that would be magic.

    Jack Pandalord

    only pussies don't cry

  60. salke2

    Most boring video ever?

  61. Bert Riznand

    Albarn bless him

  62. Oliver Frei

    is this in peckham?

  63. Maria del amor Gonzalez


  64. mary hadfad

    clacton version is so much better.

  65. dvn61

    I prefer the original (claxton)with the traditional wind instruments, it had a wonderful feel to it when it kicked into the chorus.

  66. MrHidki

    musical god!!

  67. 100delrojo

    Its amazing, long live Damon, I love you !! xD

  68. A Dream Maker

    Just Perfect..... Damon, thanks for be my Hope every moment that i think this world sucks... i really don't know what i could be if i didn't know you... Circus, blur, gorillaz, the good, the bad and the queen, rocket juice and the moon... And now this .... Just :') Thanks a lot.

  69. macouco

    quite good, if your reading, bring arcade fire to hyde park...i knwow they are not brit but just an idea.......

  70. London Loves

    *smh* Every time. Every bloody time I think "Shit...He's done it again". I feel blessed to have lived in Damon's time. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

  71. TheGorillazHTF

    I f*cking love it!!

  72. Nessa K

    OMG!!! Soooooo georgeous! This man has perfection in his DNA!!!!

  73. engladtur

    God bless the mighty Albarn

  74. Electric Banana


  75. Christopher Sanderson

    Please come to Portland, Oregon, and play your music for us!

  76. Freya Rose


  77. J-F.R


  78. Sonnysidee

    Oh Damon, I do love you

  79. Jeroen Bakker

    Great song!

  80. BoxelderPictus

    good song but I don't like the "chorus" (0:48)

  81. vacuumreality

    i cannot wait to listen to this masterpiece in full. oh, dear damon, may you forever be making such marvelous music.

  82. 235T1NGR4Y23

    Gorgeous. Gonna be playing the hell out of this album once it drops.

  83. Jon_ner

    I seriously love this already.