Albarn, Damon - Sandy The River Demon Lyrics



Zi xiao qian kun ceng you dang
Yu di jia feng juan lian jiang
Shi shou da po yu bo li
Zao bian liu sha dong an shang
Ni gan xing xiong dao wo men
La ru lang zhong duo rou jiang



[English translation:]

Strong from youth, I made a tour around the whole wide world
Then the Jade Emperor promoted me to Curtain-Raising General
By accident I broke a goblet of jade
And was banished to the River of Flowing Sands
Who dares to make a ruckus at my door?
I will grab you in the water and chop you into little pieces!

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Albarn, Damon Sandy The River Demon Comments
  1. T H E B A T H

    What Sandy’s weapon suppose to be?

    Matthew Gg

    A monks bladed spade

  2. TheFVguy

    Sandy, the most underrated out of the trio.

    Mateo Gonzalez

    From what I heard he doesn't do much, but he's at least more solid than pigsy...