Albarn, Damon - Photographs (You Are Taking Now) Lyrics

When the photographs you're taking now are taken down again
When the heavy clouds that hide the sun have gone
The millions of us on the hill from the star to lands end
When photographs you're taking now are taken now press send

This is a precious opportunity beware of the photographs you are taking now

We are flying over black sands
In a glass aeroplane
Crashing in slow motion in another cityscape game
Where the feeling is supernatural
Like passing into other worlds
The ending dissolution when the mother ship, it explodes


We were walking like zombies on over
To the church of John Coltrane
8 hours on a bus from sunset but freedom taking cocaine
In the patent courts of nature
All is but a vanity
And the metronome that defeats you
Is the monochrome that you see


This is a precious opportunity beware of the photographs you are taking now

Photographs you are taking now
Photographs you are taking now

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Albarn, Damon Photographs (You Are Taking Now) Comments
  1. Chezz Block

    I can always get a good cry listening to him



  3. suhoshinepop

    "we are flying over black sands
    in a glass aeroplane,
    crashing in slow motion in another cityscape game" great line, hes like painting with words

  4. Robert Landree

    this guy continues to impress me over and over again. amazing song

  5. Diane Barbosa

    Nao swi pq as faixas de Everyday robors me faz chorar

  6. Pantôrra

    Melancolia INTENSIFIES

  7. DLGRSongoku128

    this is the same guy as 2d? How..?


    DLGRSongoku128 he is the creator of Gorillaz and makes all their music while singing as 2d


    Damon Albarn: Gorillaz, Blur, TGTBTQ, cooperations

  8. Meltem D.

    God bless you, Damon. Cheers!

  9. matteo.parzanese

    vevey images 2016

  10. KaryBlueSpirit

    my favorite song of Everyday Robots :D

    Lucas Dodson

    have you listened to you and me thats my fav song from everyday robots

  11. Cam Valadez

    no dislikes... wow. Deserves more likes though.


    +Cam Valadez How could someone dislike something they search for... I hate this world.


    +AndgaChannel haha great point!

    Cam Valadez

    idk, man. I never dislike anything by damon.

    Alexx Wretched

    2 dislikes, sigh...

  12. misterX1964

    He's singing about San Francisco..... and yes, that is Timothy Leary.

  13. camila-AM

    how did you made that video? 
    Wich program did you use to make it?

  14. Lady of Fyre

    He always seems so sad ._.

    Vicious Zero

    Well he is a heartbroken romantic, the man uses it to fuel his creativity though!


    But Mr. Tembo is a very Happy Song

    Karl Gerg

    Denveer Patrolio I dont like Blur very much, i think this more mature melancholy is more representative of him.

    Alex Geovanny aGaB

    you have watched give a concert in Gorillaz when He has a show. He is a funny person in each show. He likes this kind of music but I dont believe that He is a sad man. He likes the melancholics songs but He has music like as: dare, sleeping powder, m1a1 and anothers.

    Francisco Rezende

    He looks intense!

  15. Confessions of an English Lopium Eater

    The spoken voice sounds alot like Timothy Leary...or am I just trippin' again.

  16. Tristan Inge

    This artist is amazing. I wish his music career the best of luck.

    jess 12372

    I guess you don't know who is Damon Albarn haha


    He already has a well established music career lol.


    +ToozeyXD Hey, we all need luck, right?


    +Tristan Inge He's already quite famous! Damon is the singer for the hit bands Gorillaz and Blur; he's in a smaller band called The Good, The Bad & The Queen; he's making film soundtracks with other popular artists; he's ventured into the word of opera, and he's even been appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2016 New Honours for services to music. I'm definitely a fan.

  17. StupidDontBe

    probably the best song on the album.

    Dewi Hughes

    This and the selfish giant;-)

  18. Im Kai

    I love this song... I heard it Pandora on a Kid Cudi radio and had to screenshot... I wish you the best of luck to your music (:

    Demián Hernández

    @Im Kai Man, don't you know who's Damon right? hahaha

    Liam Jarman

    @Edgar hernandez gonzalez Nah m8 Damon has never been in a band or anything, this is TOTALLY his first album

    Demián Hernández

    Sorry man, i can't detect the sarcasm by a comment on youtube :B

    Liam Jarman

    @Edgar hernandez gonzalez I will admit it can be quiet difficult 


    I find the verses better than the chorus. Anybody else agree?


    @Stan Marsh Me too.


    +JOY RIDE i think both are good


    JOY RIDE That kick drum.