Albarn, Damon - O Spirit, Animate Us Lyrics

Oh Father, we who have become Hallowed by the night
Our demons die
Father, give your spirit, animate us

Oh Father, oh Father, let us not be tied
Keep my spirit strong
My heart devotion to you
Oh, my day is in you, oh, my day

Leave me gently on
Give us something of a righteous revival
It's all I'm in the kingdom, revival

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Albarn, Damon O Spirit, Animate Us Comments
  1. Geor Geo

    The. Plastic. Beach. Underwater. Teaser.

    Mushroom Lad

    Tree Of Beauty also has this same melody. The track played in the underwater rotate teaser is called Sea Of Beauty.

  2. Niki Trash rock my world.

  3. Victor Melloni

    This soundtrack takes me to different planes.

  4. Damian Villanueva


  5. Jack Westrop