Albarn, Damon - O Mi To Fu Lyrics


O mi to fu [repeats]


阿弥陀佛 [repeats]

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Albarn, Damon O Mi To Fu Comments
  1. Eugene Ax

    Where did you find these versions? Sounds great.

  2. POTATAO Man

    You sound like Skip the use lead singer!

  3. Kirby xD

    Gracias a él, aprendí a relajarme con un cafe, unas galletas y una tarde fría :3

  4. Idonthaveaname

    **When you randomly click on a random video your friend sent you and then you hear 2D’s voice**

  5. Anto Anto

    Hostiles will be in my heart Forever

  6. Anto Anto

    Es un ángel cantándome al oído 💖💖💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Dentz X

    This collection got me through last year in college. Wasn't in my major yet, only in general education classes to get them out of the way so I socialized with *no one* so I popped this on when I walked around. ❤️

  8. Vegan NOW

    Thank you so much. I can't stop listening to this.❤

  9. Mikelango Gaming

    This is what keeps me going

  10. BlipBeat

    Great songs, Great song writer.

  11. the Last Breath

    Damon te amo we

  12. Ben

    32:21 best song

  13. Noah Connor


  14. the Last Breath

    Damon......te amo we :'v

  15. Olia Naum


  16. Antonio Jesus

    Magic Albarn! Thanks for compiling these tracks. Awesome.

  17. Ryan

    beautiful music, but why does he have to shit on the stairs?

  18. Luiz Henrique Franco

    Better Download in here

  19. Luiz Henrique Franco

    Can you put the album in the google drive or somethin, this mediafire is terrible

  20. Gustavo Videla

    Esto es música para el oido, excelente música ....

  21. Ben

    Photographs.... Truly a masterpiece.

  22. b de jong

    the good , the bad ,the legendary!

  23. C H

    Is this a proper album? I want to buy it.

    b de jong

    should we try discogs? not on official site spotted ;)

  24. Jay Lucino

    Wait.. wait wait wait... is his ass showing?

  25. Arya Yudha

    100% BIBLICAL

  26. Didier Vidry

    Alors,il paraît que tu veux réformer skrewdriver ?

  27. Shawn Ballard

    This is my all time favorite music collection. I have listened to this hundreds of times.

  28. blue hacker

    is damon sitting with naked ass on those cold stairs?

    damon albarn

    yep...and with his poor little naked balls too ;-)

  29. Kon Red

    Actually Caravan melts my heart

  30. Kon Red

    Replay, replay, replay.
    I can do this all day.

  31. Simon Andrew

    Great inspiration!

  32. Alejandra Casanova Mina

    Me gusta mucho este disco 😎😍

  33. hector miguel h.r.


  34. silvita colval


  35. ScootaLoodem

    Can we talk about the thumbnail PLEASE. his jeans. what happened to them. Am I seeing things or are they actually slid down?


    I cannot unsee that now, hope you're proud of what you've done.


    @Braihoi if I can't be happy no one else can

  36. Valéria Felix

    Amo demais Damon ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Harley Guo

    Great compilation, thank you! Would be even better if the souk eyes acoustic version can be added to the collection

  38. writtencasey b

    Love the title. Shared with a Hermann Hesse fairy tale.
    Dig this much.
    Terracotta Heart. Uh huh. Dexterous.

  39. TheFucking Ramy

    Gracias Damon!!!!!!!

  40. Jules Maregiano

    Crystalised cover is cool!

  41. henoryry

    This is a Low is breathtaking. My favorite song ever. I do prefer the blur version but I love this new acoustic take on it with the string section and everything

  42. Thaissa Araújo

    Damon is perfect! <3

  43. hish

    Am I seeing it correct? His trousers are so low, half of his underwear is out? o_O

  44. Thomas Nesquee

    subilo a mega porfavor
    no puedo descargar

  45. Uber Virsacii

    Im very surprised that a majority of gorillaz/albarn fans are female i really only know one male that cares and he's an edgelord


    There's loads of male fans of Damon's music. I'm in my mid fifties and he's just about my favourite artist.

    Uber Virsacii

    @jimblob44 i know i was just talking out of personal experience

  46. Merli Barraza

    I'm always crying bc of hostiles and heavy seas of love fck

    tell-me a-story

    'im crying because of hostiles and heavy seas of love fuck' Really, this is poetry!

  47. karine flourens

    c génial !

  48. Lia Watt

    this is my all-time favorite album. The music is so beautiful and I just get lost in it, I love this!

  49. waxlez

    I didn’t know the song Caravan, it’s gorgeous!


    one of my favs

  50. Sigit Sutanto

    52:00 great song to alway in my life thanks damon albarn and blur love you

  51. jemen1709

    This is so amazing. Even in his late 40´s, while still being a heavy smoker he nails the tones  in "This is a Low". Very Bowie-like career. Well done Damon.

  52. ale jandro

    are he shiting in the stair?

  53. ale jandro

    Why his pants barely cover his ass?

  54. katia Guimaraes

    So cute :)

  55. Lissi Kete

    The piano part in the end of the album gives me chills

  56. shaunone

    your mind gets dirty as you get closer to '40' :)

  57. Anna R

    El Manana had me weeping

  58. Luis Chavez

    42:06 simply perfect

  59. Couston G.

    the Albarn version of Crystallized at 23'', is it really a thing? Either way, I'm lovin' it!

    Pascal Haas

    yes it is, it's a cover. Look it up it's amazing!!

  60. dulce rodriguez

    Damon Albarn, un Genio musical, un gran vocalista, un gran musico, y un gran ser humano!!! Mi mayor Idolo!!

  61. Lea Teuteu


  62. Marisa Obregon

    Muchas GRACIAS

  63. inkcap 100

    Your my medicine when you're close to me.

  64. Elitthi Talenh

    2019 maybe...
    I really love you ...bout.
    From the deepest ourt heart

  65. Fog Walking

    Wow, what a great compilation. Where are these songs form...are they pusblished somewhere?

  66. Lindsey Churchill

    Thank You : )

  67. Tallow Hyde

    you can find this at other places on the net with no limitations to the download and also complete...thanks muchly for this tho

    Pure Competizione

    All the Think Tank songs, End of a Century and an acoustic version of tender are on Spotify in the special edition of Think Tank, plus a bunch of bonus tracks.

  68. Ariel Molina

    Tssss, when i'm lonely i press play to improve...

  69. The Blue J

    50:53 Not gonna lie, Damon's fucking adorable with his spoonerism there. "Cin Tans"

  70. ThunderCat4Eva

    I think his music is better outside of the Gorillaz

  71. Fatima Tellez

    Siento mi cuerpo estar sobre el agua, hundiéndose en la depresión por tan hermosa música, aquella que te hace pensar tantas cosas, que tu ni siquiera sabias que seguían ahí.

  72. Ulyana Tim

    Cant stop listening!

  73. Love Antenna 01

    I always wondered who sung Crystalised, The XX Cover and now I just love the song even more

  74. Nagual Designs

    There are some issues with the download links. Tracks 2, 4, 13, and 14 were denied (maybe because they're Blur songs) to me, and I couldn't get the download link to generate for tracks 6, 7, and 9. Thanks for the link and video anyways!

  75. daniel godwin

    This album warms my soul 🔥


    daniel godwin your profile picture warms my soul😌

    daniel godwin

    @Damps glad to be of service 😘

  76. SeventeenMidgets

    what? no acoustic song no 2? lol..

    NocturnalState OfMind

    Don`t complain

  77. SeventeenMidgets

    Shit keep those corny ass commercial producers and TV producers away from that rendition of Melancholy Hill.

  78. bitch boy

    damons bare ass is on those steps?

  79. elbeto191291

    This is an awesome compilation. Perfect for studying and forgetting you were studying in the first place.

  80. Renato Figueroa

    When I'm lonely, I listen to this

    J C

    press play

  81. True Blood

    Thank you Mr ALBARN this is a precious gift, every song is an emotion intense and deep😚Love💚

  82. juliansu27

    Muchas gracias

  83. Feel Bad

    He kind of sounds like 2d


    Because 2d voices him. Damon Albarn is a fictional character voiced by 2D in reality

    Melorie Pierce

    Not voiced^ he has a different voicr actor but damon does do the singing part


    I wonder why 🤔

    Risky Bisnu

    @NewYorkForever holy shit you cracked the code

    zoei !

    *This comment has me shaken in my boots, sis*

  84. Noga Harel

    when I'm lonely I press play on this album...

    Uber Virsacii

    Thats why i have damon albarns music on at all times

  85. Liza Marina

    Wonderful compilation, thank you Damon i've loved always your music cause it's so full of energy and passione💞

  86. chester14rw

    7:10 <3<3<3

  87. Gabriel Amaral

    Muito obrigado por essa música. Obrigado pela sua jornada criativa, significa bastante pra mim.

  88. jose emre

    pinche 2D

  89. LelahO

    THANK YOU for this, I have never heard End of a Century acoustic before. ❤️

  90. Jackie Cáceres

    🎧cause you are my medicine when you're close to me.. 💘