Albarn, Damon - Mr. Tembo Lyrics

Injili, Injili
Can I sing with you
'Bout Mr. Tembo and what he's got to do
But first I'm going back
To the Colworth Road
To find the mission
And help him with his load

Mr. Tembo is on his way up the hill
With only this song to tell you how he feels
But to get there he will need a helping hand
It's where he is now but it wasn't what he planned
It's where he is now but it wasn't what he planned

Injili, Injili
We will sing with you
Just like the T.V
In Mr. Tembo's room
Off the emphatic night
He checked in on his own
At Mkombozi Inn and
Made it his home


Injili, Injili
We will sing to you
'Bout Mr. Tembo
And what he's going through
Gets up early
While you are still in bed
Mr. Tembo, green blanket by his head


Hey, you keep those lions off the front of the boat!
Good God, man! Have you some cotton in your ears?!
I'm trying to run this expedition in a decent manner!

Logistics, haulage, golf, bungalows, spires, canals, cows, hay bales
Telegraph wires, pylon power
Farmhouse over chimneys still used
Stone, satellites, football pitches, faded flags and lots of dogs
Neon cross on top of a block of flats, and a church, not as usual


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Albarn, Damon Mr. Tembo Comments
  1. Professor Detective

    This sounds like a missing track from Plastic Beach or something.

  2. Agustina Lopsta

    this is probably my favorite video ever

  3. djg3996

    I heard Mr tempo was hit by a truck. Both the driver and mr tembo were killed.


    It wasn't a total waste though. Because, I heard the skinned and gutted mr. Tembo and fried him up to feed a whole village. If you haven't tried elephant burgers oh, you don't know what you're missing.,

  4. what the frick

    Try at x1.25 speed lmao

  5. Paul Vincent Delos Santos

    The Gorillaz artist

  6. Jos Hl

    Eres genial hermano amor y paz carnal

  7. John ProTV

    I looked at the dislikes, and almost cried.

  8. Malcolm X

    Is this 2D from gorillaz??!

  9. Logan West

    Makes song
    Damon: Almost there
    Choir: Breaths
    Damon: *YES*

  10. 3L 6AT0 3spacial


  11. butterfly skies

    This song just makes me happy

  12. Avery Hutchins

    Damon Albarn what a kool dude!

  13. Nicolás Moreno


  14. Scènso tv

    On, you can find Damon's entire live in HD - when he was in Paris for the release of Everyday Robots <3 <3 <3

  15. Miguel Manzano

    Tembo in guaraní means "dick" so.... Mr. Dick haahha

    Pene Nepe

    Miguel Manzano not funny Bro, wtf, guaraní is a shit

  16. Queen of Pentacles

    With that bass line how can you not have such a great song

  17. Lionel Warin

    👍🏼 Damon,quand tu veux on se boit un kfé 😬

  18. ·innocent sweet little Toki chu ·

    I STARTED TO CRY‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  19. Your car is Laughing at me

    His voice is so pleasant

  20. theme from an imaginary blur

    So cute! Rest in peace Mr. Tembo :'((

  21. Millie Green

    I love Damon so much

  22. nabominable #

    Rip Mr tembo

  23. 27vlog

    En Chile, wena Choro

  24. Jasmine Nadya

    Rest easy there, mr Tembo

  25. Caro Vasquez

    When this song came out, and I heard it on the radio, in the "Injili, Injili" part, not only me, but apparently everyone that heard the song here thought it said "In Chile, In Chile" (I'm from Chile xD). So most of us liked to sing the song like that. When Damon came, he was interviewed in Rock & Pop radio before the show, and the interviewer told him about everyone thinking the song said "In Chile". Damon thought it was funny and then in the concert he sang the song like that ❤️

  26. Alexander Trindade

    The most british song ever lol whos listening in 2019?

  27. Sara Ortega

    Rest in peace Mr. Tembo :((

  28. • soymilk •

    oh my god i dont think anything is supposed to be this pure

  29. 13AntonioG

    Rest In Peace Dear Tembo u.u <3

  30. 2 D

    R.I.P. Mr. Tembo ❤️

  31. Yoyo Z.

    RIP our cute Mr Tembo

  32. Zigzagunz

    Rest in peace Mr Tembo.. 💕💕

  33. Carolyn Grace Marie

    1:01 this shot of Damon I love so much. His smile looks so happy

  34. castorpale11

    RIP Tambo :(

  35. Isaias Razo

    R.I.P Mr Tembo

  36. Mariana Scorpion

    R.I.P. Mr. Tembo:( 💔

  37. Iggy Epoc

    RIP Mr Tembo


    The bass is with a guitar, true???

  39. 2D's blue-ty shorts

    This video is so wholesome omfg I love it sm

  40. Kloe Avacado



  41. Kendal Chicarelli

    Remember how when he sang it to the baby elephant, it literally defecated in response.

    Funny isn't it?

  42. Lucas

    RIP Tembo

  43. Carolyn Grace Marie

    wait a minute!!!! This is adorable and cute!!!! DAMON

  44. Squish Mahatter


    You legend...

  45. Juju Lion

    Rest in peace u little...❤️🐘
    We know u are in a better place now😞 Damon is going to miss u.

  46. nahu f

    We gonna miss you mr tembo..

  47. Gabriela Meza

    RIP Mr. Tembo ♥

  48. alta gila

    RIP mr. Tembo

  49. Matt Dier

    RIP Mr. Tembo

  50. Teresa Trejo

    Adiós Mr. Tembo, te extrañaremos pero nos quedan tus bonitos recuerdos!!

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    Rip Mr Tembo .....

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    Rest in peace, Mr Tembo. :( <3

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    How did he die?

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    I love this song so damn much.

    Rip Mr. Tembo 💕💕

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    Rip Mr Tembo :(

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  82. цитрус в детонаторе

    can't watch it without crying
    RIP mr Tembo, all elephants go to heaven 💔

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    Elephants can live up to 70 years. My main man Mr. Tembo was like 10 months old. Where are people getting the "Rip mr.Tembo" Shit from?

    GrandCTM 25

    Naosu he apparently died of an illness that’s common in elephants


    @GrandCTM 25 :(

    Mr. Fizzles



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    Mr Tembo died today :(

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