Albarn, Damon - Journey To Beijing Lyrics


[Princess Iron Fan:]




再扇三扇 翻转宇宙

[English translation:]

How can you be back so soon?
You impossible monkey!
I will impel you away again with my fan, churning the universe over and over


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Albarn, Damon Journey To Beijing Comments
  1. 发条橙


  2. Mr Saturn and Isaac


  3. Kyla Villanueva

    Why do i love this part 0:30

  4. Vinizor

    Still better than Avatar: the last air bender.....

  5. Just another dead meme

    Has anyone noticed that the animation portrays different sports?

  6. Carina Thöbert

    Jetzt sogar hier 😉

  7. Allistair Twitchell

    That guy with the green skin looks like Ace. Also animated by Jamie hewlett

  8. Carlo Pacheco Cerdas

    This is a nostalgic classic :”)

  9. Alex Smith

    Whos the singer?

  10. releasethekraken

    Desperately wanna know the name of this song

  11. Paddy

    Best BBC olympics advert ever and for me, Beijing Olympics 2008 the greatest in living memory.

  12. Aiping Wei


  13. gyan chauhan

    Monkey king is my favourite character as love and learn from that character one of the best novels in entire world

  14. Ajeet Singh

    So many nostalgic vibes from this. It really takes me back to the time I got my first PC and spent ages browsing YouTube. It is oddly uplifting and emotional at the same time.

  15. Mohammed aljezany

    Name the sing plz

  16. Mohammed aljezany

    The animation movement it just keeps changing

  17. Nnn Nnn

    I feel Avatar vibes <3

  18. AkiraZaoldyeck

    2019, I'm still watching this amazing video

  19. 3m1l10 5uzuk1

    100% of the comments: talking about gorillaz

  20. FoxtochopKun

    Damon Albarn has done everything music related at this point...

    ... except an OST for a videogame...


  21. Teiyus Teki

    Does anyone have the English translation of the lyrics?
    I love everything about this video!!! ^^

  22. Terry Winston

    I need to know what's the name of this gorgeous song!!


    Monkey bee.

  23. the mighty talking salamander

    its been 11 years and i need a translation just as much as 11 years ago

  24. Bill the krill

    Song name?

  25. VictorYong36

    They should have an Anime intro for Tokyo

  26. ulises quesada

    Gorillaz x dragón ball fusión xd

  27. Project Luraz


    What is this

    Damon ... Jamie
    What is this

  28. Grave Jones

    2-D : monkey
    Noodlez: goddess
    Russell: Pig
    Murdoc: fish dude


  29. Taco Ferret

    I really wish there was a longer version of this song

  30. Spyro Fan

    Lyrics I grabbed from Yahoo Answers cause I thought it was weird they aren't here
    悟空恭喜wukong gongxi,
    Congrats, wukong.
    取经来了qujing lailiao,
    time for you to retrieve the sutras( i assume you know the story Journey to the West)
    为了希望荣耀weliao xiwang rongyao,
    for hope and glory
    燃起梦想rangqi mengxiang,
    flares up dreams
    till death parts
    穿越世界毫无阻碍chuanyue shijie haowu zuai,
    reaching all parts of the world with no obstacles
    艰难困苦勇往直前jiannan kunku yongwangzhiqian
    overcome all difficulties courageously
    冲破恐惧chongpo kongju
    conquer fears
    to chase (dreams)

    为了希望与荣耀weiliao xiwang yu rongyao。
    for hopes and dreams

    璀璨绚丽的梦想cuicanxuanli de mengxiang
    colorful dreams
    把灵魂融为一体ba linghun rongwei yiti。
    unites all spirits

    为了希望weiliao xiwang
    for hopes x3

  31. Elisabete Cristina

    I hate pigs and monkeys, sorry!

  32. aguante la depresion xdxd :u


  33. Jose Bulboa

    1:27 that you?

  34. Rey :P

    Saw the nose in the thumbnail and clicked knowing it was Jamie.

  35. happy face


  36. Stylo Mochi

    El mejor vídeo con el mejor animador del mundo !!!🐲🐒❤🤘

  37. Mostly Welsh

    This is just making me wish for an animated version of A Journey to the West

  38. •WEMER•

    Gorillaz? :v

  39. Chr1sTh0

    When: it gets to 00:30 it actually sounds like somthing that gorillaz would make

  40. ITZMarz

    I remember having this in my reccomended alot and after hearing and seeing gorrilaz i was like "Wait, the artstyle looks the same." And this was unexpectedly awesome!

  41. el mapache espacial

    0:15 : 2D
    0:30 :Noodle
    0:59 :Russel
    1:27 :Murdoc

  42. Anonymous Mouse

    Can Jamie do any harm?

  43. Eve Marie Post

    I love this animation style

  44. el mapache espacial

    Gracias jamie ♡♡♡

  45. Lou Reid

    is there any longer version of this cartoon? does anyone know? thanks

  46. Ava Ungaro


  47. rabies Ventriloquist

    I love Jamie Hewlett’s art style and animation style it’s really cool

  48. Matrixie Kitty

    Freaking Journey to the West animated by Damon Albert and Jamie Hewlett!! The fact that this exists just makes me incredible happy!!

  49. Wawrzyniec Kurczewski

    very cool gorillaz music video

  50. Knuckles

    Absolutely amazing !

  51. Fried Snow

    Damn it jamie youre God in disguise

  52. smerg flerg

    where's Tang sanzang?

  53. Davi Augusto Rodríguez De Oliveira

    this is one of the best gorillaz songs (I'm serious)

  54. Sky Lion69


  55. Kristian Fischer

    Journey to the West done right!

  56. Kristian Fischer

    Jamie Hewlett!!!!

  57. D R

    Anyone else watching in 2019?

  58. Dustin Haney

    Anyone else know the story of Son Wukong?

  59. GodsBiggest Mistake

    Why does this keep showing up in my recommended

  60. C. Gramby

    Why am I just now finding out this exists?

  61. [Censored]

    Thes Gorilaz Called They Wanted To Know How To Make 2D a sun wukong costume

  62. todd

    i'm convinced gorillaz wrote the song

  63. THE G-FAN 01234

    ¿Us created for Jamie Hewlett?

  64. 梁龙喆

    In 2008 from 🇨🇳 beijing animation about Journey to the West for 🐒👑、🐖 Bajie and Sha Wujing are they three months going to Beijing National Stadium

  65. Preston Heit

    Can't believe this much effort went into an ad for 'Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games'

  66. Rodrigo VILCHES

    Art of gorillaz???

  67. sunvflowers

    Getting the Gorillaz vibes.

  68. SmugPug YT

    Jamie hewet the Lord himself

  69. Hayden Martinez

    I can't get over the fact that murdock has a chinese cousin

  70. Alex Diaz

    I'm a simple man.
    I see Jamie Hewlett.
    I like.

  71. Fish buddy

    Journey to the West

  72. Devil Léo

    * *see the thumbnail* *
    I would recognise this artstyle anywhere...

  73. Lilddm 85

    I had a feeling Jamie made this

  74. Mémoire de Poisson

    Dès le premier regard j'ai reconnu le dessin de Jamie hawlet

  75. S R S

    se ve la calidad de hamie hewlett

  76. Dark_Euphoria1510

    Anyone else remind you of Avatar and Gorillaz?

  77. Sarah Sunn

    Does anyone know what she’s singing?

  78. Aptmass

    The comments:

    98% gOrrILaZ
    2% good video

  79. Anime Moth

    1:27 hi, I’m Murdoc Niccals from gorillaz

  80. TheNotoriousB1G

    What is the song for this?

  81. Dougsvlogs

    Almost makes me forget about the slave labor used to build the stadium.

  82. Artboi -

    I saw thumbnail I knew it was Jamie hawlett

  83. •obsessive•

    I’ve only just found this and it’s fucking amazing

  84. deliha meliha

    As soon as i saw the art style, i knew it was by the gorillaz animator

  85. SymmetryKing 888

    Feel Good

  86. Leslie TheTryHard

    Is there a full version of this song? Can someone tell me the name?

  87. purinci

    Jamie Hewllet?

  88. Giovanni Almeida

    this  reminds me of gorillaz

  89. Tish Smiddy

    Thank you 😊

  90. Clorotch

    So this definitely counts as Gorillaz right?

  91. un wuey con imagen deuna rata

    Que clase de Goku es este

  92. Robin Swede

    why is one punch man a furry?

  93. Warugigi

    My future is coming up , its coming up....

  94. Dumpling Munchkling

    This was 4 days before my 3rd birthday.... I feel blessed :,)

  95. Wilson Thamadeus

    I instantly knew Jamie drew this from the thumbnail

  96. Jay Viescas

    It's the artists who do Gorillaz! Freakin' COOL! 😃

  97. 丂卄卂爪乇ㄥ乇丂丂 卂尺爪ㄚ

    How did I not see this? -Forgot I was 4 years old. No wonder I don’t remember..-