Albarn, Damon - A Rappy Song Lyrics

Correct me if I'm wrong,
Is this a rappin' song
But I got token ticking
I bail him over
And well I ques que se*
The sun back in my bag
I'm drinking lava sunshine, with tea
And beds are messy
And all my worlds
Are shut up in your face
I'll waste a few
I'll give a few
And then ostaside [?] me


[Rapping part]

I go from hotel to the car
And to the club
And sing my song
And hopefully I look inside
And she is pretty
And so my car is in [?]
That's the reason I wasn't in
I go rou rou rou round again
And I hope you like us

[Rapping part]

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Albarn, Damon A Rappy Song Comments
  1. John Becht

    This is the ONE I’ve been looking for. It was on an old Limewire download I had on my family PC... I’m a 30 year old millennial.


  2. psychedelicpiper

    Damn, so turns out this was my first exposure to Cee Lo Green, and not Gnarls Barkley. Decided to randomly look this up, since I remembered the beat and Damon’s first line. Incredible for a fan-made remix. Actually better than anything on the last 2 Gorillaz albums.

  3. Matthew Williams

    Thank you! I've been looking for this song for years. Discovered it the same way, when looking O Green World, and kept it!

  4. Qwayla Wysinger

    Is there a download link for this song?

  5. Cyrill Kiyschenko

    When was this remix made?

  6. Poison Griffin

    I put this in my fanmade Damon albarn album blurry inner visions

    Cyrill Kiyschenko

    Where I can find him?

  7. Quiniseiz Mistico oficial

    La cancion perfecta no exis...

  8. Uber Virsacii

    Limewire is an illegal website this whole comment section is under arrest

  9. Uber Virsacii

    Unoffical but fucking amazimg

  10. Uber Virsacii

    Just so you know to get super technical

    Green World Drinkin All Dat Sunshine (Feat. Ce lo Green,& André 3000)

    AELAHN [omg im out of fcks.]

    is it andre 3000? source?

  11. Decrozen

    Havana unana (?)

  12. McTeodore

    If you found this on Limewire, that's an illegal site, i never went on there, you are now under arrest


    McTeodore not a single person cares


    TheRealDonaldTrump J o k e


    McTeodore Ohhh ok I thought you were actually being like um well you you really can't do that

    AELAHN [omg im out of fcks.]

    it worked because it was really not a site tho

  13. 2D's blue-ty shorts

    Ok seriously though... I don't remember ever using limewire but I completely remember thinking that this song was actually O Green World?! Which is really strange and idk why. I must have been exposed to this, but I remember I definitely knew about it before the actual O Green World because I remember trying to search for this and being confused when a COMPLETELY different song was under the search for O Green World.

  14. 2D's blue-ty shorts

    Can't believe this is an unofficial remix. This sounds completely like a completed official Gorillaz track.


    Whoever the fan was did a great job.

    Todd Afel

    Right? We should give them an award.

  15. Violet

    Ceelos part 🆒

  16. Jsun Hunter

    this is good

  17. F You

    Change the title of the video to
    "Green worlds drinkin all the sunshine"
    It's not fan made but it's an actual song on the A-Sides album

    A Dandy Guy

    you know the A-Sides is made by a fan, he just got demos, unreleased songs, and remixes. but i will give him credit it feels like it was put together by damon.

    Uber Virsacii

    You bout to get eaten alive man


    1. The song is a fan remix of A Rappy Song from Democrazy
    2. A-Sides is fan made album, also if A-Sides was and official album it would’ve been up on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

  18. Funko's Crappy channel :p

    Reminds me to some kind of nature mixed with Rockit

  19. Emeral Niccals

    Doesn't sound like it's fan made at all. Damon worked with a lot of people, and made a lot of demos. It would make sense for Gorillaz to work with Cee-Lo Green since his partner/friend Danger Mouse produced the entire Demon Days album.

    Chica Chicken

    I'd agree with you, but Cee-Lo and Damon's parts are already from seperate songs of theirs. It sounds like the 3rd guy rapping just added himself in (considering the bad audio quality of his part compared to Damon and Cee-Lo). It seems really really likely this is just a fan remix :c


    @Chica Chicken Which Cee-Lo Green song does this sample?

    Chica Chicken

    @psychedelicpiper I've learned this later on, but it's a song with Cee-Lo in it, not a song of his. The song is called Crooked Booty by Dungeon Family!


    @Chica Chicken Thanks. Seems it was a supergroup he was part of.

    Chica Chicken

    @psychedelicpiper No problem :^)

  20. BLiP Gaming

    anyone hear it?


    The Gorillaz fan remix was made before then, though.

  21. Rebel Rocker USA

    The real song was recorded in 2005/2006 by Damon around the same time the Jamie was recording recording too. Jamie demos are more acoustic favor except the song 'Too The Deadline' which should of been on Plastic Bleach but I love the rest of Jamie 2006 to 2008 recordings and Damon's Carousel sessions myself.

  22. 23 Heathrow

    this was on A-sides and Hate (Fan albums by Johnathan C. Eastwood) Under the title "Green World Drinkin' all dat Sunshine"

    MusIC LOveR

    Can you give us download link?


    MusIC LOveR A-Sides is on Johnathon’s channel, shouldn’t be hard to find

    AELAHN [omg im out of fcks.]

    it's still not the source

    Anjo Terpstra

    It also appeared on democrazy I believe

    Chica Chicken

    This is actually a fanmade remix of A Rappy Song by Damon Albarn, and Crooked Booty by Dungeon Family with added rapping by the original creator of the mashup.

  23. Write Me an Endless Song

    i remember thinking for quite a while that o green world WAS this song, only to find out i was wrong. it's pretty neat to find this on youtube and see a bunch of people coming together with memories of limewire escapades bringing this remix to light. that being said, everything damon albarn is involved in is gold.

    Kole Homan

    I love Rocko's Modern Life. If you're still alive, don't respond. This is my brother's account.

    AELAHN [omg im out of fcks.]

    dont your brother loves rocko?

    DJ Drack

    I'm glad to realize I wasn't the one. DAMN you limewire. Still a great remix

    John Becht

    The bootleg on limewire and Morpheus back in the day said it was Green world, never made sense to me either

  24. Fro Kachu

    Amazing. I discovered this song the same way years ago. When my computer kicked it, I lost this song for years, until now! : D

  25. little Indian boy INC.

    gorillaz is love
    gorillaz is life

    ·innocent sweet little Toki chu ·

    Omg yaz 😖👌💖💖💖

    ·innocent sweet little Toki chu ·

    I love You

  26. ndaft7

    I've been looking for this track for ages, this is awesome.

  27. Daniel Evans

    ch- sorry I had a bit to drink

  28. Gavin Cothern

    Remember when Limewire was the shit? Ah, good times

  29. krbno

    Omg I missed this (':

  30. AELAHN [omg im out of fcks.]

    so... no one knows who's the rapper in the end..? I can't understand the lyrics at all and the little i could understand didnt give me any results in my searches..

    Liam N. Watson

    I looked up this song from the original album (democrazy) and it said the two other singers were cee lo green and bootie brown. (only in the remix, not the actual song)

    d Lokii

    Ethan Weitendorf... cool thanks for all your info.

    d Lokii

    Liam N. Watson

    thanks I went thru some vast albums before I came up with this song again.

    레이 Giovanni Rae지오반니

    omg im out of fcks. Thought it was Andre 3000??

    AELAHN [omg im out of fcks.]

    it really sounds like Andre 3000 but...what would be the song? if someone could understand the lyrics...
    also, the instrumental is probably made by the unknown rapper too

  31. Stitch

    As a huuuge Damon's fan i just discovered that and i'm speechless...

  32. LRO

    It's insane, but we've all come across this on limewire many years ago trying to download O Green World. 

    I just stumbled over this piece just the other day and my ears bled rainbows of the nostalgia. Listen to 1:45 with bass booster and tell me that isn't gloriously dangerous for your health like eating 100 donuts in one sitting.

    The thing that pisses me off the most, is that this is not an official song and nowhere near one. With the release of the new Gorillaz album in 2016 they better drop a track like this.

    Stef Vos

    +LuRockz Exactly this, it came by on my mp3 player that has over a 1000 songs on it and I listend to this many many times, when I went to look up the instrumental version I saw the song was aslo called Green World downloaded from Limewire 6 years ago. I don't think it's a song many know and I should deserve more credit than it does!

    Kerry Unt


    yup found this way back, used to love it, was my smoking song, lost it and nevr found it til now :D worlds a small place dawg

    George 2299

    LRO hey would be interesting how you feel about the two albums they’ve now dropped four years later

  33. C.E. Green

    Ah P2P file sharing. you have united us all.

    nediak is dead

    C.E. Green yes dude Hahahahha

  34. venus

    I'm in love with this remix :o

    2:14 "those thots MM mm taste those thots" xDD

    link rivera

    thighs not thots

  35. Avery Kaletsch

    Omg I thought I had just remembered incorrectly that I downloaded this song from limewire while looking for O Green World, but apparently it's real!

    Vicha Vich

    I thought this song was O green World too!

    Jonney McFarland

    +Vicha Vich me as well. took forever to find it. I had to find it with the lyric"mmm taste those thighs, I wanna eat it up with a side a mother f****** fries"

  36. Fish Records

    i thought bootie brown was on this wtf

  37. JasperWong1993

    my god i've been looking for this song for the better part of five years! I had the same limewire history as all of you...downloaded 'O Green World', really liked the song (this one), then later bought Demon Days and deleted my limewire files...and forever lost it. Until now!

  38. Nicolás Torres

    Better than the official

  39. contentsasquatch1

    Oh Limewire, how you fucked with us...

  40. superzack101

    Oh my gosh, I got it as "O Green World" from limewire too!

  41. ModestMootsey

    why is cee lo green rapping at 1:07?

  42. Edgar Dávila

    This isn't "A Rappy Song", because the original song on Democrazy does't have any collaboration, it's just Damon Albarn. This version it's titled "Green World (Drinking All the Sunshine)"... I'm not sure if this version is an unreleased Gorillaz song or just a fanmade remix.

  43. Geo

    probably because we shard the same song on limewire back then. lol.

  44. Veal Substitute

    except it isn't

  45. DjCalliber

    fuck yes this is awesome!

  46. Scott Melonball

    This is an unofficial Gorillaz song, which includes samples of Damon Albarn's song "A Rappy Song" from the album "Democrazy". Apparently, this song was created by a fan.

  47. Jacqueline Arakaki

    1:45 - 2:00 This part reminds me Rhinestone Eyes lol

  48. KyleTheSwede

    Damon is so amazing... <3

  49. AlphaBeats

    Been looking for this for ages!!

  50. Tré Jones

    This song makes me realize what a great collaboration Gorillaz and Cee Lo Green would make.

  51. Voltaire Slapadelic

    lol this sounds completely different from O Green World, any true Gorillaz fan knows this.

  52. Gypsy Jazzist

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  53. Yami Perez

    Anyone know the name of the rapper at 2:05 ????

  54. iSAiGe96

    Sounds like bashy from white flag, no?

  55. Tessa

    How can this turn up everywhere as Green World? Weirdest thing.

  56. Jacky

    This happened to me too. I was going to delete it and get a different mp3, but then I realized that I actually liked it. :3 *kanye shrug*

  57. FelixTheHouseFreak

    @tobifreak1996 There is no such thing as a song called "drinking all the sunshine" this is a song called Rappy Song from an album by Damon Albarn called Democrazy. There is a misconception about the name because of a wrongly titled limewire download.

    Take Care.

  58. SleepyMedia

    @tayouu cause the songs actually called "Green world (drinking all the sunshine)"

  59. tayouu

    Anyone know why exactly this song was mistaken for O Green World? I remember thinking that myself waaaaay back when.

  60. Nameless Ghoulette

    I once had a dream I was singing this at my school talent show. XD

  61. Breindeer

    DAMN! havent heard this since like a good 7 years.. I also accidently ran across it on limewire

  62. cianen

    ahaaa...thats how i found it!!...under o green world in limewire!! lol...i want it!! sendin u my email

  63. jmgears

    @andrewisaslut march 8 in the UK and march 9th in the sates! its called Plastic Beach

  64. Andrew Aguilera

    do you have any idea when the new album is coming out? i got excited when i heard this song called repitition kills you but it turned out to be a black ghosts song with damon in it.