Alaska Thunderfuck - Everyday Is Christmas Lyrics

I am very rich.
I'm rich in friends.
I'm rich in family.
I'm rich in loved ones.
And, because of all these lovely things in my life.
It doesn't matter what time of year it is.
'Cause the truth is...
Everyday is Christmas.

The presents have all been open.
And Santa's done with his sleigh.
The tree's out in the garbage.
It's about to get hauled away.
We gotta go back to school, now.
The neighbours took down their lights.
It doesn't matter if it's cold out.
'Cause we're gonna be all right.

When it's Halloween.
When it's New Years Eve.
When you're here with me.
Everyday, everyday is Christmas...
Thanksgiving day.
Or the Fifth of May.
It's a holiday.
Everyday, everyday is Christmas.

The fireworks we've been feeling.
Are hotter, than the Fourth of July.
From Summer time to Winter.
I know, you'll still be mine.
We don't need no reindeer.
We don't need candy canes.
'Cause anytime you're with me.
That's my favourite day.

When it's Halloween.
When it's New Years Eve.
When you're here with me.
Everyday, everyday is Christmas...
Thanksgiving day.
Or the Fifth of May.
It's a holiday.
Everyday, everyday is Christmas.

Anytime you're feeling
Lonely & blue (Lonely & blue)
Look inside you're heart
And you'll find Christmas inside you.

Christmas... (Christmas.)
Christmas... (Christmas.)
Christmas... (Christmas.)
Everyday, everyday is Christmas...
Thanksgiving day.
Or the Fifth of May.
It's a holiday.
Everyday, everyday is Christmas.

Monday, & Tuesday, & Wednesday, & Thursday, & Friday, & Saturday, & Sunday, & Monday.
And Arbor Day & Mother's Day.
And Father's Day & Hanukah & Kwanzaa & President's Day.
And Martin Luther King Day & Easter Sunday.
And black history month & St. Patty's Day.
And Election Day.

Everyday, everyday is Christmas.
It's true.

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Alaska Thunderfuck Everyday Is Christmas Comments
  1. Noah Alfalfa Mabers Ellix

    Perfect! I literally just met Alaska Thunderfuck yesterday Saturday December 14, 2019. And Instantly love her. I love this Video Love very much the LYRICS, THE CONTENT THE ART, all of it, is so Perfect. Damn this is Fantastic. THANK U for covering EVRY OTHER HOLIDAY...I agree with you 200%. Everyday is CHRISTMAS. THIS VIDEO MADE MY HOLIDAY SEASON. THANK YOU.

  2. Wheezing Laugh

    Nobody: ..

    Spamming the link to this in my Instagram groupchat in November:

  3. Sabeen Moeed

    how do i get on this side of youtube

  4. Quinn Tries Staying Alive

    Anusthing is possible.

  5. Kris Schwager

    This video may be around 4 years old but it never misses always to cheer me up when i feel down. Thx, Alaska. XXX

  6. Marcela Franklin

    fofa anjo perfeita linda demais

  7. Milena Martins

    That's actually so cute (up until a certain point)

  8. Aron Martinez

    This song makes me so happy 💕

  9. Stacy Thacker

    My favorite post Christmas Christmas song.

  10. José

    Listen this xd she sound like bendela a little

  11. Irvin cristian resa

    me encanto la rola navideña

  12. Nörah Night

    Can't relate...
    But great song

  13. destiny kemp

    Why cant I be as pretty as Alaska

  14. kelly savage

    i love this video its cool as thunderfuck.

  15. Jaime Leigh


  16. BlueberryCupcake

    Omg Jeremy!!!

  17. Jaydee Haze

    So many layers of irony wrapped around a core of filth. No one goes round the bend quite like Alaska! Love this bitch!

  18. slash vs world

    No drag beats Alaska's music!

  19. marcos douglas

    feliz natal crakuda!

  20. Chris Colours Hair

    Yassss! Ok Al-aska....are you ready for Christmas?!

  21. NJ J

    Alaska can certainly sing.

  22. YaoiLover711

    Three Christmases with this as my favorite Christmas song 👌🏻

  23. Idontgiveonefuck

    ughhh the hell is waiting for me

  24. Lucas #

    Alaska tanderfuck você é maravilhosa, te amo 😘 #Brasil

  25. the dolphin

    sick sick sick...

  26. WinstonS84

    Because everybody loves puppets!
    (and nipple ponies)

  27. Kylie

    Sia trying to be you so bad

  28. 짱쯔위

    Dat shimmery shining silver wig tho!

  29. Cindy Diamonds


  30. Joe

    The guy playing Santa Claus is Ali Liam a gay porn star that has been charged with killing his older boyfriend.

  31. Devlin Bielaski

    She invented Christmas 🎄

  32. jamie lyons

    this is still my favorite omg

  33. Sabrina Garcia

    Sia copies you

  34. Ronnie

    I legit thought this was the trailer for *Every Day Is Christmas* until the singing started.

  35. Kwality Kontent

    That is how Oprah would begin a song.

  36. Grace Deng

    alaska looks stunning af in this video

  37. Grace Deng

    jamming to this even though its september.... who cares because everyday is christmas!

  38. Iren

    Well, Merry Christmas everyone!

  39. George Young

    This was released on my birthday! :)

  40. Priscila Maia

    prazer me inscrevi no seu canal gostei do vídeo vou ouvir mais músicas suas beijos Alaska é esse seu nome?

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    Why are so beautiful I hope one day I can be as beautiful and inspiring as you😂😁

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    I love you girl

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    I'm like still listening too, this song everyday since Xmas. Ghee everyday is Xmas lol.

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    My new everyday of the year jam😂😂Love you lasky😍😍❤️❤️xx

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    Luv it❣️

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    used to love Alaska til the.."I'll give you 10,000 $"

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    This is really cute

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    omg.... I am so loving this song!!!! <3 Haven't heard a Xmas song that light me up like All I Want For Xmas Is U for yrs! U totally werked, rocked and made my Xmas Alaska! Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  51. Croft Hudson

    I wanna milk those droopy mexican titties.

  52. Lord Dumpling

    the tinsel wig i cant

  53. Martin Winter

    It is Christmas time and this clip has only 293k views. but it is so funny and catchy!!!

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    It could of been better with Sharon needles in the Halloween part but it's still great

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    LOL! at the man with the man bun! Hahahaha!

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    I'm drunk, can't tell if the stuff I'm seeing in this video is actually there

    I'm seeing puppets, are there puppets?

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    Love the new year eve look, it kinda sad though

  58. Courtney Polk Jones

    i love you Alaska you are so awesome I love your videos you are so damn cute and funny lol

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    Omg i love this song!!!! xxx

  60. Wanna b a lizard

    This should be on christmas hit radio come on rupaul make it happen

  61. Alicia Kitchens

    but Alaska what about 420?

  62. Tina

    The joy you receive during Christmas should not be reserved for just one day out of the year.

  63. skippy dullwynne

    MAGA - Make Alaska Great Again ??

  64. skippy dullwynne

    Alaska... how about doing a patriotic song for July4? America the Beautiful? National Anthem?

  65. Gah Briel

    December is already here, and I'm going to listen to this song every fuckin' day! Love you, Lasky <3

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    She looks stun


    Next Tuesday Will definitely not be Christmas... But hey, Anusthing is possible.

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    Those louboutin's tho ❤️

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    wish you were under my tree kss

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    she is so fucking beautiful I cant
    pls be my mom alaska

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    friends if you feed subscribe to our channel you will not regret any new establishment .

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    i love this so much



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    cutest song she has had

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    Who is the guy in the sunglasses and santa hat?


    sensate2000 Carl Hinton

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    It's the 5th of May!! Merry Christmas!

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    o no. all wrong laricys

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    Love this. <3

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    OMG, I wanted puppets on the Shade Of It All music video :(
    But this is SO SO good, baby. I love you.

  80. Loki

    You forgot Pearl harbor day! :( Thats my Birthday

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    Santa with moobs. Lovely......

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    wow bianca del rio is such a cute elf


    that naughty Tracy Martell 2:26

    Jaydee Haze

    Bianca is not in this video. Nor is Tracy Martel. The Naughty elf is Alaska's long time collaborator, Jeremy. Look up some of the stuff they've done together in which they both have performer credits. Very fun stuff! I actually wish they'd get together. I think they're both so beautiful, and feel like they'd live happily ever after.

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