Alaska Thunderfuck - Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man Lyrics

C'mon Santa
Won't you bring me a man

It's gettin' late
So send him here
I don't think I can make
It through another year
Come on Santa come through
Oh a usual place
A strong embrace
A pillow and a blanket
By the fireplace
Dim the lights down low

Oh bring me a man
I need a man
Please Santa
Bring me a man
I need a man keeping me warm

The fire's out
The chimney's clean
The fishnet stockings are hanging
It don't mean a thing
Place him under my tree
And let it snow
This Christmas
And let it snow
This Christmas

Oh bring me a man
I need a man
Please Santa
Bring me a man
I need a man keeping me warm

I've been a good girl all year long
I done my best right or wrong
Come on Santa won't you please
Look at me I'm on my knees
Oh bring me a man

Come on, come on, come on
C'mon, Santa Claus
Come on, come on, come on
C'mon, reindeers
Come on, come on, come on
C'mon, flying thru the sky delivering presents to all the good boys and girls around the world in one night okuurrrr
Now Let it snow...
Let it snow...
Let it snow...
Let it snow...

Bring me a man
I need a man
She did that
Dear Santa
Bring me a man
I need a man
Keeping me warm (C'mon small town)
Bring me a man
I need a man
Oh Santa, Santa, Santa, Santa
Bring me a man
I need a man
Keeping me warm
Bring me a Man
(Imma suck all these Santa's)

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Alaska Thunderfuck Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man Comments
  1. Kenyon Clutter

    Am I even a lesbian [email protected][email protected]😂Sexy AF!

  2. Pedro Pimenta #StreamK-12

    Those three are my spirit animals. I love how horny Courtney is 😂😂

  3. Zack Poling

    Who's the guy with the tattoos and gages?

  4. Spartan 69

    It's that time of the year people!

  5. Clarissa

    Is cold

  6. Nehuen del Cerro

    It's weird, I don't really like Alaska or Willam, and Courntey is... okay
    But together they are good and funny.

  7. Anthony Sawyer

    I'm still not convinced that Courtney Act doesn't have a twin sister that takes her place when it's time to be in drag.

  8. Diego Rubio

    Beside Damian from MeanGirls who R the other two Santa's?

  9. Brittney Richardson

    Why does Alaska look like her quick drag look in as2 in da butt Ru mini challange lol

  10. Aura Khaos

    Is it just me, or does Courtney's high, falsetto type of singing get annoying real quick.

  11. Dana Allegri

    2:42 ........just WOW!C'mon HIGH NOTES!

  12. Joe Dixon

    Here in November 2019 🎉🎉🎁

  13. SUN light

    i aint single why am i here

  14. Damien Spies

    obsessed with alaskas red look here

  15. Damien Spies

    i need more of these three

  16. Johnny Watts

    2019 anyone?

  17. Mino Shark

    I’m just asking where the hell can I find a guy like this I wouldn’t mind the guy with tattoos on his body lol but I just love everything about these 3

  18. Caitlin Jackson

    I sing this song every year during Christmas. This year Santa brought me a man!

  19. Thierry Michael

    it's not even december yet, but I'm already listening to this song

  20. Helen Yim

    Willam is so entertaining to watch in whatever she’s doing and I LOOOOOOOOOVE her tone, it’s super thick and raspy and has so much power to it. Alaska is just serving it to me, like she is letting me HAAAAVE IIIIIT. So many woman, including sopranos struggle very very much to hit whistle notes in a healthy tone. Courtney just does it and I have never been in more awe. These three ladies are just so talented. This is why I love drag race, it gives a larger platform to incredibly talented people who otherwise wouldn’t have and showcases their talented. Because at the end of the day, no matter who wins, their all talented.

  21. Leigh

    Every single year I come here!!!!!!!

  22. Chet Judycki

    Dear Santa, Bring me a twink

  23. nico


  24. A C

    Who’s the skater santa with tattoos , is for a homework ☺️🔥

  25. asartee

    *this took me 5 years to figure out that one of the "santas" is Damien from mean girls and now im forever shook.*

  26. Dante Ferrise

    OHH MY WILLAM AND COURTNEY’S SANTAS!!! F*CK!! Superrrr hot but nothing will ever beat the level of hotness in terms of BOY VIDEO HOS IN CAZWELL’S ICE CREAM TRUCK VIDEO!!

  27. Chase lindsey

    I appreciated the inclusion of a thicc santa among the model santas Lol

  28. Matias Ignacio Honores Oyanadel

    Amo esta cancion 😍

  29. Esau Lara

    Las AMO ♡

  30. Волгал Сахитов

    13.28. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see

    Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prophets in

    The kingdom of God, but you yourselves cast out.

  31. Ramon Lima


  32. Jordan Mcallister

    Willam is a god !

  33. Maarten -

    You better believe I'm watching this in late June 2019

  34. Emily2618

    Why didn't they get Courtney to play Marilyn in the movie about the life of Marilyn Monroe!?

  35. Paul A.M

    OMFG !!!!!! JUST LOVE THIS ONE IN 2019!!!!!

  36. Eclesy's Galaxy

    When i saw this video for the first time i legitimally thought that Courtney was a biological woman lol

  37. Lily Wright

    Oh my god willam

  38. Astrid Honey

    Well, happy Easter.

  39. Disco Panic

    Alaska makes me so bi, she's so pretty

  40. Cable Wolvesbane

    Alaska looks amazing with short hair

  41. Sandy Howard-Woodward

    The three prettiest queens besides ru.

  42. Genesis inprogress

    Courtney 's voice. Omg my ears are bleeding

  43. Hii Theree

    Daniel Franzese as Santa Claus is my sexual reawakening. Unffffff

  44. MimiMeows Larios

    Courtney's a woman

  45. Maria Duszak

    Courtney is giving us Marilyn realness. Yaaas!

  46. Crown Prince

    Alaska looks like RITA MORENO

  47. Caleb Bourassa

    Courtney us n'ont for Willam ans Alaska😂😂😂

  48. vivid duende

    courtney in drag is the reason im gay

  49. Rahmi Ariesty

    Yaampun.kgn km mex

  50. Rahmi Ariesty

    Xilly anak tole bpknya andra

  51. Rahmi Ariesty

    Kgn km mex slmnya syg jgn lupa mndi lah

  52. Rahmi Ariesty

    Iy aku sdr.

  53. Rahmi Ariesty

    Sakit mex skit nih gmn nih..aku kgn km kykny aku mending mati aku kn pembunuh galega klo percaya deh klo gue gagitu lupi yg otak gue nyuruh gue mex.bner.klo bner jodoh gue psti ya bimbing gue msuk akhirat gue mex.gue takut mex abis smua org bilang gue jht jlk.gmn nih mex gue jijik sndri.

  54. Mari Chambers

    Courtney vocally overpowers Alaska and Willam and I LIVE FOR IT

    Edit: the whistle tone was everything

  55. Rahmi Ariesty

    Lagi gua bnuh byk org juga mama papa nenek ketangkep nih tah dmn .

  56. Rahmi Ariesty

    Lagi gua bunuh jana jg.

  57. Rahmi Ariesty

    Syg aku udah tau syp sbnrnya aku yank.masa si lupi maunya kita semua yg kbal aku mati keji dipenjara.malu gua mana tubuh mirip upi tambah radio gtu .aku mnding mati drpada aku bau2 upi.syg kgn yuk mati rame2 yuk di nusa kambangan.

  58. Loki Poketale

    Its February, but I'm still listening to this song

  59. Rahmi Ariesty

    Alangka kgn..pinka kgn.

  60. Lucas Augusto

    Willam bagaceira kkkkk amo

  61. Rahmi Ariesty

    Yesus itu anak allah bkn anak tkg kayu

  62. Rahmi Ariesty

    Sbnrnya tlg ya ksih tau ya smuanya jgn anggep ini smua ya bnrrn suami sy yesus bisa marah.ya sbnr2nya muka yesus ma jiwa style yesus km ga perlu tau jgn pada sok tau ya sm suara yesus.

  63. Rahmi Ariesty

    Heh xamexth jgn ngarep lg sm sy yah sy tuh istri yesus.

  64. Rahmi Ariesty

    Slmt kodok buruk rupa km cck sm kodok brk rupa ga pntes sm ratu kodok

  65. Rahmi Ariesty

    Eh janji ya sinting

  66. Rahmi Ariesty

    Kodok tukang bohong lagi aku maunya perjaka bkn km lg kita puts ya byr

  67. Rahmi Ariesty

    Maaf km bkn jodoh sy lg mex maaf sy jodohnya fashion lg sy snggama sm km menghasilkan anak

  68. Rahmi Ariesty

    Syg apakbr kutau km skit ya syg ku ya cintaku buah jiwaku tlg rusukku ku cinta km ricia love xamezcth

  69. Rahmi Ariesty

    Syg aku tau aku gakyk lili

  70. Rahmi Ariesty

    Iya ttp km

  71. Rahmi Ariesty

    Iya.gtu ckep baru idola ay lg skit km ngrcek ga sih mmmm kgn km sgt cinta

  72. Rahmi Ariesty

    Ga kgn apa sm istri itu smua jlk ay smpah ckep km sumpah lah klo ga dpt gmn

  73. Rahmi Ariesty

    Terserah km km kan laki

  74. Rahmi Ariesty

    Kgn km ay pgn b2 sm km slamnya gmn ay

  75. Rahmi Ariesty

    Kgn km ay

  76. Rahmi Ariesty

    Ku pgn gesek

  77. Rahmi Ariesty

    Kgn tuh kontol

  78. Rahmi Ariesty

    Gue kgn.lg skit eh sinting sana2

  79. Rahmi Ariesty

    Gue minta kita cerai gue jijik lo punya anak sm bia.jika sdh tau jgn cb ngejar lg

  80. Rahmi Ariesty

    Yank emg bnr lagi skit kgn tuh kontol

  81. Rahmi Ariesty

    Bia itu ariel andra dila anak henri ariel lo mrh ga

  82. Rahmi Ariesty

    Ay pindah ilmu bumi yuk si tmn gaul ngajakin..kgn km wlpn km punya anak sm bia

  83. Rahmi Ariesty

    Aku tkt sm tkg smpah

  84. Rahmi Ariesty

    Oh yaampun

  85. Rahmi Ariesty

    Yg pnting km gak bgtu papah mertua km dah mati papah aku di meso pindahin aja ke bulgari aja.

  86. Rahmi Ariesty

    .mbel bkn anak km

  87. Rahmi Ariesty

    Tau tuh minta jodohin sm nini2 lg dia.

  88. Rahmi Ariesty

    Syg aku kgn km bgt kutakut tp seneng tp kutakut

  89. Rahmi Ariesty

    Gak syg....

  90. Rahmi Ariesty

    Syg ngpain cmburu sm john taylor lah

  91. Rahmi Ariesty

    Ku kgn km ku skit otak aku rusak maafin aku enggak minum obat2an terlarang jantung aku rusak bgt otak aku rusak kata mama sm om di rumah sakit jiwa.otak aku udah keracunan obat keras lbh keras dr narkoba.tbh aku ditkr sm si upi oloh

  92. Rahmi Ariesty

    Syg ktmu lg skit gigi mana dikatain sm lg papa max uda gaada.mmmm bkn....

  93. Rahmi Ariesty

    Syg kuharus sm km seumur hdp

  94. Rahmi Ariesty

    :* ku udah tau yua aku senang mksih papa mama ariel om tante dll

  95. Rahmi Ariesty

    Ga ckp km si aaron ganggu sy perkosa lagi aaron