Alan Walker - Unity Lyrics

In the dark of night
The stars light up the sky
We see them flying free
That's just like you and me

Everyone is lonely sometimes (Sometimes)
But I would walk a thousand miles to see your eyes
You are not alone, we are family (Family)
Hold me, let's escape all this reality

You are my symphony
By your side, we are unity
You are my energy
My guiding light, we are unity
(We are, we are) We are unity
(We are, we are) We are unity

Although the rain might pour
A thunder starts to roar
The lightnin' wakes the wave
But through it, we are brave

Everyone is lonely sometimes (Sometimes)
But I would walk a thousand miles to see your eyes
You are not alone, we are family (Family)
Hold me, let's escape all this reality

You are my symphony
By your side, we are unity (We are unity)
You are my energy
My guiding light, we are unity
(We are, we are) We are unity
(We are, we are) We are unity
We are unity

You are my symphony (We are)
By your side (We are, we are unity, unity)
You are my energy (We are)
My guiding light (We are), unity
We are unity
We are unity

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  1. Andi Muhammad

    I am hapyy

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    Me encanta

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    Te Amo Alan walker💖 te amo,si toda via estas vivo voy a tu conciertos,pues soy menor de edad😭,pero voy a esperar 👍,te quiero😍😍😜😘😚

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    Here han music -fre ned no bro Alan Walker

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    Amo amo esse cara 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Why this song isn't on spotify?

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    Wow!! What a nice song!!

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    Please add your song to Spotify ❤️

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    Nice walkers you make music is so cool 😎

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    Indonesia🇮🇩 ?

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    I love you

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    Akhir Tahun 2019 ?

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    Walker #9715 indonesia indo like


    Goosebumps brooi , awsmm

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    All of us who liked are the walkers army who knows alan walkers identity i know him

  18. Tan jenq sheyanne

    Everyone sub to alan walker!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😆😆😆😆👑👑👑alan walker is the best youtuber like ever he's the best

  19. haf lazir

    Yg dari indonesia like dong hehe

  20. MusicRobot

    Most singers: I make song with my fans

    Alan walker: well my walkers make songs for me


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  22. engineer mcallen channel

    Can i ask for Permission to use Unity to my Background music i will credit it in my description if granted

  23. gilang abdini nur

    My favorite (Unity) 😘


    This song has helped me so much, no one knows. it might sound crazy, but its true

  25. Quinten Cornelis

    This song are so awesome

  26. Hanah Lund

    *Alan Walker* like
    *dogs* comment

  27. Hanah Lund

    We are Unity❤️😊

  28. aham samir

    Idont loke unity i love love it

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    Wow cool! !

  30. Youssef El ghabzouli

    The best mucic

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    How to get walkers code?

  32. Adi mantap jiwa

    Wow amezing musik hehe

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    Hay vai

  34. son do

    Nhac qua hay

  35. น้อง ขวัญ

    I Like Alan Walker❤

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    i also want to become the member of walkers join

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    HELLO Jan 2020

  38. didumo ogud

    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0 ║

  39. didumo ogud

    is it just me but does Alan x Walkers sing or a girl cause in every songs that i listing to by him i only hear a girl or him idk

  40. Mas Somvret

    Keren banget

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  42. Carlos Javier Nieto Perez

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
    Hello from Mexico

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    Forever Fan Of You Alan Walker♡♡

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    Can there come a alan walker movie that will be good right? Comment and like

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    Very nice song and you so beautiful and cute

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    So, This song is basically made by his fan? Or what??????


    Hello i am from Indonesian 🇲🇨👍

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    Subscribe to sweet of world og new uploads of roblox

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    kinda lit

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    Hay vcl các ông ạ


    Pleasr listen to my muaic (alan walker style)

  57. Arcticfox100

    How can 9.2K people dislike this?! This is amazing

  58. Kyran Chotkoe

    when wll the alan walker game come? and i also like this music

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    please make a track f this for iTunes/spotify

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    Everyday I play this song nonstop
    I love this song so much

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    Todos los paises en el video son del viejo continente , me hizo sentir olvidado :c

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    Enjoy my Life

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    What the heck the lyric -_-

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    The garrys mode public servers anthem

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    I wish I could draw Alan Walker

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    What happens when you get to step 9?

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    We are unity❤

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    Alan walker your the best youtuber but even if your songs are bad youl still be the best!

  83. step dad

    We are brave we are strong we are walkers we are UNITY

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    Dude Alan your awesome

  85. UNITY

    We All Are UNITY !

  86. Yale TRout

    1 time listening to it ohh this is good 100 listening to it Bluetooth music in the car loud is can be WE ARE YNITY!!!!

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    Walkers for life!!!

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  94. Alan Walker

    Walkers, we are Unity ❤️ Click the link to vote for me on DJ Mag Top 100: 🙏

    Jan Paul Bueno

    I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maricruz Ruiz garcia

    Alan love!!!♡

    ningrum pujiastuti

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    I like this song. 😍❤️😍❤️😍