Alan Walker - The Spectre Lyrics

Hello, hello
Can you hear me, as I scream your name
Hello, hello
Do you need me, before I fade away

Is this a place that I call home
To find what I've become
Walk along the path unknown
We live, we love, we lie

Deep in the dark
I don't need the light
There's a ghost inside me
It all belongs to the other side
We live, we love, we lie

(We live, we love, we lie)

Hello, hello
Nice to meet you, voice inside my head
Hello, hello
I believe you, how can I forget

Is this a place that I call home
To find what I've become
Walk along the path unknown
We live, we love, we lie

Deep in the dark I don't need the light
There's a ghost inside me
It all belongs to the other side
We live, we love, we lie

(We live, we love, we lie)

We live, we love, we lie

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