Alan Walker - Faded (Young Bombs Remix) Lyrics

You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us?
Another star you fade away
Afraid our aim is out of sight
Wanna see us

Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

Was it all in my fantasy?
Where are you now?
Were you only imaginary?

Where are you now?
Under the sea
Under the sea
Where are you now?
Another dream
The monster's running wild inside of me
I'm faded
So lost, I'm faded
I'm faded
So lost, I'm faded

These shallow waters never met what I needed
I'm letting go, a deeper dive
Eternal silence of the sea
I'm breathing

Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Under the bright
But faded lights
You set my heart on fire
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Under the sea
Under the sea
Where are you now?
Another dream
The monster's running wild inside of me
I'm faded

So lost, I'm faded
I'm faded

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Alan Walker Faded (Young Bombs Remix) Comments
  1. 김지훈

    faded 리믹스는 개인적으로 이버전이 가장좋드라

  2. Demir Kfhd

    Cool misic👍👍👍

  3. Rosario Gutierrez

    I love you Alan Walker💖💖💖💖💓❤

  4. Miguel Juruna


  5. Its_MarieXD 902

    If u make a good comment relating to the remix song u have to like it

  6. 훈디센터

    This song is the best among faded remixes.

  7. Hannia Cadena


  8. kamatis kamatis

    your songs are all impresive

  9. Natanek Bogusz


  10. Susan Cabana

    Not to be mean

  11. Susan Cabana

    Tiëstos remix is better!

  12. I Ying

    Love. \

  13. samer korea love kpop


  14. bst BST


  15. jessica bassel


  16. Red 25

    Is this Faded??

  17. Dj j

    Alan walker w

  18. rachmawanto tri


  19. Ayu Ayu

    Gila keren banget sumpah ini mau ke sekolah atau mau pacaran❤❤💖💖💗💗💙💙💞💞💓💓💚💚💛💛💔💔💜💜👍❓

  20. Dima

    I Must cry😭

  21. Augustine Memelua

    Tears fall when heard this song the first time.. 💕✔️

  22. Tuntun Nesa


  23. Nancy sciampacone


  24. Kelvin Atrevido


  25. angel carrizo


  26. Extreme Tuberholic

    Hey alan🤚

  27. Duke The Dog

    Omg EPIC remix I got the remix album on iTunes and I am using this in my next music video

  28. dorman manusia gila gila

    good joob

  29. rahul raj

    Love the song 💝

  30. XS TV

    \. /

    \ ,, /
    \. /
    \ ,/

  31. kittiNan sam

    I Love Alan walker

  32. Ibu Ayu

    *my headphone beats really loud like wut (what)*

  33. croni motosikal sarawal

    Alan walker

  34. Sulaiman Ag

    Gooodd job

  35. Ronaldo Rocha

    Muito bom esse remix 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  36. Hisham Mousay

    Faded 😍😍😍😍👌👌

  37. i am safayat khan vevo

    I really love it

  38. armada cinta00

    I'm fade.

  39. Jucec_ 15

    the song of the year¡¡



  41. Erik Andreas00

    I really love this remix, for me is the best remix I listen ever of Faded!

  42. ClaytonLeungOfficial

    Hey walkers! I'm a 13 year old producer and I recently made a piano cover on Alan Walker's Faded... I know self promoting is annoying, but I am sure you won't regret listening to it... :) Anyways, thanks and have a nice day!

  43. Lainey Townsend

    This remix is fucking fire 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Technical BD

    Nothing to Say!!!
    Just Squad🔫🔫💜

  45. farah mahmod

    /_^_^_\ ^ ----^ ^___^

  46. Flash Aymane

    I Love Alan Walker

  47. Gaming Boy


  48. troll Best

    anh alan ơi nhạc hay quá rảnh thì về Việt Nam chơi nha anh Việt Nam nhiều cảnh đẹp và gái xinh lắm

  49. Liam Petersen

    #Young Boobs

  50. Szajka nielegalnych Subskrybentów

    This photo reminds me of the religion of reincarnation. Is it true?

  51. Student Aydrien Rippstine


  52. Student Aydrien Rippstine

    Best song ever made

  53. Student Aydrien Rippstine

    \ /(

  54. Евгений Скворцов

    wow class like

  55. Joao Paulo

    da hora

  56. Demi van der Bijl

    pals there truly looks hedvily funoverlook =d

  57. Deni Irawan

    alan walker Ties to remix

  58. RalyJr 35

    ! ADED

  59. July Cabrera


  60. Johno1849 PlayStation


  61. L R

    \ | /

  62. Yuga Prasetya

    Mantap Alan warker

  63. Golden Landon

    #Golden Landon

  64. 奶茶實況台

    good good

  65. Miki Gameplay. fornite

    Alan anda al lollapalosa de chile

  66. Miki Gameplay. fornite

    Alan walquer eres el mejor de la musica electronica

  67. Robert Quick

    I love it

  68. John Tate

    Wew this track has some Gentoo to it.

  69. Alisya Canava

    i love your song

  70. Dana and Anya

    I love Alan Walker

    BlueLove !

    Askα Lenkα Yeah

  71. VilorBros

    \ /
    \ /\ /
    \/ \/

  72. usman shoukat

    another carrier of the Faded legacy...

  73. Samir kiing

    bnbnbnb me gusta la electro bnbnb <3

  74. hao manh

    hello phos alan walker

  75. Calon Pembakal

    Alan walker

  76. Зомби Play

    Я плачу ты крут аааа

  77. Music Freeker

    Who else watching on 2k17 agust

  78. Himanshu Ludhwani

    Happy birthday Alan Walker

  79. Baldeep Singh

    Nice 👍 ❤

  80. Tabbi Tabel

    I'm faded💘😣


    LOVE }

  82. Giih Silvaah

    Alguém do Brasil?..❤

  83. Samara Oliveira


    Giih Silvaah

    Samara Oliveira também ❤❤😍

    Aline do Carmo

    Samara Oliveira Como não amar, né?! Rsrs ❤❤

    Samara Oliveira

    +Aline do Carmo vdd kkkk é mt boom💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜!!!!!!!!

  84. yomawari eriak

    Hai alan walker

  85. Erick Ferreira

    I love alan walker

  86. L h o u i z

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    \/ \/