Alan Walker - Faded (Restrung) Lyrics

You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us?
Another star
You fade away
Afraid our aim is out of sight
Wanna see us

Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Where are you now?
Was it all in my fantasy?
Where are you now?
Were you only imaginary?

Where are you now?
Under the sea, under the sea
Where are you now?
Another dream
The monster's running wild inside of me
I'm faded

I'm faded
So lost, I'm faded

These shallow waters never met
What I needed
I'm letting go
A deeper dive
Eternal silence of the sea
I'm breathing

Where are you now?
Where are you now?

Under the bright
But faded lights
You set my heart on fire
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Under the sea, under the sea
Where are you now?
Another dream
The monster's running wild inside of me
I'm faded

I'm faded
So lost, I'm faded

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Alan Walker Faded (Restrung) Comments
  1. Ryan Stohr

    Omg so cool

  2. David Aviles

    Cada quien tiene su opinión, en mi opinión personal, las versiones originales jamás van a ser superadas por ninguna subsecuente, nunca

  3. рома фанин

    топ вабще топ топ топ тпо топ топ тпотоп тпо топ топ топ топ топ топ

  4. Mukul Kumar

    Loved it

  5. Jesmin Aktar

    I always feel lonely when l hear this song..😶😶

  6. I Love Music

    1:50 to 1:55

  7. nikarus 4343

    Cooooooooooollll!!!!! Alan wolker is legendary musician!!!!!!

  8. J Tanashi

    I LOVE Iselin Solheim

  9. Edilma Souza

    Música muito [email protected]!! Vai de encontro a minha essência, e toca profundamente minha alma ..❤❤

  10. Ishaan & Aryan

    Your full name is Alan Olav Walker

  11. Ishaan & Aryan

    Love Alan walker

  12. Arti22

    Iselin 💜

  13. Mohamed Mansoor122 11

    2020Which of you watched

  14. Shivanand Lingayat


  15. A.A.Fariduddin Ahmed

    One of the best song that melting my heart 💓

  16. celma brasil

    I love it 😍😍🇧🇷 Alan😍😍😍😍😢😢👍👍

  17. Mosa Mosa

    Love you Music Alna Walker 🍂🍁🍃😌🥰🤟🌹🧚‍♀️🌷🎧🎹🎼🔊🎤📝📚🎆🌏🌍

  18. Antônia Soares

    Amei de paixão e sa música 😍

  19. Rings & Roses

    I always prefer this song whenever I feel disappointed.

  20. Neel Gopal

    Alan Walker's songs touch my heart

  21. 육수영


  22. pathan Pathan

    Supar 😍😘😘😘😎

  23. Melody wairem Wairem

    This song make me cry always I love you Alan Walker I love you so much I like your song too much 😍😘😥😥😭😭

  24. Liumarques z

    moto legal

  25. Erica Santana

    Ay love yu

  26. Britzu Lin

    Te queremos Alan eres el mejor

  27. RP Gamer

    She is searching for alan in the scene😢😢emotional

  28. Praveen Che

    i always listen this when I am crying........ lyrics are my inner voice

  29. Anu Anusri


  30. Esther Brasil

    Faded ! Alan walker !

  31. Margaux VIII

    I love your music Alan

  32. Margaux VIII

    I'm Faded... So lost...

  33. kitki 25

    I Love.....

  34. SuperFuqQ

    Dec 2019 and still be my fav

  35. nada nada


  36. jacquelinne redon araneda


  37. Leonor Putpaña Morales

    You music faded is excellent and cool

  38. Alifya Salsadila

    The 1st time I heard the original version of Faded I just suddenly fall in love with it, and so when I found this Restrung version. Just magically amazing!

  39. el fantasma negro

    Like walker like

  40. Faaizh Syahzan


  41. Sarif hidayat

    Walker indonesia 💃💃

  42. date street flyers

    Haunting bueaty...

  43. Margaux VIII

    The monsters running wild inside of me... I'm Faded

  44. Josue Carreno

    I really liked the music and I really love Alan Walker
    Like if you love their music

  45. johana alvarado

    Me encanta las canciones de Alan Walker 😙😙😙😗

  46. Jean Vincent

    Best song, music, and out-of-this-world voice, of all time

  47. Igor de Hoop

    I wanna hear her singing with just the piano...

  48. Angel Of Heaven

    Thank you 🙏 you helped me stop being stressed from reading and school work ^~^

  49. Kazuki Kazami

    Hello Alan Walker Im your Fan until the end

  50. Nur adzna


  51. Axel Luis

    I love you Alan walker

  52. 김유찬

    노래 너무 좋다.........


    Plz don't give me goose bumps

  54. عالم سوسو

    I love this guy ❤

  55. Red RoyalVN

    From Vietnam 2019 with love 😊😊😊😊😊

  56. G4md0R

    Wow such a difference without the drums but still very good. A more relaxed vibe.

  57. Tronix qHp

    Best Alan Walker

  58. Madiha Saeed

    Ooo waaaoooo so tht waaaas the orginal song....😀😀😀😃😃😃

    I m in love with both songs...🥰♥️

  59. sanaya dhanvani

    Still Pain In The Heart And Tear's In Eyes

  60. ndaw wayady

    Je ne ces pas ce qu'il dit
    Et j'aime beaucoup

  61. Joel Untereiner


  62. Shadow heaD

    oh so thats ure face

  63. MrRol52

    Standing ovation...Fn brilliant!

  64. Bruno Art.Tattoo

    mr' AW.. you took the epicity of the song and made it more epic! wow

  65. Victor Togni

    À tout ceux et celles qui ont perdus quelqu’un qui leur était chère 🥺💪

  66. Taiyef Ahmed

    I need the violin only♥️

  67. Cristel Domínguez

    Cuál es la música que más te gusta de Alan Walker
    A mí Faded remix
    Y a ti

  68. Cristel Domínguez

    Dale 👍
    Si te gusta la música de Alan Walker

  69. alison nava

    Me encanta ,i love ,🖤🖤🖤📌💣💣💣

  70. Karina Brandt

    wow what a beautiful version...

  71. mariam osama

    I love you alan without you I'm faded 💔💔💔🖤🖤🖤🖤😣😣😣😣

  72. Oka_ اوكا

    Ilove you Allan



  74. Axeø

    Faded me Trae Recuerdos . De cuando empeze a ser fan de Alan Walker y empezar a Descubrir mas del artista . Esto lo empeze en el 2014 Tenia 14 Ahora a mis 19 Años estoy en el grupo de los Walkers #22174 Alan Walker estoy Contento de poder hacerle clic a fade Y ver como progreso tu musica mis canciones favoritas son Live fast Alone Faded The Spectre Spectre Force 135 Entre otras mas . Saludos desde ARGENTINA . @Axeo

  75. Little buses

    From future 2020♥️

  76. Sci' S

    Young Adele = Iselin Solheim

  77. 옌슈

    구독 갑니다

  78. 옌슈


  79. Mike Kullrich


  80. Aapki Angel Zepeto


  81. Alejandro Macías

    Like si amas la cancion👍👍

  82. Fermina Vasquez inocente


  83. ozumcan


  84. Vaghela Anil

    Lovely song

  85. Coco Wzw

    I'm guessing they took the word Restrung literally.

  86. Alessandra Sylva

    Mds...amo mt😭❤

  87. Brett Anderson

    wow that lady has voices of angels, thats a voice i could fall asleep singing to me i actually came across this on a facebook ad

  88. Nandini Neogi

    Beautiful😍💓😘💞 and heart touching Song🎶🎤🎵

  89. patricia villalba

    Me encanto esta version

  90. Team_PT Brawl

    Like si tienes su sudadera

  91. Tamanam Sudhir

    Alan Walker is peace and good soul.

  92. Bobby Khan vlog

    Please veiw my channel and subscribe my channel

  93. aphad fadhly

    He's genius in music

  94. Puttranganna Gowda

    lets we be a alan walkar


    Alan is my idol