Alan Walker - Different World Lyrics

All we know, left untold
Beaten by a broken dream
Nothing like what it used to be

We've been chasing our demons down an empty road
Been watching our castle turning into dust
Escaping our shadows just to end up here once more
And we both know

This is not the world we had in mind
But we got time
We are stuck on answers we can't find
But we got time
And even though we might have lost tonight
The skyline reminds us of a different time
This is not the world we had in mind
But we got time

Broken smile, tired eyes
I can feel your longing heart
Call my name, howlin' from afar

We've been fighting our demons just to stay afloat
Been building our castle just to watch it fall
Been running forever just to end up here once more
And now we know

This is not the world we had in mind
But we got time
We are stuck on answers we can't find
But we got time
And even though we might have lost tonight
The skyline reminds us of a different time
This is not the world we had in mind
But we got time

Take me back
Back to the mountainside
Under the northern lights
Chasin' the stars

Take me back
Back to the mountainside
When we were full of life
Back to the start
We both know that

This is not the world we had in mind
But we got time
We are stuck on answers we can't find
But we got time
And even though we might have lost tonight
The skyline reminds us of a different time
This is not the world we had in mind
But we got time

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  1. Ahmet Deveci


  2. Maria Melendez

    Help the earth ♻️♻️♻️♻️🌏🌎🌍🌌🏞🏝🏜🏖🗺🌐🏔⛰🌋🗻🏕🏞☀️🌓🌒🌑🌔🌕

  3. Deusstarker

    И почему-же все-таки пишут всякий мусор вроде "кто из 2019 жми лайк", "кто любит Алана жми лайк"...Это не фанатство, а фанатизм. Все таки, хоть он и не может разобраться с такой важной вещью, как уничтожение Нашей Родной Планеты, надо разобраться хотя бы с мусором в комментариях.

  4. jiji sunil

    Let save our planet earth together

  5. Cọng cỏ ven đường

    dù không hiểu cho lắm nhưng tôi có thể nghe được niềm tin, hi vọng, lời kêu gọi chân thành tới một tương lai tốt đẹp của con người

  6. Retno Ritni


  7. Jesmin Aktar

    This song is a very good inspiration for us to SAVE THE WORLD 🌍🌎🌏🚺🚹🇧🇩🇧🇩...

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  9. Gj.12 gamer

    I love you 🤙 song

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  12. The MkTube

    0%naked girls
    100% Talent
    200% The Truth

  13. Nitipriya Singh

    Perfecto...... Thank you so much. I hope all those who saw this video would start contributing with whatever time we have right now.

  14. Archi007GR _

    There is only one word to describe this song: Breathtaking!!!😍😍😍 I love it!!!

  15. Cheshire Cat

    I'm crying

  16. Onhe Sonco

    Jutaan orang tidak menyadari bahwa bumi dah skarat

  17. popet girl


  18. Ravi Kumar

    # Create A Different World🌎🌌

  19. Multiy Gameplay

    Like=fan of alanwalker

  20. Mark Yuuki

    Alan Walker's songs always bring us meaningful lessons

  21. Zin Ko


  22. spong man


  23. LemonDoggo

    My geography teacher shown us this video and told us to look what we are doing to the earth.

    Cody _Creepypasta

    Now I wish I had your teacher. Even my science teacher doesn't do that.

  24. راشد السعودي

    Lets change the world

  25. Hanah Lund

    This is so true... its so sad, this is Not the world in our mind 😔

  26. Rebeka Tintesan


  27. A life with jayden



    Sad world😔

  28. Naga Raju

    Love you Alan Walker SO much

  29. Deep Kumar Joshi

    Anyone who love Alan walkers tunes!

  30. Virtual girl

    Let's make the earth revive cause we still got time🌱🌳🌳🌎🌎🌍

  31. Shabana Anjum

    I love this song

  32. exclo zeferinusz Romeo Ranglong

    Best lyrics..😘😘😘

  33. Maximillian Pratama

    This is how many people cares about the earth

  34. Ocean Pool

    Background is the best

  35. RAHMAN crb

    I love you Alan Walker 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  36. PastelSprinkleMagic

    This is the world now :(

  37. Total Gaming In Bangladesh

    We want to save the world


    Please support me liaten to my alan walker style music

  39. Cristina Gutierrez

    El mundo haora es una basura te opoyo alan walker

  40. maria jackeline altuve guillen

    quiero cante español

  41. Bhavini Dodiya

    Your video give new motivation in life

  42. challenges to overcome

    Even after PUC got compulsory in india
    In my city risksaws emitts smoke
    Worst i ride cycle i have to inhale that smoke

  43. Reha Bal

    Çoğu sanatçılar uygunsuz klip çektiğinden çok izleniyor. Peki hem gerçekleri belirten, hemde muhteşem bir uğraş ile oluşturulan Alan Walker'ın şarkıları daha fazla izlenilmeli. Değil mi? ❤❤❤

    Reha Bal

    Ne kliplerinde, nede şarkı sözlerinde hiç uygunsuz bir şey olmayan bu güzel şarkılara bayılıyorum. 👍💎❤


    Yeah this song is so useful for us

  45. Fauzia Haneef

    We promise you that we'll try our best

  46. guille 2004

    Whos better?

    Like: earth

    Comment: humans

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  48. BLAZE Gaming

    Who loves ALAN WALKER like

  49. Jesus Cuevas

    I love it so much 😭😭😭😭😭

  50. Prohlad Majumder

    Mind blowing

  51. Signapore

    1:57 this explains everything ;(

  52. {THE FLASH!}

    the whole world shoud see this video alan walker you are the best and you have done agood work on making this video

  53. Cheryl Lindsay

    Breathtaking beauty of the world!


    el titulo y la descripcion esta en español
    osea que peeeeedoooooo!!!!!!!

  55. Mrinmoy Sarkar

    A L A N W A L K E R
    K- 3 9 1

  56. Jacques B

    no, we haven't got time. we are out of time.or is it to late already

  57. MOKTDA

    I love you from Iraq

  58. Nghe lại n lần vẫn thấy hay

  59. Kajal Thakur

    💓💓 Lots of Love 💞 Ur video is just wow

  60. Navidu Lakshan Jayathilake Lakshan Jayathilake

    Wht your campus?

  61. S E

    "Nothing like"

  62. Abulu Akhom

    I want to cry I am serious I'm not joking this is about our world we should do not pollute our earth.Creathadifferentworld

  63. Hesty Almubayyin

    Stop breaking it

  64. Yagati Gawa

    When you see Leonardo DiCaprio in a Alan's video

  65. Nhan Phan

    Like mạnh

  66. Kaibalya Sethy

    Alan Walker is best

  67. Foxx XwO

    This hit me hard right here ->💜

  68. 陈伟波

    good I really likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it

  69. Itzel Pena Noya

    Look at the word before and look at it know burning slowly


    we are pupuls alone in the dark side we are all with alan walker we love them

  71. garena family

    Alan walker and masrhmello is my biggest fan

  72. Mark Kyoot

    Darkness World
    Who want to change it with me?
    Because Jesus Lord Doesn't give us this.
    Jesus lord give us a peaceful and beautiful world

  73. SouL AsHMiT

    👏👏👏👏this is the real earth lover. After seeing and hearing this video Ian going to cry... So 'let's make a different world that we had in mind'... LOVE FROM INDIA...SAVE PLANET SAFE EARTH...

  74. Adel Hussein

    please go from dark to light

  75. Adel Hussein

    we can find an answers ask harris j about religion

  76. Maha Merow

    (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ◌⑅●♡⋆♡LOVE♡⋆♡●⑅◌ AW

  77. Maha Merow

    (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ◌⑅●♡⋆♡LOVE♡⋆♡●⑅◌^o^

  78. Peter Kroeker

    I hadn't heard about this song until a couple of weeks ago but best believe I'm making up for lost time

  79. Ahmed Bourkadi

    Love you sofia carson desendent hoho

  80. noa 2302:D


  81. Deusstarker

    That's really bad that we literally destroyed Earth. No sins will be forgived. But, sins are forgived if human stands on right path.

  82. Anne Pandaing Sso


  83. Thiana A.

    Poor world :( LETS SAVE THE WORLD

  84. சீனாந்தி மூடு GUYZ

    No one:

    Litrally no one :

    Me:Appreciate the cameraman..

  85. ELSA Dubois


  86. Nèlly_thë wéirdõ

    I love the song! It truly is amazing but I don't expect anything more!
    I wish all people could understand this like we do! But if they did
    then we should all work together! This isn't the world I thought it
    was when I was a little kid... If I have kids I hope that they can still
    see animals that are in danger right now like.. Dolphins, Whale's
    , Polar bears and penguins plus a lot of other animals too! 😞😞

  87. Sandeep Kamath

    What are you doing to change the world??

  88. Jacen Shiffler

    # save the earth from polotion

  89. Obed Vaques

    Alactroditos mexicanos reportense 👍

  90. Delfina Romero


    Tenemos tiempo para terminar con la contaminación
    Nosotros como humanos debemos terminar con la contaminación

  91. Delfina Romero