Alan Walker - Alone Lyrics

Lost in your mind
I wanna know
Am I losing my mind?
Never let me go

If this night is not forever
At least we are together
I know I'm not alone
I know I'm not alone
Anywhere, whenever
Apart, but still together
I know I'm not alone
I know I'm not alone

I know I'm not alone
I know I'm not alone

Unconscious mind
I'm wide awake
Wanna feel one last time
Take my pain away

If this night is not forever
At least we are together
I know I'm not alone
I know I'm not alone
Anywhere, whenever
Apart, but still together
I know I'm not alone
I know I'm not alone

I know I'm not alone
I know I'm not alone
I'm not alone, I'm not alone
I'm not alone, I know I'm not alone
I'm not alone, I'm not alone
I'm not alone, I know I'm not alone

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    cool continue in the same vein only why the name is one and says the thousandth he is not alone
    script: I speak Russian so sorry if there are any mistakes I used a translator


    *Alone Yalnız*

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    Cool❤️ Alone🎤

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    Quem gosta do Alan Walker

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    Dark side
    Who love Alan walker more then marshmallow like

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    CREEPY singing this when ur literally alone 🤔🤔🤔

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    Is Alan Walker Bangladeshi?

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    Alan Walker songs is very good and fun!!!

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    Is better then marshmallow i like this song is my favorite

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    Vs marshmello

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    毎回、最後のYou are not aloneで鳥肌たつ

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