Alan Parsons Project, The - The Three Of Me Lyrics

There's a voice on the phone
Who just called in to say
"Mr Jones isn't home
He'll be gone for the day"

So he pulls down the blind
To adjust his disguise
But it's all in his mind
Which he proudly denies

I turn the boat back from the weir
Where to go from here
I can't hide from each face I see
Looking out from behind them is me

I'm attempting to guess
What they meant when they said
"Mr Jones and his guest
won't be using the bed"

So if I take the rap
While they stay out of sight
I can spring from the trap
When the timing is right

One minute I think I know what I mean
The next I hear voices inside disagree
Why are they laughing at me?

So I pick up the phone
Someone's asking to me
Is the real Mister Jones
Mister one, two or three?

So I say that they're not
But it's not as I say
'Cos they're all that I've got
And I can't get away

And Alice wawes through the glass
Are we home at last
For tomorrow they'll be there you see
Locked away safe inside there with me

'Cos tomorrow they'll be here you'll see
Locked away safe inside they're with me

One minute I think I know what I mean
The next I hear voices inside disagree
Why are they laughing at me?

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Alan Parsons Project, The The Three Of Me Comments
  1. Vincent Carrot

    Autostereograms on the album cover were in fashion in early 1990s.

  2. Bryan Erickson

    the picture perfect example of art rock. genius.

  3. Massimo Frisan


  4. Kivanc Tanriyar

    fascinating analysis. I am shocked.

  5. Ace Winger

    Bought the album when it came out and still play it frequently :-)

  6. Daniel Nordeen

    @sorasmusic I saw Ambrosia in 1996 or so they were trying to decide a comeback.. Awesome to see all Ambrosia in a small club in Campbell, CA. David and all were just unbelievable.

  7. The Collector

    @Sueezedtight more people like u in this world is what we need..great comment...i'm from Argetina..cheers!!!!

  8. yesmeetoo

    I bought this CD many years ago, and sticker on the front said it would test the limits of my audio system.... It was right!!!!

  9. Jose Lozano

    So boring to listen!

    The Madcap

    Jose Lozano Not

  10. You're A Pleb With Garbage Taste

    I love this song. It's really well done and is a great combination of different music styles.

  11. MasterGalahad

    One person is deaf

  12. Sueezedtight

    The ego, the soul and the spirit. The three of them when combined into the "Upper me" become one and so do we.
    From the first album to the last, the message was always as great as the music.
    To be accompanied on our voyage of self-discovery with such a harmonic symphony of sound and ideas can only help.
    Certainly a result of the change in energy that commenced in 1969 and they helped us ride that wave all the way to the shore.
    All that is left is for us to explore the land that waits before us.

  13. sorasmusic

    He was in Ambrosia if im not mistaking

  14. FrancoDS

    soy de Arg, escuche a Alan a los 13 años, tengo 18 y es un grosso

  15. Jeff W

    I'll do it

  16. Bah Humbugz

    Can someone please post "Back against the wall" from this album, "Try Anything Once", I love that song.


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    Channel: songsfinallyuploaded.
    Uploaded time: September 14, 2009 at 5:49 AM.
    Raw file: APP "Back Against The Wall".mp4.
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    Comments: 1.

  17. Jeff W

    Anyone with a great sound system knows the great bass line between 4:06 and 4:22. This is a great album opener. Overall a good album.

  18. siahnazi

    wow! i have not heard this song in long time, thanks for posting.
    alan parson is genius!

  19. sorasmusic

    No Ambrosia i dont think David Pack was with Durran Durran

  20. sorasmusic

    lol I will try my best =]

  21. sorasmusic

    I love this song

  22. essdearr

    of Duran duran

  23. essdearr

    brings back memories