Alan Parsons Project, The - Sometimes Lyrics

She wants so much to say
The things she thought about today
He never dreamed that she could care
He's lookin' everywhere
And knows love won't play fair
And as the years go by
She sometimes stops to wonder why
But his story's not the same
No matter who you blame
It's still a cryin' shame

Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose
Sometimes you try to keep love to yourself
Cause you're tired of being used
And so you learn
What life's about
The older grow wiser
And fall in love

So they think of good times past
And all the things they thought would last
Now there they go again
A different where and when
It's too late to defend
Those feelings on the cuff
And when they think they've had enough
All the things they saved before
Love became a chore
Will live for evermore

Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose
Sometimes you try to keep love to yourself
Cause you're tired of being used
And so you learn
What life's about
The older grow wiser
And fall in love sometimes

Sometimes you win
Sometimes you lose
Sometimes you try to keep love to yourself
Cause you're tired of being used
And so you learn
What life's about
The older grow wiser
And fall in love
The older grow wiser
And fall in love

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Alan Parsons Project, The Sometimes Comments
  1. Gene Shepherd

    Wow, Lou sounds great! I am really glad to hear that Lou is back doing what he loves to do(sing). His health issues are well documented and that makes his comeback even more remarkable! Best wishes to Lou & his family during this holiday season. I hope The Secret finds it's way into many Christmas stockings this year.

  2. Da Blonde

    Lou, you sound wonderful. SO glad to hear my favorite voice in rock and roll again.

  3. Roderick Jackson

    I've never heard this song before until now. Lou Gramm's work has always struck a chord with me. My favorite vocalist of all time. He sounds phenomenal in this song. Totally blown away by this.

  4. mel124177

    Wow, never knew APP have a new LP this year! This sounds so good. APP had never sounded as good without Eric (RIP) but with Lou in it, this could never go wrong. Imma raid my record store for this CD.


    Is not The Alan Parsons Project is Alan Parsons with his US band


    @Kaleiddmode ik that's why i made the point of mentioning Eric. Still we can call the Woolfson-less band "APP," if to at least honor the more well-known band with Eric and the likes of Zakatek, Rainbow, et al. I never like PJ's vocal stint with Alan anyway lol.

  5. Sonja Medic

    My goosebumps and tears say "Welcome back, Lou!"
    Beautiful song, thank you Alan Parsons!

  6. Erik Grönwall Crazy Italian Fans

    Lou is god....

  7. Michael Bruce

    This whole album sounds like a movie sound track

  8. setdrum


  9. Brett Weary

    Absolutely Awesome Lou

  10. Scott D. Bacon

    Wow. Haven't heard Lou Gramm sound this great in 25 years.

  11. Suzanne Kenney

    Lou Gramm...such a talented man! his is truly a miracle! Alan Parsons Band is timeless . I would buy this album and any more they care to create . I look forward to the songs that Lou had not completed from the 70-80's - that was my era - my time.


    Alan Parsons band is timeless? He has been having different bands for years, not only one let alone "timeless"

  12. Muhammad Yassir

    Lou Gramm n Alan Parsons great combination

  13. Judith Contresçeri

    Perfect! Lou sings with such emotion, giving the song meaning! Very well done!

  14. Judith Contresçeri

    Amazing combo of talent! Perfect choice for vocals love Lou!

  15. takoda9

    Wow. Haven't heard Lou Gramm sound this good in years. Great song.

  16. David Stafford

    Lou you sound Great..Great.

  17. David Stafford

    Lou Gramm.."Sometimes " Great Song... just Great..The Voice. >> Lou Gramm <<<<<<

  18. Laura Borgognoni

    La colonna sonora del mio amore 😍

  19. Nicholas Johnson

    WOW, Alan Parsons and Foreigner, (Lou Gramm) they should have joined up for an album !!!!

  20. Francisco Xavier Pulido Sanchez


  21. maria soldani

    Si, sono d'accordo con molti commenti qui sotto....Il connubio tra Parsons al mixer audio e la voce di Lou Gramm è davvero superlativo...!Ottimo lavoro !

  22. Hugh Fathers

    Great track, fabulous album . . .

  23. Cheez Head

    Alan Parsons-A Classical Rock Chemistry Set!

  24. Joe Turner

    Best song on the album.

  25. drewlovs

    It is Sooo good to hear that voice again. It gave me goosebumps.

  26. Scott Shiley

    This the absolute best that Lou has sounded since the brain tumor. Awesome song! Way to go Lou and Alan! Two of may favorites team up.

  27. jim Digiulio

    Hello old dream. Lou allways brings me back to Lyell Ave. in Rochester. I've never stopped thinking about you Corrine, every single day since.

  28. BKD Vickers

    It took a long time for Lou to get back to this level of singing. And he sounds like he hasn't aged at all. Hopefully he will accept offers to do a few more special songs in the studio even though he's officially retired now.

  29. Trysometenderness

    Love Lou and Alan! Both gave us amazing music!

  30. 54lex

    What a beautiful album every song done so sweet.

  31. Giuseppe Fabrizio Turrisi

    It's a GREAT song! I like it very much

  32. vicmikels1

    This is a HIT!

  33. Ted Williams

    Lou Gramm sounds awesome, so very cool to hear some new music featuring his amazing voice, glad you're back mate!

  34. Валерий Чкалов

    Просто супер,респект и уважуха двум моим любимым музыкантам!

  35. Russell Marshall

    Lou Gramm you still have a great voice man. Foreigner is one of my favorite bands . You and Parsons working together. Can it get any better?

  36. Bruce Cashman

    Love hearing new music from Lou Gramm. He was missed. Thank you.

  37. Leboman

    I love this.

  38. Trascendencia iRadio Show

    Do not allow another fucking 15 years to pass 😾 Wonderful album, thanks for keeping the essence <3

  39. Srocklund Rocklund

    LOU GRAMM LOVE YOU STILL,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  40. Dean Wolfe

    Beautiful song

  41. The Piper of Simms

    Well I certainly agree w/ everyone below. Tasty song and Lou 's voice is back. Thank you

  42. anakina1

    Lou!!!!!! Thank you Alan for allowing us the fans of the great Lou Gramm to hear him sing new music.

  43. Tim Horak

    lou gramm

  44. Tim Horak

    some comments say it does not sound like Luke Ram it sounds just like Lou Gramm maybe a tone deeper but really good


    Definitely not Luke lol.

  45. Joël Jacob

    trop fort!!! merciii

  46. A Smus

    чо ты хочешь, чтобы я сказал?
    я не знаю

  47. François Ziegler

    Amazing song and amazing Lou Gramm, what a great voice, so happy to hear you again.

  48. romain egy

    Jakarta's here!
    Alhamdulillah masih ada karya serius nowadays dimana musik2 sekarang sangat gak bisa saya nikmati!

  49. Олег Горбунов

    хорошая песня!

  50. Chris Hershey

    Lou Gramm and Alan Parsons is a perfect match 💓🎼

  51. Peter Burton

    What a song, Lou gramm still as powerful as ever, Well done Mr parsons.

  52. Maurizio Lorenzi

    Good music will never die. Thank you Alan and welcome back!

  53. Christopher Rainbow

    Gramm, you sound rerrific.......welcome to the band. of Alan Parsons and my copy of the CD and DVD is on its way from Amazon.

  54. Roost A

    Отличная песня! Совместное творение Алана Парсонса и Лу Грэмма показало, что они ещё сильны. Великолепная песня и весь альбом!

    Александр Козлов

    40 лет одну и туже пластинку крутит. Мог и новенькое что-то родить.

  55. nathan bell

    I like there's no auto quantisation or melody correction.

  56. power

    Pour moi la meilleure de l'album, le reflet parfait de la profondeur musicale Parsons, et performance vocale de Lou Gramm !!!

  57. mulemusic

    Breathtaking! I listened in 5.1 today and it is stunning!

  58. Scott McClintock

    WOW! This is a great song! I love the Lyrics.... "you learn What life's about" , "The older grow wiser" The Best musicians/writers, just don't lose their talent!

  59. Vincent MARQ

    I'm a big big fan and musician.. amazing job

  60. Polly anna

    I'll refrain from commenting on Lou Gramm but i don't see what this has anything to do with AP

  61. Brian Wood

    Wow so great to hear Lou again! Perfect pair with Alan Parsons! Keep making music both of you!

  62. Hard To Find Beats

    sounds great...

  63. The Count of Toulouse

    Wow. Lou Gramm, such a pro. You can still hear the deepness in his voice, the tone is actually really great. Like a fine wine, he's aged with style.

    The Count of Toulouse

    @Beard Guy101 CONGRATS!!
    You get he 'dip shit comment of the thread' award!!

  64. Michael Holmgaard

    Wow.... just wow! Lou Gramm has been through a lot, but his voice has remained the same after all these years still. I hope he will continue this for as long as he can sing :)

  65. Rocío Moyano Rejano

    Could anyone provide the lyrics?

  66. strattuner

    born to sing,he just couldn't help it,he had something to let it out,incredible vocalist,i think he is the best born,in his youth and now

  67. Romchikthelemon

    Прекрасно. Старая школа во всей красе.

    Sid Morrison

    Приветствую вас , тоже люблю Alan Parsons , неплохой альбом выпустил Alan , но это конечно не 70 е годы .

  68. jim Digiulio

    This is great, Parsons is a great melodic with crescendo writer, and lou is the ultimate soul bringer, beautiful team. The best I've heard from lou, including foreigner 😎 because there is a huge difference with how lou approaches the spiritually of life and it shows in the way his voice is booming with soul. IMO

  69. John Walker

    Followed Lou from the first Foreigner album through his solo career, through the underrated Shadow King project. I have seen Lou at The LA Sports Arena, the Universal Amphitheater, The Greek, Irvine Meadows, Fiddler's Green and a few more. Many great voices in rock, Steve Walsh, Steve Perry, Ronnie James Dio, but for me Lou was always the greatest. He is a great man, fought through a terrible disease, and to hear him on this track gave me goose bumps and brought back many great memories. Don't get me started on Alan Parsons. I was lucky enough to talk to him in person and hear his story. Another great guy indeed.

  70. Dennis Sparks

    Sounds chicagoish

  71. Lynn Warf

    Love and respect for both!!!! Excellent

  72. Neal Swanson

    You still got it Lou glad to hear something fresh and new Thankyou!!!

  73. Steve Kuykendall

    Wow! This is gonna be a fabulous album!

  74. Bugeanu Florin

    Fabulous and Fantastic MUSIC,Thx.u, Good Time for you

  75. Brian Isom

    I do not like the new singer at ALL
    It's just not the Allen parson project.

    john tash

    Its not app..but if franki howerd can do a track...anybody can with

  76. Betorn

    First new Steve Perry material in years and now Lou Gramm puts his voice to whatever Parsons recorded it to for the first time in years. Only thing left is for Meatloaf to stop acting and sing something this year.

  77. RON1973

    Awesome! 👍👍🤘🤘Lou Gramm , what a voice! 👏👏

  78. beatervanman

    Hey Lou...the old do grow wiser...and in your case....sound better than ever....your voice is smooth and tracks from past expected...just you... Thank you Alan Parsons...and you...Lou Gramm....made me cry...

  79. Brian Stoneman

    A very good song and Lou sounds amazing. My only problem is the sterile sounding digital production. Blah

  80. Vladimir Zorya

    Thank you Lou for what you did !

  81. Noah

    The only secret here is the fact that this is a terrible song. Sounds like something from an auto play song from one of those 80's digital keyboards.

  82. Average_Joe_ 64

    Wow. Great to hear Lou recording again and in such fine form. One of the greatest voices of my generation. Awesome track.

  83. Dwayne Rosemeyer

    Lou is the Man!! Sounds incredible. What a match Alan Parsons and Lou Gramm!

  84. Steven Harris

    Magic 🤩

  85. Mick Nordström

    The best song so far from the new album. Excellent vocals by Lou! But i still don't understand the production... the mix is so weak! There is no power!

    Mr Texas.

    No bass drum, no bass guitar,. Just a snare and keyboards..weak

  86. Kerry Stehlik

    Lou's the man. He worked his way back from hell. Kudos to you Lou.

  87. Tinman Jones

    So good to hear Lou! What a pairing of legends. Really love the Frontier record label. Never forget being front row to watch Foreigner on the "4" tour. One of those campout-overnight-to-make-sure-you-get-your-tickets events. Worth every hour of sleep lost!

    Mr Texas.

    I camped out to get Tix for the agent p. Tour

  88. Agnaldo Fernandes Junior

    Belo resgate do grandioso Gramm que mostra estar em forma mesmo depois de tanto tempo longe dos holofotes.
    Grande vocalista desde o Foreigner...fantástico! !!

  89. Christian Vogliotti

    Dos maestros de la historia de la musica!!! Gramn destruye a cualquiera cantando!!! El mejor!!!

  90. Rock Melodic Radio - AOR Melodic Rock Hard Rock


  91. atcfisherman


  92. • ЯεlιgιασÐεMεяdα •

    Thank you very much FRONTIERS! You value the great musicians of the past. Keep going.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  93. eyeeye1

    Every Note a masterpiece .

    john tash

    Couldnt give enough thumbs up

  94. j vin

    Tremendous collaboration!

  95. 1969dennism

    Love ya Lou, just like Steve Perry last year. Glad to hear true greatness again.


    Excellent choice of vocalist. Loved the vocal and the song.

  97. Seth Caine

    not great "sometimes you win sometimes you lose" how original.. and with blah music to back it up. Boring.

  98. DK Pitt

    Sounds great, but sappy.

  99. R E T R O M A N

    cool song