Alan Parsons Project, The - Oh Life (There Must Be More) Lyrics

Waves roll out
Out to sea
Tasting the saltwater
Tears upon her cheeks

Morning breaks
She's not there
Who could ever find her?
Who would even care?

No one heard
No one came
No angel of mercy
Appears to know her name

Where is hope
When words fail
All the colors running
Inside when life turns pale

In the dock the boats are harboured
Where the water's cold and still
Oh life, she cries, I've lost the will

From the bridge she sees a lifetime
Being washed upon the shore
Oh life, she cries
There must be more...

Tides roll in
Waters rise
Any change of reason
Only clouds her eyes

Arms of grace
She won't feel
All the wounds inside her
That time can never heal

The city lights shine seaward
Swirling in a trance
Her eyes upon the water
Alone in her last dance

From the docks the boats are leaving
As she cries into the dawn
"Oh life, I'm barely holding on"

And she sees her future falling
Til it finds the ocean floor
Oh life, she cries
There must be more

There must be more

And with the early light
She'll sail into the clear
The winds are all behind her
The hour's almost here

From the bridge she hears the voices
Turn into a roar
Oh life she cries
there must be more

On the dock her soul is sinking
But her spirit longs to soar
Oh life, she cries
There must be more

There must be more
There must be more
Oh life I'm barely holding on

There must be more
There must be more
Oh life there must be something more

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Alan Parsons Project, The Oh Life (There Must Be More) Comments
  1. Dr. Ron Eaglin's Web and Database Programming

    The song is actually about a ship. Old and worn from years of servitude to humanity. Stripped of everything that is worth anything, even her bell. Towed out to deep water and scuttled. In her final hour, She quietly calls out to the heart of a man who now stands upon the deck of another ship. A man who has served her every need for most of his life. A man who carries the memory of nearly every other man who was ever broken upon her deck or built up and made strong. And the powerful memories of men who died or were lost to the sea in servitude to her. A man who has come to love her every timber, bow to stern, port to starboard. And in their final hour together, he is powerless to do anything else but watch her slip beneath the waves to her final resting place, her soul heavy on his heart. Bow his head.

    And sail away.
    thanks for this - JohnathanGregoryStone on March 08, 2017

  2. Timothy Tharasingh

    such an amazing song...


    amazing !

  4. Laure Mehrkens

    What a mesmerizing song. Beautifully sung by my all time favorite vocalist of 44yrs.💕

    Felipe de J. Cervera

    My favorites will always be Eric, Lenny (Damned if I do, wow!), Chris Rainbow (so refined!). Alan was careful to select voices for every single theme. But yes, you're right, David Pack can sing (what a voice!) Very beautiful.

  5. Mark Gauvreau

    Next to Shadow Of A Lonely Man...this is Parsons best song!!!

  6. InterVivos1


  7. ShattyMcPants

    I’ve always loved this.. epic and emotional...

  8. Edwin Bitsoe

    ............ only one word.......... BEAUTIFUL.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    François Benoit

    Edwin Bitsoe, yes it is So great is the mood they use to catch our ears. The song... a space of life to love.

  9. kevin crocker

    ...such an amazing(ly sad) song!

    François Benoit

    kevin crocker sometime sad songs have powers.

  10. J Bux

    i love this song