Alan Parsons Project, The - Mr. Time Lyrics

Stealing a moment from Mr. Time
He rocks in his chair like a shiny dime
But it's all for show, all for show.
Wearing your name and a number or two
When the minute's up so are you
But everybody knows, everybody knows.

Watching the hour from the light in his eyes,
He waits for your soul to come in from sky
But it's lost below, lost below.
Turning the wheel of your destiny round,
When the motion stops - no more sounds,
Does anybody care, anybody care.

Where's the man, where's the child
Wrapped together side by side.
Who can tell you what to do,
When Mr. Time has come for you.
See the truth, hear the lies,
Can there be no compromise
And who can tell you what they knew,
When Mr. Time has come for you.

Is it a feeling or deja vu?
When he points his finger calling you
Is it illusion? Just an illusion
Picking up seconds that fall to his feet
He blows them away as rocks on his seat,
Cool as his smile, his smile.

Where's the man, where's the child
Wrapped together side by side.
Who can tell you what to do,
When Mr. Time has come for you.
See the truth, hear the lies,
Can there be no compromise
And who can tell you what they knew,
When Mr. Time has come for you.

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Alan Parsons Project, The Mr. Time Comments
  1. Jamp Studios

    Love it. All. :)

  2. Little Stevie Letch

    Man, do I hate time. But it's actually all we have.
    Use it well. 'Cause you don't get a second shot at it...

  3. Marc Conyard

    Who was the vocalist on this track? Amazing stuff! That really intense bass guitar in the final verse is mind boggling. Wooooow!

  4. Carrie B

    Bravo! A lot of work went into making this! Lovely haunting images to a perfect piece of APP musical history that I love! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Paul Brockman

    None required I understand production pretty good it's definitely goes well with the song.i wish I could make video like this.butt no worries...mabey in the next be

  6. Mike Brown

    It really elevates APP music at a time I thought they were totally past their prime. Them people should stop smoking ! Great ,so I subscribed.

  7. jose roberto perez bennett

    Amazing music combined with an outstanding video composition. Great job MERHLIN. Thanks for post it.
    From El Salvador in Central America
    Blessings and all the Universe energy for you.

  8. Tom Baroody

    Great video Great tune. Nobody like APP That's a good thing

  9. Jeff Gardner

    also, not to take away from merhlins introspective comments,but if you fart in air temperatures colder than 10 degrees you wont smell it-obviously we think alot a like-which is the exact reason alan parsons got involved in music in the first place

  10. marga rita


  11. n2tigers99

    Mr. mehrlin ... I am of the opinion that this piece of work you laboriously compiled could quite possibly be the BEST EVER [fan based] VIDEO to accompany ANY song.
    You're welcome to go to my FB page and read my entire "article" of how I came to this conclusion.
    Here is a link to my post:

  12. putnam83

    One of the few great tunes on this record.

  13. gilo7171

    I cry...........

  14. William R Warren Jr

    "Try Anything Once" … the only APP album with "no theme" (as opposed to obvious thematic works: "Tales of Mystery and Imagination", "I, Robot", "The Turn of a Friendly Card", "The Time Machine", and the spectacular "On Air", et al) but this wonderful cut from this haunting album has refocused my life on more than one scary moment or three. No theme my aching ass. But we don't go there and come back...

    William R Warren Jr

    "Oh, life!" she cries, "There MUST be more!"
    Seriously, kidling: have patience. It *WILL* get better. *DON'T* choose a *permanent* solution to a *temporary* problem!

  15. Edwin Bitsoe UNFORGETTABLE YEAR...........

  16. MrZlodeus

    A gruesome video... but death is always gruesome.
    The subject of death is dealt with quite a lot in APP's works.

  17. Julie Huston


  18. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Time passages...

  19. Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  20. Fire Bird

    Chronos or Saturn .....

    BEN B


  21. Dana Anderson

    A very nice "Black Velvet" kinda groove. There are few artists that set higher ideals and expectations for themselves. And he never has failed to meet the challenge of excellence, the definition of smooth for me.

  22. alejandro soto rios


  23. MIchael Diehl

    Time will indeed come for you. The young will not believe, yet the years will remove all doubt...

  24. Demedemert Demert

    What's the name of the singer ? I'd really like to know...


    It's at the beginning of the video - 0:13

  25. Lassitur Puhl

    Etymologically, Care stems from (fear of) death, just as Love stems from Desire.

  26. tony robinson

    good vid and fantastic track



  28. Ray Matthews

    I heard this song on the radio some years ago and kept searching for it on YouTube. I finally found it, thanks.

    Elizabeth Morlan

    Spotify has the albums as well.

  29. Patricia de Chenier

    How many Alan Parsons Project songs had women singing lead vocals? This is incredible work!

  30. Overtime Freak

    One of Parsons/Woolfsons best tracks

    David Hall

    There's no Woolfson in this one, this was long after he left and the "Project" ended.

    Overtime Freak

    @David Hall äh, sorry, I saw it recently


    Yes. It was just Alan in this one. But all of their stories are full of great songs... Look for Eric's Poe. Another great work.

  31. Edwin Bitsoe

    (1:28)...... when the BASS kicks in.......!!!!!!!!!!

    Walter Cornu

    parsons at his best can a song be more perfect

  32. sheri withdog

    good music ! resembles a lot like Pink floyd

  33. Scorpion Sword

    the video is awesome

  34. Scorpion Sword

    I am a fan of The Alan Parsons Project but i never bought this masterpiece but i know this song heard it a long ago

  35. sheri withdog

    good track

  36. Ron Paul


  37. Cris Cocos

    Im 47 yo and just discovered Alan Parsons. I know, i live under a rock. My son just pulled me from under it by introducing me to his music. But i am blown away by this guy. I am still to find a song that i dont love. I am on EBay chasing LP with Alan Parsons now. Absolutely beautiful music ... and top job Merhlin.

  38. MaskOfDeath7

    Looks like Roseanne Barr.

  39. Cynthia luv&light

    To Paul George, Thanks for the link. Excellent, Brilliant, Awesome. 👍👍😉

  40. The Herald

    Very well put together video!
    If awards were given for videos to songs, this video would get the A+ award.
    The end of the video, was so fitting!
    Great job to you Merhlin; it was well thought out in regards to the lyrics.
    The little boy receiving the flag from his father's passing, brought tears to my eyes!!!

  41. Gianluca Sorrentino

    sounds like pink floyd

    The Herald

    Gianluca Sorrentino. FYI;
    Alan Parsons helped produce Pink Floyd's Dark side of the Moon.

  42. Christopher Null

    This is a go to song, I want a copy ! I'll pay love this video and song !

  43. Nina Markiewicz

    Piękne, ale przygnębiające.

  44. Christopher Null

    Awesome Tune

  45. t29sinking

    Congratulations for your work.

  46. Kaleiddmode

    it's almost a joke to read Alan Parsons solo album like he had written the songs.. Yes it was produced by him and some songs he co-wrote with the musicians but Mr Time was written back in 1989 by Rick Driscoll Jaqui Copland and Stuart Elliott while they were part of the short lived band The Dreams Field then Stuart presented it to Alan Parsons and it was added to Try Anything Once with a few changes


    Paul George I disagree. If we don't know who came up with the ideas,concepts and the writing ; people start getting the credits wrong. A clear example is nowadays Alan Parsons gets all the credits

    The Herald

    Kaleiddmode Was it false that he helped produce Pink Floyds "Dark side of the moon"? I mean I don't know Kalied; I've bought everything these guys made musically.
    Now if someones not getting proper credit for it, then the courts should be in play.
    But I've read from time to time while listening, that eric wolfson, or Lenny zaketek, wrote lyrics to a lot if their songs.
    Still a genius of a group musically!
    By the way; who wrote most of the stuff for "Tales of mystery and imagination, by Edgar Allen Poe "?
    And don't say Edgar Allen Poe.LOL!
    I mean who wrote those lyrics and tunes beside Alan Parsons, and his band members?
    Those gentlemen you named before; did they help in this classic album?

    The Herald

    I didn't think they did! ;-) But a masterful piece of work none the less! I don't think your band member friends, could have put that together, by either lyrics or instruments, to any of their works. This particular video brings the songs message, visually to a tee.
    Alan Parsons was good about presenting Themes to several albums. "Eve" comes to mind!
    Blessings to you!


    Paul George All you need to do is to read the FAQ on the official website and also read the booklets of your cd's. I'll copy and paste for you
    Tales of Mystery and Imagination :
    Eric had the idea of making an album on the lines of developments in the film business, where directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick were the focal point of the film’s promotion, rather than individual film stars. If the film business was becoming a director’s medium, Eric felt the music business might well become a producer’s medium. As a songwriter, he had been developing an album inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe and he now saw a way to combine Alan’s and his respective talents: Alan as the engineer and producer, Eric as the songwriter and musician.

    Eric put a proposal to 20th Century Records (now Universal) along these lines. He gave it a working title of ‘The Alan Parsons Project’ and the record company went for the idea. They decided that they liked the proposal and the working title and so it stuck – The Alan Parsons Project was born.
    Eric Woolfson came up with all the concepts, with the melodies and lyrics already written in his house and played it to the musicians then together they would start playing without being told how to and after many takes the songs were ready to be recorded and that's when Alan Parsons's skills came to be used.
    I'm not making anything up but up to you what you want to think and believe

    The Herald

    Kaleiddmode. No; I do appreciate what you have shown me!
    You laid out some things I did not know, and I can see that there's no BS in what you tell, about a little of their history.
    I will look more into that!Same with E.L.O. another great group and sound.
    I know a little of surface stuff about Alan Parsons Project, in regards to their beginnings as special musical group, but not much more than that.
    Thanks for turning me on to that!!!
    Still..., ya gotta admit; these folks gave us some special stuff to enjoy!

  47. bronson charles

    Very GOOD SONG. I like this BAND. FUKSh***. And good job with pictures

  48. Supersonic scorer

    Great song with nice lyrics and really nice photos, NICE JOB!

  49. John Duerwaechter

    Hebrews 9:37-It's appointed unto man once to die & after this the judgement

    The Herald

    John Duerwaechter. Amen! and that's why I like this song so much; it reminds me that!

  50. Jackie kirkham

    You have done a wonderful job tying this music to brilliant photographs all set out perfectly as the music progresses.Well done is not enough to say.

  51. Jackie kirkham

    As Kenny Everitt used to say,Get some class rammed down your lugholes.Great theme great music great lyrics well sung and produced.The thinking mans music

  52. ratodebanhado

    nice. thank you

  53. Chance Watkins

    Brilliant ... Namaste :)

  54. Baritone45

    First time I've listened to this song. I love it in just my first listening. I was disappointed the last time I listened to one of Alan's 'newer' albums, the red one, without the true producer, Eric Woolfson. (Eric wrote almost all the music and was the producer of the Project. Alan was his project, and was mostly just the engineer on the Project.) The Alan Parsons-only album I listened to was garbage. Was this one from the Project (with Woolfson) or later?

    Nintendo Psycho

    This is from "Try Anything Once", an Alan Parsons album.

  55. Max Mayorga

    This particular album I guess is the first one without the name The Alan Parsons Project, not my favorite but this song and lyrics touch my mind about the question of the lifetime ofFthe human being and the fact about the beginning and the end of that spot in time we are set on... a great job on the video, thanks for share and make a beautiful art works to this song...!!!


    +Max Mayorga Ah, so this was just Alan Parsons, not Eric Woolfson, who produced this one. This is the first time I've heard a post-Project song that I liked. And I love it.

  56. Cheez Head

    VERY VERY VERY Well done! Great to see someone out there with great talent doing this quality of production work to my greatest artist...........Thank you!

  57. Marco Tuccinardi

    Gran pezzo! Bellissimo video!

  58. alan coop

    Very well done! Top of the Line!


    @alan coop Thanks very much for saying that.

    alan coop

    Sure thing Boss!

  59. Fred Lunau

    Mesmerizing.  Awesomely creative to put such a song into moving pictures.  I literally lost track of time watching it.  Thanks, and very well done. 


    @Fred Lunau Thanks very much. That's high praise. I am honored.

  60. james roe

    Sweeeeeeeeeeet  !

  61. Walter Cornu

    diegene met zijn duim naar beneden is lomp

  62. Rolph Artieda

    Everything´s fine the song..the lyrics but I hate! see people smoking..


    What part of 'Thou shalt not steal' is yet not comprehended by the Rationalizing Unrepentant Imposers of their THEFTS upon others?

  63. toolman bob

    awesome !!!!

  64. Mauri Finger

    Muy buena obra. Solo no me agradó la bandera Norteamericana pero entiendo tu sentimiento patriota. La música y la poesía no es de ningún país y es de todos.

  65. gregory yauman

    this video really works for this song very cool


    Glad you liked it. Thanks for saying so. 

  66. Terence kent

    Never get tired of listening to quality music...

  67. steve desisto

    incredible job were amazing. Ending is what I'm hoping for.


    Thanks for watching and commenting. 

  68. Rainbow Rising

    Brill vid, singer Jaqui Copland is from my home town Aberdeen, guitarist Iain Bairnson is from Shetland he played the guitar solo on Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights!

    François Benoit

    Rainbow Rising i know the shetland are on the winter side and it's wonderful

  69. Floyd Taber

    I love your interpretation of this.excellent !!!


    Thank you so much. 

  70. Brian Midgley

    Love this

  71. Terence kent

    Music produced by Alan Parsons or Eric Woolfson deserves to be taken very seriously. You have produced images to do it justice. Huge thanks !

  72. Victor Arce

    excelente video y muy buena la letra de la cancion , bien cordinada con el video

  73. MerhlinsPlace

    Thanks so much. I appreciate that and I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Means a lot. Come see my latest videos on my new channel please.

  74. MerhlinsPlace

    I take it you approve? LOL. Thanks for taking a few seconds to comment.

  75. MerhlinsPlace

    Thanks for watching. I'm pleased with it. Come visit my new channel when you get a chance.

  76. MerhlinsPlace

    You're very kind. It's appreciated. I hope you'll come see some of my other videos on my new channel. They are eclectic. Not all like this to be sure. In fact this is one of my edgier ones.

  77. MerhlinsPlace

    Interesting comment. Somewhat vague but thanks for watching.

  78. MerhlinsPlace

    Thank you for watching and for your kind comments. I hope you'll check out the videos on my new channel when you have a chance. Sorry to toot my own horn.

  79. MerhlinsPlace

    Glad you do. Thanks for watching and commenting. Come see what's on my new channel when you have some time.

  80. MerhlinsPlace


  81. MerhlinsPlace

    Thanks so much. I've lost control of my old channel. Come see what's on my new one some time. Thanks for commenting on this.

  82. Luis Lenes

    muy bueno!!

  83. DJ Versus

    Amazing music by the maestro Parsons. As a graphic designer I can tell the video attached is a nice one! Well done to it's creator for catching the exact mood and idea of the song. By the way Mr. Time is a track with which you can tune your audio system. Top quality music in all aspects! Greetings from Sofia, Bulgaria!

  84. Jean Ortiz

    it's my life TY

  85. USAHavana


  86. USAHavana

    Honest, chilling, incitefull, artistic, awesome, eternal, prophetic. WOW!

  87. Ashley Dawn

    First time I heard this one. Really well done music and video came out great too

  88. Guido Montini


  89. hbci

    Alan Parsons? I like. Mr. Time? I like very much. The voice of J. Copland? Beautiful. Your video, Mr. Merhlin, a great work! Congratulations!

  90. Arthur Simanian

    Time. Every fraction of a second is an opportunity for every one of us. Our lives comprise of these. Time is among the few things we can't turn back, but the truth is - any moment can be captured if you really wish that. We are all mortals, and the clock of our presence in this life is inexorably ticking, bringing us closer to the end. But if you manage to find your happiness - death is not to be feared. That exact moment is something that will live in your soul even after you depart to heaven.


    You must be a gerophile amirite?

  92. SomeOneElse

    Fantastic work mer ! shared and saved

  93. Evan Watkins

    @randallfansler If you do not smoke anything for at least 8 days straight your lungs regain the ability to CLEAN itself!!

  94. Antonio Palao

    Dark? Maybe. Honest? Absolutely. For many years this song has given birth to more cinematic visions in my mind than could fill a 20 screen cineplex round the clock. It kinds of demands it of one doesn't it?

  95. bellamoonnature

    Music and words can certainly activate the thought process. I thoroughly enjoyed this video, purely from an artistic point of view. Jeff you are truly a master of your craft in this respect. Sure, there is a very deep and meaningful message to be had, beyond that there is so much more. I have such appreciation and admiration for your exquisite creations.

  96. Karin Junker

    STRONG (beautiful!!!!) images to a very potent piece of music. Surely a piece of art ~ but to me also a statement (whether you intended it or not).
    I see so much beauty in aging. Aging paired with maturity and wisdom appeals to me so much more than everlasting youth.
    There is so much depth in your creations ~ and I love it! Thank YOU!

  97. Buschman714

    Extremely powerfully done. One of the (if not THE) best slide show compilation ever ensemble. Please continue this quality with other works.

  98. Fernando Catan

    My God, this video was scary!!
    It fits very well with this powerful, but extremely dark song!
    Ciao from a huge AP fan!

  99. sherrylynn70 aka Sentimental Journey Productions

    aweinspiring...thought provoking...incredibly insightful of the best of the best I have seen...Masterpiece audio/visual...incredible talent artistically and technically...thank you for the incredible amount of time it takes to make this happen...a true rare gift...a treasure