Alan Parsons Project, The - Money Talks Lyrics

Money don't grow on a money tree
The more you take leave the less
for me
Money don't buy what you really
It make an iceman cry, it make a
stone man bleed

But when you get right down to it,
no matter who you are
It rules your life like virgin
One day you might get over it, but
in the meantime
It rules the world like a green

In a bank, in a box, money talks
In the black, on the rocks, money
talks, money talk

Money doesn't lose in the money
It drags you down like a ball and
So money don't come with a
It make a fool of you, it make a fool
of me

But when you get right down to it,
no matter what you say
It ties you down but it can set you
Some day you might get over it, but
in the meantime
It burns you up in the first degree

Moscow, Bangkok, money talk
Park Lane, Boardwalk, money talk

But when you get right down to it,
no matter what you try
You deal the cards, give the
wheel a spin
One day you might get over it but
everybody knows
It's heads you lose and it's tails
they win
Don't have too much to show for
it, that the way it goes
You roll the dice and they cash
you in

Pinball, jukebox, money talks
Redskins, White Sox, money talks
Billboard, cashbox, money talks

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Alan Parsons Project, The Money Talks Comments
  1. beneathdatrees0

    Was this played on a Miami Vice episode?

    J Smith

    Miami Vice Season 3 Episode 19 "Red Tape"

  2. Виталий Мальцев

    Симпатичный альбом ,но то что он был издан в СССР как бы оттолкнуло настоящих меломанов и поклонников APP ...

  3. Виталий Мальцев

    Последний супер альбом АПП , так мне кажется .

  4. Johnny Rocket

    It seems like that Judas Priest ripped off the tone from this tune and ran with it........

    Beel Bug

    which song?

  5. Arnfinn Rydheim

    Hør på denne teksten den beskriver hva pengene gjør med deg!

  6. menatoq

    Outstanding group in the history of Rock !

  7. Jacob Kilström

    I can't stop love this wonderful song!

  8. The Invisible Man

    Best song on the album.


    I love this song, but no fucking way. It's more like it's out of place with the others.

  9. Aurelius

    Nice of them to let Stephen Hawking sing the last line.

  10. garebear1015

    Forgot to mention-great rock.

  11. garebear1015

    Best version of any 'Money' tunes.Realism and sarcasm.

  12. codern

    from when songs used to have vision

  13. SkyfireTheFox

    This is my personal favorite track from Gaudi.

  14. garebear1015

    i have always liked being contrary because i started out being different -thats why i love songs like this-i know how good it is-morons don't like it

  15. xtro

    Alan Parsons Project rules!!

  16. garebear1015

    kicks ac dc ass im tellin you

  17. Luis M. Negrete Leal

    Otra pieza maestra de APP. Como el resto, simple pero llena de genio. Genuino 80s.

  18. gramoukdoom gramouk

    wow im the third person commenting this song! shit where has musical taste gone? this song is a tune!!!!

  19. manuelsandoval

    I like this song....