Alan Parsons Project, The - Miracle Lyrics

There's a sound to the light this morning
As it's pouring into my heart
And for a moment I knew the stars could shine through me

But my worries float on the evening
Hiding behind the clouds
Now I'm certain that life stole part of me
Part of us

Show me a miracle
I wanna believe
Show me a miracle
Show me the real me
Give me a miracle

There's a song in the sky that's breathing
Magic music made for my eyes
And for a moment reminds me I am always free

But the noise that hides in the shadows
Is playing tricks with my mind
Now who is the stranger inside of me
Inside of us

Show me a miracle
I wanna believe
Show me a miracle
Show me the real me
Give me a miracle

Give me a miracle

Show me a miracle
I wanna believe
Give me a miracle
Show me the real me

Show me a miracle
I wanna believe
Give me a miracle
Show me the real me
Give me a miracle

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Alan Parsons Project, The Miracle Comments
  1. marzia emme

    Games people play

  2. dclift62

    I get a real Michael Franks feel about Jason's voice. Check out "Tiger in the Rain" to see what i mean.

  3. Neil Angus

    With Alan Parsons
    The revolution of good taste is always appreciated and available

  4. سجاد محمد

    I Expected The Chorus Will Be Better.

  5. Ricardo Garcia

    Wonderful song (and album, actually). Reminds me of the classical Project albums from the 70s and 80s.

  6. Michela Vazzana

    This is the very best vocalist in this album!

  7. Martin Kroebel

    Thank you, Frontiers Music srl, for sharing. I've liked Alan Parsons since 1977.


    Siempre nos sorprende Alan !!

  9. mariano rodriguez

    Terrible trabajo!

  10. Deotex

    Please make this level of musicianship mainstream again. Teach our children to worship real musical quality and dump the trash. Let the 20’s be a revolutionary revival of music after 90s, 2000s and 2010s decline.

  11. Glauco Gianoglio

    ...and the PROJECT?
    WHAT IS THIS, music?
    this "music" is you without Eric Woolfson

  12. Marshall Lancaster

    Mraz was a solid choice. This is great. Getting shades of “Damned If I Do” somehow.

  13. M Coffey

    Gotta find a vinyl copy..

  14. RedBaron863

    He is a great producer but no good composer...sorry!

  15. Alan Ramirez

    Thank´s Mr. Parsons!

  16. carlos carmen

    how can I contact with alan? I looking a producer like him..I have good music..check out..peace out!! carlos

  17. Andres Yates

    He still a great musician and this is another masterpiece !

  18. nick samardge

    If I could travel back to 1984, this song would be there. Timeless!

  19. paul yoda

    Music sounds great but singer sucks sounds like Richard Marx

  20. al bundy

    oh wow wie damals in den 70ern zu geil ich hatte alle platten . da kommen erinnerungen auf. er ist immer noch der meister

  21. Nelson Saca

    Best regards Alan Parson, marvellous the new Album, Secrets.

  22. Cielito Lau

    yes!! the spirit is intact! love it

  23. Juan Luis Aguado


  24. villebooks

    Without Alan Parsons, music would be a mistake.

  25. Curtis Jingle

    Anything new from Alan is great! I'm tired of the perpetual regurgitation of Eye in the Sky (and others). Finally, something new! Don't stop Alan, do more. This is awesome!


    Well, in many ways this reminded me of Eye in the Sky and Prime Time...

  26. Metronhomme

    Hi music lovers! Come to listen our newest LP "Metronhomme - 4"! It's free here

  27. Marek Rega


  28. The Yacht Rock Show

    This song is Slammin!

  29. Polly anna

    I'm a huge Alan Parsons (project) fan but this is dissapointing


    Agree. It's very generic and stale sounding.

  30. Wolf Strecker

    No, I expected more. What a pity...

  31. Gary Sullivan Taylor

    Creative best rock ever !...THanks to Allan Parsons and band,,,,Great musicians,COooOL !

  32. BigTArmada

    really interesting song, the production on Mraz's vocals just isn't where it needs to be though.. way too forward for this style

  33. The end of my hopes the end of my dreams

    *Welcome again uncle Alan* 🥰

  34. Guy Casas

    I love too much .... Good music and the voice of Jason Mraz is perfect ...

  35. starry

    So good! I’m glad Parsons is still in action. Hearing him live in Denver a while back was a real treat. This tune definitely keeps that wonderful classical feel.

  36. Hakan Dursun

    Very nice !

  37. danplews

    Nice. Love the production and Mraz' voice, which reminds me in its easy unstrained delivery of Sufjan Stevens' 'John Wayne Gacy Jr'. One thing I'm not a fan of is the full stop major resolution in the end harmonies - but who am I?

  38. IntyMichael

    After the electronic adventure with A Valid Path it goes back to the 80S.

  39. Ricardo Silva

    Show Alan Parsons great music

  40. Jeff Baker

    Oh my goodness. Not since I heard "Lost Stars" by Adam Levine for the first time on a shortwave radio station in Beijing, China have I heard something new that transports me to another spiritual plain. It's catchy without being crass and contrived. It's sort of like an inner being anthem. The chord changes and the melody and harmonies on the chorus. It's like introspection on a bright, sunny day. Moodiness without the angst. Or like burning incense with the sunlight coming through your windows instead of lights being all dim.

  41. slade ippie

    I think the world could do with a Miracle 🙏

  42. Germán Balaguer

    Maestroooo!!! ;-)!!!

  43. Sandra Honeyman

    Been an AP fan since the 70's. This is as bland as bland could be. Very disappointed. Did Alan write this in his sleep. Come on, I know we are all getting old but I'm not giving into this type of marshmallow music that makes middle of the road sound like death metal.

  44. JohnnyB Really

    I needed a miracle, thank you

    RSZ AS

    and I need time machine ;)

  45. Fazıl Okudan

    Sounds brillant. Alan is the best sound engineer of the world. I will not dare to criticize his mixing abilities etc. Guitar and sax did a good job. Jason's voice is very relaxing.

  46. Jessi Brunson

    Isn't Lou Gramm supposed to be singing on one of the songs? Can't wait to here it!! This sounds great...very smooth!

    David Keiser

    Yes. The song is called "Sometimes."

    Jessi Brunson

    @David Keiser Thanks!

  47. Aldo Martelli

    Molto bene benissimo

  48. Sandrine Guillard

    un retour très attendu. c'est avec un énorme plaisir que je retrouve ce groupe, dont la musique nous fait du bien.

  49. Aldo Flora

    Ripetitivo… banale… piatto… deludente!

  50. Guido Montini

    Sto facendo il conto alla rovescia, mancano ad oggi, 12 marzo 2019, solo 45 giorni all'uscita del nuovo CD. Ho molte aspettative, un Alan 3.0 ci sta aspettando! Facci il MIRACOLO, MAGO del SUONO! Sono 37 anni che aspetto di rivedere il 3° posto in classifica, se poi è 1° o 2°, è tutto grasso che cola. 🤔🙄😎👍

  51. Classic Rock Station

    A good collaboration, that side more inclined to pop similar to the participations of Lenny Zakatek in the 80's.

  52. maria soldani

    Credo che la levigata semplicità della strumentazione e la posatezza ritmica del brano sia voluta...L'assenza degli altri collaboratori si fa sentire, è vero, ma , appunto per questo Alan Parsons(almeno in questo brano) non era obbligato a rinverdire il genere pop elettronico/sinfonico che lo rese famoso...

  53. Dede Ruge

    OMG...what a boring song

  54. David Jacovelli

    I like this song, quite gentle and reminiscent of 'Try Anything Once'-era AP for me, with that understated vocal approach a la Eye In The Sky too. Hopefully Alan tours in the UK for this album - I saw him at the Astoria when he was last here yonks ago, but he hasn't been back since.......Anyway, looking forward to the new album, for which I've ordered the SDE version.

  55. cynical ape

    His voice sounds like Ghost vocalist Tobias Forge

  56. The Nonsense Buffer

    This is slick as fuck. I haven't heard bass like that since some songs in the '80s. Funk Pop Soul Disco Power. 2 Tha XXXtreme✌...

  57. Skip63

    relax folks. its alan where he is now. don't like it don't buy it. everyone is a critic.

    rick p

    Yep. Agree.

  58. Ian Sharp

    Hilarious that this is classified as belonging to the 'hard rock' genre on Apple Music.

  59. Gabriele Corcos

    Did they mix it 20 yrs ago?

  60. Shannon Peters

    enjoy new Alan Parsons, save the critique.. and most importantly, please be thankful for classic musicians putting out music that actually means something

  61. Roy Ramírez

    Too much pop in the singer's voice

  62. David Kashner

    It’s “a’ight”...nothing special. I go back to games people play....this song would be a filler on try anything once.

  63. Duke Egbert

    Love it. Somewhere between EitS and Try Anything Once. And there's saxophone!

  64. Mick Nordström

    I have listened to this song on a pretty good sound system and this song needs a new drum track and a new mix over all. It is a good song but the mix sounds like it was mixed in a hurry. And one more thing... the drummer is very boring and on top of that he is using whisks not sticks!

  65. Rodrigo Gomez

    Sorry guys, but this song is pathetic.

  66. DesertTripper

    Reminds me a bit of the style of the APP spin-off band, Keats.

  67. Brian Lewis

    Just saw them last night at Foxwoods. Performance of this song last night was excellent. On the way home played it on Spotify in the car and it’s not even close. Very disappointing. Who would’ve thought an Alan Parsons recording could be so substandard. Having an excellent performance to compare it to made this even more noticeable. Maybe he can re-engineer this and reissue.

  68. Major 99

    First, I love Alan Parsons music from the beginning. Recording in the old days was awesome...but why does this recording sounds full and dynamic until the chorus coming in at 053? All the dynamics drop too low. Why would this song be released like this? Not criticizing the music itself but the way it been finished for us to hear. The bass and drums drop down in the level and seem not to come back up.

  69. Matthew Davies

    Oh now I see the track is on Tidal. Sounds better to me. Certainly is a great collaboration.

  70. Damien Dixon

    So excited to see Alan Parsons live in Edmonton in April. Woohoo!!!

  71. Dominic Bérubé

    Old voices were better... too much commercial :/

  72. peter chrisp

    It sounds great the good thing too there is a special edition also due a massive disc which includes the album & dvd audio 5.1, & a live disc inclusive & vinyl

  73. Abhik Shrestha

    Love the classic touch to the song, the verses and the guitar solo. Could you please do us all a favour and remove Mraz's vocals from the chorus? Please?

  74. Henrik Gulbæk Søborg

    Finally - HEP!!

  75. Dario Pompili

    This song it's very clean, but very simple, too far away from the TAPP catalogue. Two strops and refrain, without a vocal bridge between each other. The arrangement is without emphasis is too simple; good the bass and giutar lines. This tune remember the song " Dancing on a Highwire" and/or "Too Late" vaguely. such a long wait deserved songs with rich arrangements and more engaging melodies.
    Moreover, the American style of the piece is too marked; I would have preferred to listen again to an English arrangement as it should be and as only Alan can do.


    Yes , it's rather thin in the mix, more like a karaoke track, theres no clarity in the mix if drums bass rhythm guitar strings arrangement s . It does lack the fullness and lush production of the APP songs when Eric , Andrew , Ian , David were on board , and sounds horribly amerrycan schmaltz, unlike the rich full English sounds that we love. . Dissapointing.

  76. Xavi Martinez

    The mix is not weak at all. It is a typical AP mix, with a lot of emphasis in the midrange , not much bass and DYNAMICS. Obviously by today's standards (everything brickwall compressed, squashed to death and" in-yo-face") it's not a loud mix, but that's why you have a damn volume control , isn't it ?. About the album, songwriting is quite nice....Sounds like "Try anything once part 2" to me

  77. Astrosjer

    Can’t wait for new AP music. Looks like available in a cool CD/Vinyl box set too!

  78. Dustin Francisco

    I'm making an album over the phone and internet as well with my best friend in Tennessee while I'm in Illinois. Anything is possible! You are an inspiration to us! I remember being under 5 years old and hearing your music and it's been an awesome part of my life. Mr. Parsons, I tip my hat to you! Thank you!

  79. Georg Grech

    Not terrible, but it feels kinda boring. I know APP are known for calm sounds, but this just borders on dull. Also I just overall wished it wasn't based on his 80's stuff, Eye in the Sky, Ammonia Avenue and all that. Kinda wish he'd make stuff similar to his early albums like I Robot and ToMaI. Still, there's promise, there's some classic APP sound I dig. Looking forward to the album.

  80. Dana Chappell

    Mraz’s voice works better than I’d have thought. Never been the biggest fan of him aside from “The Remedy” some years ago, but this is pretty damn good. Great stuff from Parsons

  81. Miriam Mertiens

    Love this sound, straight away so homely, warm and nice. Embracing you with great lyrics. Thank you so much for that, Mr Alan Parsons. Impatiently waiting for the album <3

    Irene Sutton

    Miriam Mertiens i want to like it,( its a grower) its just a bit outdated in sound

  82. Ande Loudy

    Me encanta!!! Felicidades!!!

  83. Jeffrey Sawatzky

    lol...ok, so I took a moment to listen to the whole thing and I'm just happy I haven't eaten yet or I'd spew. A fucking sax solo? lol...omg. It's simply awful. What's next? A duet with Josh Grobin and Sarah McLachlan??? It's not like Alan Parsons had maybe 15 years to come up with new material and what do we get?...Eye In The Sky featuring Jason Mraz. ugh ugh

  84. Maria Limogianni

    If he had morten harket singing!!!

    David Keiser

    "A-ha!" Parsons says. "I should have asked Morten Harket." That would be interesting. Maybe not on this song, but on another track. I suppose I could hear that. I do think it's cool though, that Parsons has both "new" musicians like Mraz and older ones like Lou Gramm on this album to appeal to different generations. I would have liked to have heard Dido on the album. I feel like she could bring a lot to a Parsons record. Both Parsons and Dido are English and have folk music backgrounds, which, in Parsons case, I was not aware of. I could totally see that happening and Parsons could use some more female vocalists. That would be my dream collaboration.

  85. rick p

    Its the groove from TOAFC to EITS to Gaudi! I am so pumped!

  86. Ilia Tilev

    Sounds awesome! As a huge fan of Alan Parsons Project i adore this ;)

  87. Okan Guncu

    Legend is alive and back. Oh yeah!!

  88. Flavio Bánterla

    Alan make our dreams reality, love you man!

  89. Main Man21

    I've been an ardent fan of Alan Parsons work from the album 'Tales of Mystery etc.....'; really up until 'A Valid Path' which I was not too keen on. I'm sorry to say that I find this song very weak in composition and structure. I look forward to the new album and hope that the rest of the tracks are better.

    Randy Orr

    I agree, the song sounds weak and thin. The song also has no build up or majesty. The instruments carry no weight or heft. However, a watered down Alan Parsons is better than no Alan Parsons at all.

  90. kycjnc

    As a 23 yr old millenial, i so prefer Alan Parsons, my Jason Mraz, and this collab of theirs instead of so much crap that's going out in the mainstream. Clap clap clap! ❤

    Neil Angus

    kaycee capul
    I'm 62 and right with you

  91. 시저스쿡scissorscook

    2:12 옛 추억이 떠오르는 기타 솔로..

  92. Magners

    I think the song is amazing, but I find the vocals very loud in the mix

  93. Samuel Sousa

    Muito bom

  94. Darth Vader

    Eye In The Sky 2.0

    LOVE IT!

    RSZ AS

    You must be deaf m8.

    Darth Vader

    @RSZ AS I must be the ruler of the Galaxy

  95. Hunter Cook

    This is super easy and listenable... which is awesome to hear. But I wonder why they chose such a weak and non dynamic mix.. still great

  96. calpt slash

    Impresionante, una joyita !!! 👌

  97. Scorpion Sword


  98. Татьяна Власова

    👏 ❤ 👏