Alan Parsons Project, The - As Lights Fall Lyrics

I set out to make my mark
To forge a road despite the dark
Though clouds of doubt have grayed the path
I followed through and faced the wrath

My sword was cast in songs of light
In sparks and waves - enchanted nights
Crafting tales and magic spells
Clever sounds in silent realms

When I find my way to that peaceful glen
There will be no regrets left on that road
Though the burden is great, every now and then
I would still go back and carry that load

Meet me there as lights fall
This will be my curtain call
Meet me there as lights fall

A humble bow to close the show
My heartfelt thanks before I go
When the curtain falls I'll fade away
We'll meet again in a magic glade

When I find my way to that peaceful glen
There will be no regrets left on that road
Though the burden is great, every now and then
I would still go back and carry that load

Meet me there as lights fall
This will be my curtain call
Meet me there as lights fall

Oh for one more trip around the sun
One more dance behind the moon
When my final feat is done
I'll share the moment here with you

Meet me there as lights fall
This will be my curtain call
Meet me there as lights fall
This will be my last call

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Alan Parsons Project, The As Lights Fall Comments
  1. robinsings

    Love the video and images. Very cool! Nice Song

  2. Antonietta Oliviero

    I really love this song! thank you Alan

  3. Capn' Loader

    Alan Parsons, the man who only looks right when dressed as a pirate captain or a wizard. If this is, in fact, his swan song he's going out on a high note. The new generation is starting to discover the living legends among us as well as those who've passed into the realm of immortality. Also, getting Hackett on the opener is just icing on the cake. Many congrats on this inspired video and the music it showcases.


    Yes - this one is really a hit! It floates to the ears. Great! Who thought, that Alan does it again after this long time? That´s positive. On the album there are 2-3 other "good" songs. Perhaps it would be better, to have taken "better singers (no women`s voice - why?) and a mixture between slow and fast songs. Most of the other Songs do not have enough "deepnes". Equal. Alan we want to hear more of you, and: it`s not forbidden to engage a composer...

  5. Gamitiel Comicvs

    My lord and Master Alan Parsons, who i follow since i was 12 years old. Have met him and his lovely wife when he came to Argentina, several times. He reached to sign my pregnant belly. Lots of love from Silvia, Hugo Caro and all the 1.0 fans from Argentina.

  6. MusicMonster

    Fantastic song, for me Alan is a big music legend, his music is special and very nice, I love him and have big respect for him. This is beautiful.

  7. Henrik Larsen

    Sounds like "Eye in the sky", or at least it is in the same style. Love it!

  8. Markusha

    I am 19 and this is super dope. I could convince my friends into thinking this is Pink Floyd since they never heard of Alan Parsons.

  9. Pat Callahan

    I've been on an Alan Parsons kick, lately. Finding quite a few gems, this being one of them!


    I agree, this exactly the type of music I needed to bring light to my stressful and confusing life as a college student.

  10. Braxton Curry

    Those treasure chest contents

  11. Terry Jackson

    I had never really listened to Alan Parsons until a few years ago (my partner is a huge fan of the Project) and I just love everything that has ever been sung. A most beautiful voice.

  12. Jay Scott Berry

    Brilliant Song, Sentiment and Video! Bravo to Alan and the motley crew. Arrrrrggggghhhh!

  13. Alonso Sotomayor

    Este ya quemó

    Nicolás Cardona Salvatierra

    Quemó?? Apuesto que usted queda hecho cenizas antes que el gran Alan Parsons.

  14. User Of The Unknown

    The master has never lost his touch.

  15. Big Redneck

    I watched that Vsauce episode about the Stanford Prison Experiment before this. Alan Parsons might well be secretly the scientist dude who did that, or at least his secret twin brother.

  16. AstroTech_Guy

    at 3:08, that's the headpiece from the staff of ra from "Raiders or the lost ark" or not?

    But very nice song and great video :-)

  17. Roger Fox

    So cool to see these grown men having dreams and hopes. Truly see God in these men. So inspiring. Great music video.

  18. Roger Fox

    Alan Parsons. Great musician.

  19. zeprush

    3:08 Is that the head piece to the Staff of Ra?

  20. Sprucehammer

    is that the object from raiders of the lost ark?! (3:08)

  21. kgc114

    Beautiful song. It's been too long since we heard from the Alan Parsons Project. Welcome back and more...more...more.

  22. Martin Williamson

    A legend! Proper music in an age of plastic copies trying to be 'retro'...

  23. Liberty Prime

    What's with the cat at 3:58?

  24. Mike Mitchell

    I lost so many beautiful brothers/lovers to AIDS, whom I loved so much. Yes, we WILL meet again in the same wonderful joy we knew in life. I wish so many others could have known the beauty of such relationships.

  25. Ute Schafer

    I'll be there...

  26. Stephanie Redden

    Love the intro! Being from the beginning of career to current. Carried on throughout song. Brilliant!! Hoping not final curtain though. Shucks, I just, finally caught Deep Purple and A.P.P. is still on my bucket list.

  27. Jorge Revueltas Herradon

    Another musical jewel of this great producer, musician,! APP for ever!

  28. Vlad Dracul

    Alan your are a great

  29. Global Roleplay Society

    the magic place is the pirates of the burning game ever .

  30. Madelon Rosenfeld

    Thank you so much for this. It speaks to something deep within me.

  31. Saiful Bahari Yahaya

    Too late, Luffy. Alan has found One Piece.

  32. Some One


  33. Carlos Patiño

    entendi lo del felino que sale y entra en el barco en la ultima escena.

  34. Pablo Malaga

    He looks young for his age

  35. Spencer Cohen

    2019’s been a great comeback year for a lot of artists. Jeff Lynne is releasing an album, this was released, it’s great to see!

    Dan One

    A couple of the best iconic artists of our time...we are privileged to have experienced their music.

  36. Carlos Patiño

    este es mi idolo musical! gracias Alan por los buenos momentos que he pasado escuchando tus canciones. Larga vida y salud!

  37. Fred van der Werf

    This moves me to ( happy) tears. I own all of his albums. Since 1987 ( Gaudi ). I was at college 15 years young. My English teacher recommended Parsons. Now 2019 still a big fan!

  38. Barney


  39. Trevorzs007

    So is this really about Alan, Eric, or what? ... It almost sounds like he is sick, tired, or just plain calling it quits. I'm hoping for none of the above.

  40. Briansgate

    Thank you for all the great music, Mr. Parsons!

  41. yadig jamesgang

    When it all gets on your last nerve and your life has no verve, Alan Parsons is the best dish to serve. He will soon turn your mood around, no matter how much you are feeling down and it will only cost a few crowns.

  42. CalmWater Studio

    Always love you guys ,,, love the song

  43. Judgement Ravi

    Super gap & kola kaainga👌👈

  44. nintendough crazee

    Just saw him tonight in NYC 9/17/19 at The Town Hall he played this song live sounded even better.

  45. John Possum

    Excellent! But sad as I don't want his music to end as its been with me through so many highs and lows.

    Donny Thompson

    John Possum - I’ve been a huge fan since the very first album; so long ago...
    When I first saw this vid, I was worried, it seemed that Alan was saying goodbye. But then I realized that the video is a tribute to his long-time partner, Eric Woolfson, who crafted so many of the great lyrics on APP’s songs, and who passed away in 2009. I saw Alan and The Project live last week (Sept 2019), and he dedicated this song to Eric, it was then I realized what the video was hinting at. I can tell you that Alan and the band were absolutely on FIRE during that show; from what I witnessed, he’s giving no indication that he’s stopping the music any time soon, or even slowing down... 😉😊🙏

  46. Alexander Addy

    Fantastic song, and Album.....

  47. CD Thompson

    I love the fact that Alan is singing the Lead Vocals here. I enjoy his voice because it’s real and not auto tuned or over produced. Even live I’m enjoying what he is up to vocally ... keep it up Alan Parsons

    yadig jamesgang

    I still miss Eric Wolfson though, now there was a team within a dream.

  48. francisco manuel sanchez canton


  49. Kiwi_wolf

    I always hear 'blissful be my curtain call' and I think it kinda fits quite beautifully aswell

  50. rj zander

    Alan u jew shill

  51. Aya Eitralea Wait

    Magic Spells and Silent Realms no regrets..speaks magic to the heart. Just one more trip around and sharing it with all I encounter. Yup..that's how I'm living. Life is what it is!
    The curtain can't close yet.
    Bucket list not complete.
    😃😉luv this song.

  52. Francis Maxino

    This is now my favourite song of yours Alan, it makes me cry because it reminds me of when my boy was young and we would play pirates and I'd often listen to 'Tales of Mystery' on an original 70s cassette on the car stereo.

    yadig jamesgang

    I had it on Album form, While my friends were buying Bad Company and Zep. Always preferred Prog to Pop.

    Francis Maxino

    @yadig jamesgang I think you could call 70s Led Zep prog-rock, I think Alan Parsons Project are more art or symphonic rock or even pop, than say progressive bands of the time who displayed virtuosity within their respective supergroups, I'm talking about bands like Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer and that sort of thing where it is technically off the scale in difficulty of execution.

  53. The Heathen

    Love this AP! Been a fan since I was a little kid! I'm now 47! A life time of music I thank you for! My daughter who's 8 loves this song and we sing it in the car! It's her 1st song! So thank you for doing for her what you did for me! Bless you sir! 🙏🙂

  54. Slow&Low

    I thought this was Danny McBride doing a goof video based on the thumbnail.

  55. Donny Thompson

    I love this song, and this video; but when I first heard/saw it, it scared me... because it seemed as though it was Alan’s way of saying “goodbye”.
    I saw him live last night, (Sept 14, 2019) in Akron, Ohio, and he and his band were absolutely stellar, as they have been for the 6 times I’ve seen The Project over the last 4 decades. The show alleviated the concerns I had about him after first seeing the video. Alan and his guys are on FIRE, as great now as they’ve ever been... while he changes the lineup of his band over the years, he always gets great musicians. If APP is coming to a city near you this Fall, I can’t urge you enough to go to one of his shows. I promise, You’re gonna dig it. 😊🙏

  56. bulldogdave

    Nice... but the verses' melody sounds way too similar to "Hurt" by NIN.

  57. nancy farquharson

    does it get any finer ? , i think not :)

  58. Tom Warrick

    I was exposed to the Alan Parsons' project in high school (Eye in the Sky / Gaudi) and Psychobabble is still in rotation in my classroom. Every time it comes on I'm flooded by old memories and friends. Thank you, sir.

  59. Pedro Bass Lemos

    Great song! Great video!

  60. Daehawk

    Nothing else sounds like Alan parsons. Always found his music amazing. Just dont get stuff much like Alan or ELO and such. This is a little Enya'ish.

  61. Ignacio Limon

    This is amazing how have I never heard of him till now!

  62. Blood Time Maximus Full Throttle Productions

    Hopefully not his “curtain call”

    Hippie Colleen

    He wouldnt have said that if it wasn't...this song is very literal

  63. Dananja Aloysius

    does he live in a pineapple under the sea? hehe No hate... love it!

  64. wizzardLiz

    Wow, Terrific song. Thanks for the great video and music. I loved it. It is truly terrific to hear you are still making wonderful music. Great references to earlier works. :-)

  65. Al Gilmore

    Wunderbar! Sail on Captain!

  66. WINCO MK2


  67. Barney

    This is wonderful. The whole package, music, video message...

  68. marc waters


  69. Whistler Wade

    Jose Gonzales is gonna sue you.

  70. John Parsons

    Well done Alan.

  71. Vlado Lubenov

    touching song... - all the way back...
    And my personal hope for the next album:

    'Ammonia Avenue' needs new digitizing (Erics voice of curse) and a video ;-)

    Hippie Colleen

    Ummm did you not hear the lyrics? That/this is it! The end and his curtain call...

    Vlado Lubenov

    @Hippie Colleen I'll keep hoping, if you don't mind ;-)

  72. Calvin Roach

    What a beautiful song. If this is your farewell song it's perfect. Thank you for decades of journeys.

  73. frank rizzo

    So very cool

  74. Ryan Petersen

    New Parsons album!? Thank you Alan!

    j b

    You the aviators. Don t lie tell truth.spilled ink, traveling ship treasure of gold, did I respond poetically to yours poem. And the lone guy pictured in quotes, blue.

    j b

    Ok could be wrong but

  75. Audio Odyssey

    Ummm, is it just me or is this almost the same melody as Strong Enough by Cheryl Crow?


    He had me at Eric.

  77. Vicente Villar

    I'm proud to tell that I was in a concert in 2005 in Santa Cruz- Bolivia, wonderful as in his records. A great talent of the music history of all times, no one like him.. love all his music since the Project up to now... many rock and music stars has gone already, hope Alan lives forever...

  78. Mitchell key

    KInda sad. And a little weird. Nice that the band got to be in the video though. Going to see them in Chicago next week. I'm pretty excited!

  79. Manny Calavera

    This makes me think of Sea of Thieves.

  80. Fabián Canteros Soler

    Eye in the sky ???? Copiarse de uno mismo sigue siendo copiarse ...

  81. jorge gil

    Es muy gracioso ver a Alan trapeando la cubierta con los ojos de los Beatles clavados en él.... Hermoso video....Fanatástico tema..... Un Alan Parsons legítimo....!!!!!

  82. Jeff DeWitt

    I love this, great job by everyone involved. I was just doing a bit of reading about Mr. Parsons and see he produce "Year of the Cat" by Al Stewart (one of my favorite albums). I'm wondering if that's why the cat was there right at the end of the video.

  83. John Young

    I love the vinyl intro...

  84. Ace Bee

    As lights fall .. this will be my curtain call .. this is what Peter Dinklage looks like if he wasn't so small ...

  85. Virzellyz Dull

    why I'm crying...

  86. HARRISMARK1971

    Best track on album. Challenges my favourite track Old and Wise. Keep going we need music like this. So I bought the album today, and played it 3 times already. Thanks Auntie Nicola for introducing me to APP, best music ever....

  87. Brett Weary

    Well Done Patrick

  88. Jack R Fields

    this is sooo beautiful :)

  89. captainjack8319

    No clue why this song was recommended by Youtube.

  90. Lora MG

    Alan is an genius

  91. Abelhas da Mantiqueira

    Believe, Jesus christ the only way,there is still time Alan!

    Dana W

    Go fuck yourself you twit.

  92. the13corinne

    This is awesome new music from Alan Parsons! Love it !

  93. The Yacht Rock Show

    Catch this great tune and more on the Yacht Rock Show

  94. nepatriots11

    When you have pure talent and doesn't matter how old you would always produce great result. APP is the perfect example.

  95. infideldog13

    Not sure if really David Brent!

  96. xɴxx ᴛᴇɴᴛᴀᴄɪᴏɴ


  97. E.W. "SquErl" Tiffin -E3PercussionPRO

    "I'll call it, the Alan Parsons Project."-Dr. Evil

  98. James Bone

    This new song will leave an impression on me, as Alan Parsons did so , on the 2019 On The Blue Cruise... when he fell on top of me, and I lived to tell the tale... true story.