Alan Parsons Project, The - A Recurring Dream Within A Dream Lyrics

[A composite of two works - "A Dream Within A Dream" and "The Raven"]

The Clock Struck Midnight
And Through My Sleeping
I Heard A Tapping At My Door
I Looked But Nothing Lay In The Darkness
And So I Turned Inside Once More

To My Amazement
There Stood A Raven
Whose Shadow Hung Above My Door
Then Through The Silence
It Spoke The One Word
That I Shall Hear For Evermore

Quoth The Raven, Nevermore
Thus Quoth The Raven

And Still The Raven
Remains In My Room
No Matter How Much I Implore
No Words Can Soothe Him
No Prayer Remove Him
And I Must Hear For Evermore

Quoth The Raven, Nevermore
Thus Quoth The Raven

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Alan Parsons Project, The A Recurring Dream Within A Dream Comments
  1. Worldnimation Network

    Both version are awesome 😍

  2. The94disco

    I 14 che hanno messo non mi piace ascoltano rovazzi o signorino..

  3. Rasendes Irrlicht

    Hello! Can anyone upload the track "Tijuaniac", please?
    It´s the 5th track of the Album "A Valid Path".
    That would be great, thank you!

  4. Sacred Geometry Music

    my favorite song mixed from one of my favorite group, my god I'm fucking orgasming

  5. Elmar Pfennings


  6. Lenamusic

    i love it tahnkkx

  7. sal sanchez

    still love this one...cud hear it 10 more times today!

  8. Goytá F. Villela Jr.

    Hmmmm... OK, it's not bad, it's even pleasant, but definitely superfluous and disposable, without the greatness, the nobility and the shockwave vibes the original version still causes in me so many years later. This version reminded me very much of Mike Oldfield's similar electronic revisits of his own work, at a time he was partying way too much in Ibiza's raves (something even he admits now). It's as if they were saying "ohh, I'm so ashamed I made 'Tales' and 'Pyramid' and 'I Robot' (or 'Tubular Bells', 'Ommadawn' and 'Hergest Ridge'), that's so old, passé and boring, but listen, now I've seen the light and I can do that the 'right' way..." As if people didn't dance back in the 1970s as well (to awesome dance music, btw) and, conversely, as if there weren't people who like more introspective and elaborate music in the 21st century either (ask the metal folks, who have no qualms mixing prog influences to their work in many sub-styles; plus, I don't like Enya's pseudo-New Age kitsch, but ask her if she's poor because her records don't sell as they're not dance music...). The musical scene (and market, and media) was more diverse and inclusive back in the 1970s, with something for every occasion and taste, but artists like Alan Parsons don't *need* to fit in or to please anyone. Hey, if he had died the day after he finished mixing "The Dark Side of the Moon", he'd be a legend already!

    Sacred Geometry Music

    I don't think they are trying to please anyone except from themselves. I love this version almost as much as I love the original work. I find them very different, and for different kind of conscious perception. I don't think there's nothing bad in experimenting with electronics and with your previous works.

  9. Peter Pan

    ta tsakalia skini mixalopoulos

  10. borov50

    1985 год однако

  11. sal sanchez

    hey, Hodmox, thanks so much! laughed when I saw this. ya gotta admit tho... best to ya.

  12. Sam Hodkin

    It's actually "Thus quoth the raven", but I can see the misunderstanding ^_^

  13. sal sanchez

    les fug the raven?

    jason bishop

    Yep that made me laugh

  14. sal sanchez

    @Apachahokee luv dis song for ever. great sounds its "arselly great!" ha!

  15. sal sanchez

    love to play my congas to this one, dig it!

  16. sal sanchez

    @Apachahokee is dat da original word for buns? realy?

  17. atlantus10

    sehr gut..

    Dee Vox

    atlantus10 ya!😊

  18. Joe Rosario

    Hee hee!!

  19. manuelsandoval


  20. Daytona2112

    The Music Is So Beatyful - Even his more technological stuff amazes me utterly!
    Lovely , and soulful!


  21. PHiL iN MoTiON

    how to link directly to HQ ?

  22. Tom Loughlin Jr.

    I am sure that Orson Wells would have approved, heartily, as well as Poe, a snickering but envious Vincent Price (not quire recovered from the loss of Michael Jackson, and surely, absolutely and forever, the Raven himself.
    Keep em coming , alan.
    Thank you,TEERD