Alaina, Lauren - The Other Side Lyrics

He said, I see my mama, she looks about 23
She's running my way with the angels
Right next to Jesus
Yeah, his eyes lit up, staring at the living room ceiling
And with his last few breaths, he said, I wish you could see it

Don't you cry for me 'cause I'm in God's glory
And I can see his face, it's amazing
I know you have doubts but I see it right now
I promise it's real, keep praying
I'll be waiting, take your time
And go write a story
That you can't wait to tell me
On the other side
Oh, oh, on the other side, oh, oh

I said, someday I'm gonna get married
Better find a way to be up in the rafters
When I have you a grandbaby
I got somebody good to name 'em after
There's gonna be a lot of sadness
On a lot of happy days
I'll try to think of this moment
This place and hear you say

Don't you cry for me 'cause I'm in God's glory
And I can see his face, it's amazing
I know you have doubts but I see it right now
I promise it's real, keep praying
I'll be waiting, take your time
And go write a story
That you can't wait to tell me
On the other side
On the other side

All my pain, I get to leave it
It's time for me to get my healing

So, don't you cry for me 'cause I'm in God's glory
And I can see his face, it's amazing
I know you have doubts but I see it right now
I promise it's real, keep praying
I'll be waiting, take your time
And go write a story
That you can't wait to tell me
On the other side
Oh, oh, on the other side

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Alaina, Lauren The Other Side Comments
  1. GreenEyedMystery

    He wasn't my father-in-law yet, I had hoped one day he would be. He was a great man who raised an amazing son that I get to call mine. I just wished he had made it to Christmas which makes it much harder, but I know he's in a better place as hard as it is on us all. I bet he's up there walking and breathing better than ever. I wonder if Heaven has mountains because if so, that's where he'd be. He loved them. It's killing us now, but it'll get better. We all miss and love you, Ruble! The best "father-in-law" a girl could ask for! I can't wait to see you again one day! If you meet my grandma up there say hi for me! 01-15-1942/12-05-2019 R.H. 💜

  2. leza seagraves

    Dedicated to: Vanessa S.

  3. Lexi Hamby

    i miss you so much Uncle Sam! i’m so sorry! i love you!!

  4. purplekraze93

    Wow 23 people don't know a heartbreaking song! It's so beautifully sad and beautifully written. I just love Lauren!

  5. Kathy Crawford

    if you knew Sam you'd really have loved him. such a great man. I bawl my eyes out everytime I listen to this. see you on the other side sam.

  6. Mitchell Feige

    don’t you cry for me cause I’m in gods glory and I can see his face it’s amazing I know you have doubts but I see it right now I promise it’s real keep praying I’ll be waiting take your time and go write a story that you can’t wait to tell me on the other side🙏

  7. Charlie Rawden

    i cant stop listening to this song

  8. Randah Shirley

    Definitely spoke my exact emotion. Missing my dad so much right now. Thanks Lauren Alaina for writing this song. It's lovely! ❤️

  9. Mike or patty Rhoades


  10. Taylor Frick

    Me and my mom love you you make good songs

  11. Pamela Lee

    My dad recently passed away and I heard this beautiful song and this beautiful angel brought tears to my eyes she’s so gifted ty angel for this song

  12. Timmothy phillips jr.

    wow what a beautiful song the lord realy gave you a gift and a voice thank you for this powerful message!
    theres not many of the new country songs last few years I enjoy that really speak to me with tis newr crop of singers with the newr style but this 1 here is unbelievable what a beautiful message praise the lord thank u for this hope!

  13. Vickie Blanks

    Beautiful ❤️ I lost my sister Sept 2018 and my little 4 year old nephew in June of this year.... I will see them on the other side

  14. Randi Collins

    This song makes me cry every time I hear it. It makes me think of my Grandpa, who was a father figure to me all my life. He passed away in 2006 and I will never forget that day. I remember spending the time with him and noticing his breathing changing. I automatically called my Mom, Grandma, Aunts, and Uncle. It was his time but it was like he was waiting for my Grandma to tell him it was ok to go and she did. After she said it, he passed. I miss him everyday.

  15. Sammie W/H

    I cry now listening to this after hearing the back story. Im bawling.

  16. Morgan Kupetz

    Chills. I have chills 😍

  17. Ashley Duncan

    This song reminds me of my grandma she died a little while after i was born so i never really knew her

  18. AmericanIdolQueen84

    This song came out just when I needed it the most, the 25th of this month was the 13th anniversary of my daddy's passing and I miss him so much, I just love this song it's beautiful just like LAUREN I am so happy that she is coming into her own and is finally being recognized I hope she wins awards she deserves it

  19. Jordan may

    Wow. This hit hard. I lost one sister when I was 11 then another sister when I was 13 they was both because of their boyfriend's and then my dad when I was 14 due to a heart attack at home in his sleep and I just lost my mom on October 9th due to lung cancer at age of 19. I cried my eyes out listening to this. I can't wait to see them all again!

    Ashley Duncan

    Thats so sad im so sorry

  20. Crady Smith

    What an awesome beautiful song and one that hits hard when you've lost both of your parents like I have makes you cry but at the same time fills your heart when you know without a doubt that they have left such a wonderful testimony and hope peace and love and that someday I know i'll meet them again in that heavenly home that surpasses all understanding in this life of just how Incredible the eternal home in heaven will be like and to know there will be no more sickness sorrow pain nor death ever again. Thank you Lauren Alaina for sharing this beautiful song your amazing gifts and your music videos. You are so very talented keep using your gift keep up the good work!

    Ashley Duncan

    Thats so heart touching

  21. Anita Ware

    Reminds me of my brother and our Mom. We lost him suddenly about a month ago.
    He is with Mom and Jesus and the Angels.

  22. Holly s

    This song hits so hard for me. We lost my Step Dad Chris to ALS Sept 2018. At the end he could not speak and was vegetable like. My mom stayed home and took care of him. The morning he went. They held hands and she played their wedding song. She said after it finished playing. He smiled up at her. Took one last breath. And passed. My sister became pregnant soon after. My niece's middle name is Christine for her Grandpa she will never meet. The 1 yr anniversary of his passing just went by and it hurts just as much now as it did last year.

    Rip Dad. We love you and can not wait to see you to tell you all of our stories

  23. Natalie Taylor

    🥺I miss my papaw💔❤️

  24. Diana D.

    This makes me think of my grandparents... and I miss them soooooo much😭💗

  25. Anita Della-Rocco

    Thank you or writing this song Lauren - My Mom passed away from cancer 4 years ago. She was diagnosed in January and passed in August. I know she is with Jesus, and can hear her telling me the same thing. The words of this song have blessed me so much. Your vunerable dance on DWTS was the most beautiful of the night and of your performances so far. Thank you - you have blessed many people .

  26. Brittany McGregor

    Don't worry baby girl you will see him soon

  27. Pen G

    Lauren Aliana needs to do a duet with either Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldeen or Florida Georgia Line

    Ashley Duncan


  28. Pen G

    This is just one of those songs that strikes a cord with the soul making faith dance and the heart eternally grateful

  29. Soccer Girl 8

    A truly beautiful song! Thank you so much Lauren!

  30. carolyn collins

    Yes . A very beautiful song
    I cried when i heard this song. Bless u sweetie.

  31. Monica Moats

    I can totally sympathize with Lauren Aliana on this.. my step dad died in February of last year and my mom is in a nursing home with Dementia and Althzhiemers.. The only reason I'm still here is that I have found my soulmate and best friend... It's going to be very hard to get married and not have someone to walk me down the aisle 😥🙏💔

    Lisa Anders

    Monica Moats so sorry sweetie .. Lost my dad to Parkinson's and my momma to Alzheimer's ... I'm older but I still feel like an orphan 🙏. And I just lost my niece on Thursday to an overdose... She was 4 years clean and attending meetings every day .. As weird as it sounds I know she never meant to die!! We are shattered😢😢

    Ashley Duncan

    Thats so sad im so sorry

    Monica Moats

    @Lisa Anders I am so sorry to hear about your loss 🙏💔 😥.. I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family

    Monica Moats

    @Ashley Duncan Thank you very much

  32. DeeDeesLaboratory

    Oh my gosh this song 🙌🏽😇✝️✨✨

  33. Raquelle Hicks

    You are a strong women never forget that he is your guardian angel! You are the person I look up to in country music!

  34. Marie Ivaskewitz

    Gives me so much hope that I'll see my husband, who passed away last year, on "The Other Side." ❤

  35. Erica Hill

    Not only is this an amazing song but you danced so beautifully! So proud

  36. Anita Dendy

    I love this song! Thinking about my Mom and Dad. I cant stop crying. God bless her😢😥❤

  37. Really Tired 64

    Anyone else come here after Lauren's beautiful dance on Dancing With The Stars to this song ?

    Ashley Duncan

    I listen to this song 247

    K. Johnson

    @savanah kramer me too ..I miss my mom so much ..I lost her when I was 22...been lost ever since...

  38. Sarah Perotka

    I lost my dad 2 months ago and this song is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you for writing it Lauren!!!!!! Your performance on DWTS tonight was also amazing as I could feel your pain and was right along with you while missing my dad like CRAZY! The words are so reassuring and I love that you were vulnerable enough to share. THANK YOU!!!

    Cheryl Hippensteel

    I no how u fail I lost my dad and sister to I miss them like crazy

    Chey Chey

    I know how you feel I lost my dad when I was only 3 years old.

  39. Susan Neville

    I love this song.Beautiful job Lauren!

  40. Melinda Pemberton